Personality Types

Personality Types

Every human has different type of personality and every individual’s personality changes depending on the environment in which we grow. However people have introvert or extrovert personality traits, You must be aware of introvert and extrovert personality types. An introvert is a kind of personality trait where a person is shy and is a reticent person, Extrovert people are outgoing, socially confident person. But our personality isn’t only related to these two types, Human personality can be identified by other 4 types as well, such as Sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric and melancholic. We people not only get our physical features from our parents but certain personality traits as well, our genetic has the capability to influence our behavior in the everyday situation.

Every person in this world has all type of traits in them, but dominated trait becomes more visible and human personality is measured or identified by that dominant trait, for example male and female both have masculine and feminine personality trait but usually man has masculine personality trait more visible because man has dominant masculine trait, similarly women have both but they have dominant feminine personality trait,  Similarly every individual has all traits but dominant trait in them becomes visible and usually their personality get identified by that dominant trait.

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Our personality plays vital role in our journey, our personality can open opportunities and can destroy as well, our personality can polish us or can ruin our talent, for example, person who has talent but because of his introvert personality trait, he fails to polish that talent and hence fails to get success,  but extrovert personality is beneficial is various aspects of our life, at work place, during interviews, at presentations, person needs to be extrovert, because extrovert personality trait is really very important for social life and if someone wants to achieve something new then social activity is must,  Introvert person always stays in comfort zone, never open up for new opportunities and always do things what other ask them to do, because they fear to make their own decisions. Whereas extrovert person usually takes risk, they know what they want in their life and hence they make their own decisions and never allow others to take control of their life.

One of my friend ones asked me that he is happy to be introvert and by being introvert he is doing good in his academics, he is getting good grades, But life is not limited till marks, academics, school, colleges, life is beyond that, it’s good to be happy by being introvert, but being extrovert will be needed and become necessary at certain point of life, being introvert in today’s world will never allow you to move. Because others will find introvert kind of person shy and less confident, and less confident person never gets new opportunities, hence we people should understand that at what situation we should be introvert and at what situation extrovert behavior and attitude is needed, Too much of extrovert personality can also create mess, As I always say too much of anything can make things sour, hence we people need to understand the situation properly, and should behave accordingly.

Our personality can’t only be justified by extrovert or introvert personality traits, but we have other 4 personality types as well. These types will show extrovert or introvert personality traits,

Personality Types 1: Sanguine

Usually people who are spontaneous, positive and energetic full of enthusiasm will come under sanguine personality type, usually these are the traits of extrovert personality, these type of people love adventures an love to have new experiences in life, sanguine personality type has extrovert traits of enjoying each moment of life, they are curious and positive, sanguine personality type has impulsive nature and they can make decision impulsively.

Sanguine personality has extrovert personality traits,  they are social animals, they always welcome new friends, they love meeting new people, sanguine personality people love listening to themselves, and sanguine personality people easily move on to other people or friends if they don’t find them energetic and exciting.

Sanguine personality people are expressive, they can easily start the conversation with anyone, they are very much extreme in their emotions, they emotions can be very high or can be very low, there is nothing in between they don’t behave neutral. Sanguine personality loves attention and they are entertainers, they love to flaunt their individuality.

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Personality Types 2: Phlegmatic

These personality people have a great social skill, they have a higher level of emotional intelligence, they can express themselves very effectively.  They are very sympathetic towards others and others also like them, these people connect with others, they don’t get angry very easily. They like to live life peacefully, they are good listeners and they love to spend alone time and love to sit quietly for most of the time. They are very supportive and never criticize anyone, they are kind helpful and thus people usually take advantage of them. They work on their mistake they can be very secretive, they are hard workers.

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Personality Types 3: Choleric

People belong to this type is focused tough and direct. They are mentally strong and they have problem-solving attitude, they are courageous and competitive, they never fear to speak about what’s there in their mind,  they love to prove themselves they search new situations and opportunities and excel in them, they can be dominant,  when they have goals then no one can easily distract them, they are aware about thing they want for them,  they are courageous and aren’t afraid of anything and if they are afraid they will never let you know,  they will always show that they have high self-esteem, they have leadership skill in them.

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Personality Types 4: Melancholic

This personality usually has calm, cool and collected traits,  they give utmost priority to their family and they love loyalty respect and honesty, these people are very much loyal towards the one they love, they know how to respect others, they are very much emotional, they find hard to express themselves,  and if people hurt them they start protecting them and don’t  get close to others easily, they put their guards up,  they don’t have many people around them they have few good friends, they are very loyal in their relationships,  they fulfill other needs always that sometimes they forget theirs, these kinds of people think a lot,  they have god gifted empathy they can easily understand other body languages compare to others,  they have their own standards and can get disappointed if their standards don’t get matched, they are very respectful and since childhood they never take other lives for granted.

Every human has all personality traits in them, but most evident personality trait will become their personality type, and too much of anything can make things sour, hence too much of extrovert personality can also look very irritating and people can find reasons to avoid you, hence always understand that having extrovert nature with self-respect and understanding is must, hence have positive extrovert personality, this thing will help you to move towards your success journey.

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