Why Helping Others Can Also Help You

Why Helping Others Can Also Help You

Why Helping Others Can Also Help You?

Helping others is not only good for them, it also makes us happier too. There is a saying KINDNESS IS THE LANGUAGE WHICH THE DEAF CAN HEAR AND BLIND CAN SEE, A simple genuine smile or just one kind word can make someone’s day beautiful, happy and energetic. We have a mindset that the one who receives or gets kindness of yours or of others are the ones who get the benefit, but we often neglect the major part that the person who is kind, selfless and always help others without thinking about benefits and advantages will also be benefitted.

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Benefits are not always materialistic, but feelings you generate or develop after helping someone is the best or can say the greatest feeling which person can never get from any materialistic things, We people are emotional creatures and kindness selflessness gives great feelings and emotions to us and these feelings are much better than any materialistic things.

We human want others to help first, we want change we want humanity we want kindness but we want everything from others, we forget that if we want to change, then we need to take the first step towards that change similarly if we want kindness and humanity in our country and want to make this world a better place to live, then we must take a step towards that kindness, As it says, Kindness begins with Me.”

We must not always think about benefits and materialistic things, we should be selfless, we should help someone with pure heart and soul, we must understand that if we help someone will be one who will receive the maximum happiness and great feelings and these feeling and emotions have no comparison.

You must have seen Successful people who have achieved everything in their lives, At a point, they start doing charities, start helping people who are in need of money, because they want that feeling of satisfaction they want that feeling which develops only by kindness only by helping others who are needed.

So today I will share how helping others help you.


1. Makes you feel great

When you help someone Your brain automatically starts feeling great, your reward feeling gets triggered when you do charity or help someone in need, Your brain releases feel good chemicals and these chemicals make you feel awesome great and energetic and you love to do it more, you love to help more, you love to do more charity.

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2. Optimistic

When you help someone, looking at their problems you realize how blessed you are and You thank god for your life and for all the things you have in your life and hence with this kind of feelings you become optimistic and You start looking positive things in every aspect of your life, Helping someone or act of kindness boost your mood and make you optimistic and positive person, You always look glass half full instead of half empty.

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3. Boost Self-esteem

Research has shown people who volunteer themselves towards helping others have a high level of self-esteem, people who help others feel less stress and cultivate more confidence, hence the more you volunteer yourself to help others the more confident person you’ll become.

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4. Forms good Relationship

While helping others you form a deeper level of friendship and relationships with others and this never makes you feel lonely and alone, by helping others you build a long lasting bond, you become positive and you pass on that positive vibes with your friends and family and these positivities in you build strong happy bonds.

As you all know people don’t like to stay around negative people, and helping nature makes you optimistic and this attitude or behavior is very much essential for forming long lasting relationships.

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5. Learn to handle

While helping others you learn to handle yourself and your problems too, You learn to smile even in the difficult situations, you will always understand that struggles and problems arise in everyone’s life and you are blessed that you don’t have many problems compare to others, Hence you learn to deal with every situation with a smile and with strength and positive attitude.

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6. You get help by being selfless

Suppose you are selfish you never think about others you always think about your own benefits, so what do you think? Will others help you? No of course not, you will get help only when you help someone in their need, And kindness is a kind of act which anyone can afford,

You don’t always need money to help someone, but a small genuine smile or care can change someone’s entire day, a small genuine advise can help them a lot, If you have money then charity can help a lot to needy person but if you are not settled wealth wise then your care, you smile your advice your love can help someone and these things can really help someone a lot.

People in this world do not always need money to feel happy but smile, care; love can also help them support them.

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7. Peaceful healthy body

As per research, Helping others makes a person feel healthy and peaceful, after helping someone person feel less stress and feel more calm and relaxed, this feeling acts like a meditation and yoga, gives peace to mind and makes body brain healthy and more energetic.

The feelings you can receive through helping others has no comparison.

Kindness, helping others will make you feel like you can take on the world, kindness gives you a sense of renewal, and also make you feel thankful. Kindness always makes you feel happy, awesome energetic and blessed. A single act of kindness can add value to someone’s life.

Always have pure heart and soul, I am not saying that thinking about yourself is wrong, but only thinking about yourself and taking others for granted is not right, Kindness is not only beneficial for success but also for surviving and also for others and as well as for yourself, ourselves. Hence never allow someone to influence you negatively or never allow someone to develop hatred inside you because Hatred negative feeling only destroys us and ruins our lives peace and health.

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Hence always help each other and stay in harmony, peace and humanity.

If you want to learn more about selfless nature and kindness do watch my YouTube video.

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  1. When I started to read your article and Blog. I find my a change in myself i really started helping others and especially my nature and behaviour is get really changed. Before that I never read anytype of novel but now I love it so much.yoga and reading selfhelpb books becomes a part of my life and daily routine. Really really.

  2. “Help others to help yourself”…”Trust others more or less”…..
    I always look into the eyes of other people because they are windows to the soul….


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