How A Woman Should Treat Her Man (5 Simple Tricks)

How A Woman Should Treat Her Man

How A Woman Should Treat Her Man?

Mostly we talk about how a man should treat his women. A man treating his women nicely is one side of a relationship, the way every coin has two sides similarly, every relationship also has two sides, and to make any relationship work smoothly, both sides need to work properly, only then a relationship will work happily and peacefully. Love, care support trust and all feelings and emotions are not one-sided, it happens between two people. Hence it needs to understandable from both the side.

Every individual in this world has feelings, no matter whether the person is man or women, both are human and both are individuals and both have feelings, some people are strong in handling their emotions and some are sensitive, but it doesn’t mean that always strong person who handles emotions strongly needs to understand and apologize, if it’s your mistake no matter how sensitive you are you should stand and apologize for your mistake, because that apology will make your relationship strong,  

In a relationship, both male and female partner needs to work equally so that relationship can work happily and peacefully, If you want your partner to respect you, then even you need to give them reasons to respect you and even you should respect them and their views and opinions, if you want your partner to understand you, then even you need to understand them and their choices, relationship can’t one by only one person’s efforts, it works when both partners spouse understands and both sacrifice and compromise at certain level, expecting one person to always compromise will not take that relationship far, hence any relationship will work only when both sides understand and  “ treat each other equally.”

I have read somewhere and I totally agree with that saying” Human should be respected not any caste religion or gender.” Respect should be given to those who truly deserve it.”  For example, if any man disrespect any women or a lady, then that man deserves no respect but similarly if any women disrespect a man even she doesn’t deserve any respect, because everyone needs to be treated equally, if you disrespect a man who doesn’t treat a women nicely then similarly even a women deserves disrespect who doesn’t treat a man nicely, Everyone should be treated equally, because every human has emotions and feelings and no one emotions can be taken leniently, whether the person is man or women.

Love is all about understanding, companionship, respect, friendship,  support, care and communication and most importantly love is two-sided, if you ask for respect then you need to first respect your partner, if you argue about lack of communication then even you need to work on that issue, even you need to understand your responsibility in your relationship,

I have spoken about one side of relationship where I have said how man should treat his women, and how man should become a gentleman and how lady or girl should be treated, today I will discuss the second side of a relationship, in this side will discuss how a woman should treat her man, and how a lady should treat her gentleman.

1. Understand that even man feels the pain

Every girl partner should understand that even man has feelings and emotions and they must understand their emotions and feelings, some man doesn’t show their emotions and feelings openly they like to hide it hence you need to understand their emotions through their behavior and needs to be very careful with words, because sometimes we don’t realize what we say in anger or in argument and those words can hurt man a lot, hence understand your partner emotions and feelings.

2. Respect is the greatest expression of love

Every individual deserves respect, hence in a relationship, both partners need to respect each other, only then a relationship will work happily and smoothly, if you ask for respect then even you should respect your partner.

3. Treat your man like a king

You are queen only if you treat your man like a king, here king means always support your partners decision and always share your opinion with them, don’t argue about your opinion just raise your view, always understand and respect your man, always support them in times of need, stay besides them when they need you the most.

4. A man strength is with his queen

A man feels motivated only when his queen shows support and believe on him, hence always believe your man’s decision and idea,  in relationship both need to give each other strength, both needs to understand that they are individuals too, and they need their alone time and privacy and also needs their own free will, and this understanding will give them strength and will make their love stronger.

5. Always say three magical words

Don’t always wait for your man to say those three magical words first. You can take that first step and express your feelings and emotions and show them how much you love them by making some cards or by giving or planning a day for them.

Love is not about one person’s efforts it should be done from both the side. Both deserve respect, love, companionship, understanding, care and support and both should communicate and share their feelings and emotions if both value their relationship and each other a lot then both should compromise at certain stage or level only then a relationship will work smoothly.

This is the end of “How A Woman Should Treat Her Man”. Hope you will like it.

Thank you do comment and share.

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Eleanor Rodgers
Eleanor Rodgers
7 months ago

good comments about a relationship. I’ve been in a relationship for nearly 21 years with a good man committed to both me AND bachelorhood. Wish I could make it different as I’d like to have a home with him.

6 months ago

Im glad there is FINALLY a discussion on how a woman should treat a man because there is nowhere online or anywhere you can find anyone talk about that and that’s not fair. So thankyou for putting this out there and please put more discussions out there on how a woman should treat her man because there is always 2 sides to a story. And soc media doesnt help

1 month ago
Reply to  Tank13

Well i support the ideas cos in the end love and wisdom bring peace but some people with secrets and uneducated beings married to an educated person its a problem. Without education and wisdom relationship is very hard and end relationship very badly

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