Top 20 Books To Read Before You Die

Top 20 Books To Read Before You Die – 2019 Update

75 percent self-made millionaire read at least 2 books in a month. An Average CEO Reads at least 60 books in a year, not only this but the world’s most successful and rich people read books on a daily basis to improve their knowledge and wisdom, Example; Bill gates Reads one book in a week even after becoming the richest person in the world, Warren buffet used to read 600 to 1000 pages in his early days, and even today he reads book 80% of his day, And almost every billionaire like them reads. Elon Musk owner of 3 billion dollar company, Opera Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg etc they all read books, Even after becoming so rich and successful, they still read books and learn from it, why? because they know one simple thing that THE MORE THEY WILL LEARN, THE MORE THEY WILL EARN.

But reading is not only about earning money, but it also helps us to increase our concentration, intelligence, focus and from many types of research, it is concluded that reading books helps to reduce stress level which in return helps to increase happiness, and there are numerous other benefits of reading. hence people who come under 1 percent of the population (the most powerful people) they always keep reading books, and keep on learning through it or even better through mentors. So if you also want to come that 1 percent people then even you should read.

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Now as millions of books are published each year it becomes really difficult to select and pick the best books to read especially when you are starting so here today in this blog I will share with you the best books that one must read at least once before he dies. So let’s begin.

Let’s begin with 20 must read books before you DIE:

1. Managing Oneself

Managing Oneself
Managing Oneself

If you haven’t read any self-help book yet, or if you are getting confused about which book should you start with? then you can start with this book “MANAGING ONESELF” because it is a small book which is quite easy and simple to read. And things that are explained in this book are really very important and amazing. By reading it, you will come to know many facts and insights about yourself, which will truly help you to grow ahead in your life. Author of this Book Peter Ducker is a management consultant. He is a teacher and author of many management books, his books are now days used worldwide for management courses. In this book author has explained us very nicely and properly about how we can make the best use of our self and how we can move ahead in life by managing the most important asset that we have which is “yourself”.

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2. Rich dad poor dad

Rich dad poor dad
Rich dad poor dad

This was the first self-help book, which I read, and trust me it made a very positive impact on my life and on my mentality, after which my desire of reading books increased dramatically which eventually made many great changes in my life, hence I will suggest you read this book for sure, if you want you can start with this book also rather the “MANAGING ONESELF” as this book also is an easy to read and interesting. In this book author Robert Kiyosaki is giving us some very important financial advice by giving his life examples, where he is saying that he had two fathers,  One was his real father who was a professor and was a poor dad, whereas his second father was his friend’s father, who was his rich dad, and in this book his rich dad is teaching him how to become successful and rich, and how by following the principles and teachings of this rich dad the author himself become a millionaire, Through this book you can learn many  valuable facts, so do read this book, I had made a video summary for this book which you can see from here:

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3. Start with WHY

Start with Why
Start with Why

Well, I will not say that it is the best book to start with, but yes the core message of this book is really very important and beneficial for beginners. In this book, the author explains us, why we should concentrate more on WHY ??? Instead of HOW ? and WHAT? Many people keep asking me different questions like sir what should I do? How can I score good marks? How can I do this or that and many ask what should I do in life? But according to the author, this is not the first question that they should ask for others instead it is much much better if they ask “themselves” first “WHY”?

The most common problem now days is, people don’t know why they want what they want?  Their WHY’S are not clear. WHY do they want to score good marks? Do they seriously need good marks for a better job or they just want to earn money, Because see we can earn good money through the job that we are thinking, but the fact is that there are various other options today through which they can earn money, so WHY to do same things that all the others are doing, which is difficult as well, WHY to do something which isn’t making you feel good? WHY can’t you earn money by doing something you like or love? Why? If we will clarify the WHY first then it will make the WHAT ? and HOW? very easy trust me. and this book will surely help you with it.

if you want to see a summary of this book then you can watch it from here :

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4. How to win friends and influence people

How to Win Friends and Influence People
How to Win Friends and Influence People

It is said that 75% of success for a person is dependent on their social and communication skills, Even if he is from the technical field. Which I believe my friend is absolutely true, and I believe that this book will be best to start improving your social skills because in this book Dale Carnage has explained many useful concepts by using beautiful stories for each of them, you will definitely have fun while reading this book, Dale Carnegie is one of my favorite authors and once you read his books then you will come to know why I am saying so. so do read this book, Trust me you will definitely thank me later for recommending this book,

watch this book’s video summary from here:

Summary 1:

Summary 2:

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5. The power of habits

The power of habits
The power of habits

You can’t control your future, it’s true!!  but you can control your habits, and a person who learns to control his habits, that person eventually can to a certain extent control his future too, Your habits are the most powerful weapon that you have, which can help you stand longer in the war of life, and it can also help you win many wars, hence try to be more cautious towards its, From this book you will learn how to form new good habits and how to replace your bad habits with good ones, because it’s a fact, that it is difficult to form a good habit, but once formed it will make your life easy and comfortable, on the other hand forming bad habits are very easy but ones formed they will make your life very difficult, Hence through this book learn forming good habits, In this book AUTHOR Charles Duhigg has explained many great principles that are of great value (using his 8 years of research). He has explained how habits are formed, about the cycle of cue, routine and reward and how you can change your habit by changing the loop of the routine.

if you want to learn the concepts in detail then watch the video book summary from here:

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6. The Four agreements

The four agreements
The four agreements

According to me, this book is also a life changer, The four agreements from this book can make you very wise and successful, as in today’s life people take things very personally, they get offended very easily, and are not able to understand others because of which they don’t get success in their personal and professional life, nor they are able to live happily.

After reading this book trust me, you will able to understand people nicely, through which your relationship will improve and you will start living happily and because of which you will be able to live a successful life, I have made a summary of this book as well you can watch it from here:

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7. Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich
Think and Grow Rich

It is not possible for me to give you book recommendations and to NOT put this book on the list. Think and grow rich by Napoleon hills is the most popular book under self-help category and surely it deserves to be. Andrew Carnegie who was the richest person of his time once gave an interesting offer to Hill, he told him that he will help him to meet world’s most successful and rich people who have done great in their life. after that, he has to gather all their wisdom and knowledge and then create a philosophy a book from it. And this book should be of such power that after reading it any common man can acquire the power of becoming successful and great. But for all this, he will not pay him, just help in meeting nothing else. Napoleon accepted this offer within a minute, after which he spent 20 years of his life, gathering wisdom knowledge to make a book named “think and grow rich”. which is a wisdom treasure, There are many useful and important principles In this book, which I found really amazing and interesting,

DO READ THIS BOOK, If you want watch summary of this book then you can watch it from here:

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8. How to stop worrying start living

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living
How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

Bad times come in every person’s life, so it came in my life too. I remember how sad and miserable I used to feel at that time. Fortunately, somehow I came to know about this book while going through this bad phase so I started reading and listening to this book. Well, it turned out to be a great decision because, with the help of this book, I got a lot of courage and strength to handle such situations in my life. This book has many great stories and practical ways by which we can handle any bad situation and grow strong with them. Do read this book, because no matter what some days will be bad, some things will be very difficult to handle which can a take a lot of toll on you. reading this will surely help.

Watch the video summary of this book from here:

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9. 7 Habits of highly effective people

7 Habits of highly effective people
7 Habits of highly effective people

This is one of the best self-help books you can ever read. As I already told you about the power of habits before, this book teaches us some great habits that the successful and effective people have in them which even we all should and must have in ourselves as they will be the master keys for a great life and for success. These 7 habits when I started following them gave me awesome results and if you will follow them it will your results too. so do check it out.

Watch the video summary of this book from here:

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10. The richest man in Babylon

The richest man in Babylon
The richest man in Babylon

This is one of the classic books which I read at the very start. Surely it’s an awesome book. Where author explains us some timeless financial knowledge, secrets of riches and how we can get rich with the help of a story. A story of a poor man who wanted to be rich and how he learned some key principles which made him “THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON”. This book teaches us about how to handle money and how to save it, How to pay our debts and many more money related things that necessary for all of us to be known. You will love to read this book, it’s quite simple and easy read packed with wisdom. If you want to become financially strong then do read this book.

Watch the video summary of this book from here:

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11. The 5 love languages

The Five Love Languages
The Five Love Languages

Love is one of the strongest emotions that we have. It can help us become the most powerful or even the weakest person in this world.So for this reasons, it becomes very important for us to understand it. In this book, the author has explained in a very interesting way, how every individual has one or more of 5 love languages that he understands by which he can feel love. Example if you talk in Hindi to a Chinese person he won’t understand it, similarly every individual has a different language of love which he understands and by only that he can feel the love, hence we should know those love languages through which we can understand the opposite person so that we can impress, love, and them happy which will in return make us HAPPY.

So to understand all these concepts nicely do read this book.

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12. The 4 hour work week

The 4 Hour Work Week
The 4 Hour Work Week

This is a very famous and inspiring book, after reading this book you will understand that you can come out of your boring job life easily, and by doing smart work you can even earn a lot of money, that too while traveling the world without tension or stress. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, this book has some very valuable lessons that will not make you think so. Don’t judge this book by its title, this book actually contains very useful concepts and points, that can help you to start your online business, this book can be a real gem to people living in developed countries like USA etc. but even we Asians can learn a lot of useful things out of it. so do read this.

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13. The Greatest Salesman in the World

The Greatest Salesman in the World
The Greatest Salesman in the World

Whether you believe or not but selling is one the most important skill, which we all must know. Because at some point in time, You would have to sell something to someone that’s for sure. It can be a product or service. It can be an idea or a way thinking. It can be selling you to the interviewer for a specific job etc. This book will teach you some golden pearls of wisdom of selling with the help of a story. A story of a boy who wanted to become a great salesman. Interesting to read easy to understand. Do read it you like it.

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14. The psychology of persuasion

The psychology of persuasion
The psychology of persuasion

Making people think or act the way you want. This can be a very very important skill that can do wonders in your life and other’s life too. convincing someone with your ideas can be really cool so here with this book you can learn the scientific ways to persuade people. I would suggest you to not use these techniques to do something bad rather just make people do good things by using these techniques. After reading this book you will realize how big companies are using the same techniques taught in this book to make you buy their product. So do learn them to do something good for others.

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15. The lean start-up

The lean start-up
The lean start-up

How to start a business can be a really big challenge what are the things I should do what I should not do how much to invest where to invest? these questions can be really difficult reading this book can provide you with all the answer regarding starting a profitable business. Read it if you are interested in building a million dollar start up.

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16. 48 laws of power

48 laws of power
48 laws of power

Everyone wants to be powerful in this world because with the power you are able to influence others, get a feeling of importance, and most importantly you could bring good changes in the world which you want to see. and here this book is a very good option to learn how to acquire and maintain power. here the author has used many true historical stories which help us understand his principles that can make you powerful. there are total 48 different things that you can learn from this book to become a powerful man that is respected by others. a powerful book that will give you power so read it for sure.

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17. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus
Men are from Mars and women are from Venus

As discussed earlier love and relationships play a really important role in each person’s life so it is very crucial to understand the opposite sex if we want to feel and show love to them.And stay that is of most importance. This book teaches with a really nice image that man are from mars and women are from Venus. and this really important fact has been forgotten by all of us. we have forgotten that man and women are really different than each other and forgetting this fact is leading to a lot of heartache pain in our life. so in this book author has discussed the difference in detail and taught some really great lessons that will help us to maintain our relationship understand each other. show them our love make them love us.

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18. Antifragile


The glass is a fragile item that can be easily broken. now if I ask you what would be the opposite of fragile or what will be antifragile than most people will say things like iron, steel, or something though that can’t be broken easily. which will not be the correct answer. because if you say iron is antifragile then it is like you are saying that opposite of negative is neutral which is incorrect. The opposite of negative is positive. Similarly, opposite of a fragile item like glass will something which gets stronger as to try to destroy like maybe like a diamond. antifragile will be a thing that becomes harder the more it is thrown and given pressure.

the author suggests that we humans are also antifragile the more we live in pressure the more we get stronger so we should love the bad things that are in our lives. that are the things which are making us strong. this book is really good in making us realize the importance of bad things happing to us. so do it read it.

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19. Thinking fast and slow

Thinking fast and slow
Thinking fast and slow

We see so many irrational, illogical people taking so many bad decision and following things that are completely wrong according to logic. why ? because we humans are emotional creatures and we have a lot of biases while making decisions. the author of this book Daniel Kahneman is a Nobel prize winner who is teaching us the about all the biases that we humans have while taking decisions whether professional or personal.  and how we can take better decisions ourselves. this book is a must read if you want to understand why people can get so illogical while supporting someone or their own ideas or while buying something etc.. read this if you want to understand people if a better way as that can help you have a better life and a better business.

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20. The $100 Startup

The $100 Startup
The $100 Startup

This book will teach you how you can start a business with less money, doing what you love, following your passion, working from your home or even better while taking a world tour. There are lots of inspiring stories in this book that will help you take actions and start your own business. There are various actionable steps also that you do right after reading this book which is good. You can say it is a step by step guide to starting a business which you should read if you intend to do business.

These books are not in any particular order. Even a book at number 5 can be the number for you it depends. the list can be changed in the future. As I have made this list with the knowledge that I have right now. But still, all these books are really really great that you must read once.

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Want to make an attractive video for your business?

These are the 20 must read books before you die. Hope you guys like it and let me know your favorite books in the comment section.

Here is the list of above mentioned Top 20 books:

Number Books URL
1 Managing Oneself
2 Rich dad poor dad
3 Start with WHY
4 How to win friends and influence people
5 The power of habits
6 The four agreements
7 Think and Grow Rich
8 How to stop worrying start living
9 7 Habits of highly effective people
10 The richest man in Babylon
11 The 5 love languages
12 The 4 hour work week
13 The Greatest Salesman in the World
14 The psychology of persuasion
15 The lean start-up
16 48 laws of power
17 Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
18 Antifragile
19 Thinking fast and slow
20 The 100 dollar start start-up

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    In addition, improve your writing habits. Your articles are out of the grammar’s rules.

    Thanks once again. Keep improving your content.
    YK Dhawan
    IIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

  44. Hiii
    Seeken, thanks for giving such knowledge. I will read aal the books nd all this books are available in audio also.

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