Welcome to SEEKEN DIGITAL LLP. Our goal is to END THE IGNORANCE that we all have inside us. which we believe is the root cause of all the major problems in this world. We want to make people interested in reading books, learning from MENTORS and self-improving, since we believe that nothing is better than improving one self. Once we start changing ourselves then we would have the power to change our society our country and hence this world.

We want people to be financially free since the financial pressure is what is not letting them think outside the box and tackle other major problems of life since all the focus of most of the people is going towards money how to earn it and how to live a decent life? These questions are not letting us to bigger things so if people will start getting financial educations if they will start improving their financial conditions then they will start having a better mentality too. since mind will get enough space to think about other issues rather than just thinking about how would I pay my bills.

We have a youtube channel SeeKen” where we provide book summaries in the form of white board animations. 

Also please check “SeeKen Android app”.