5 Importance Of Writing

5 Importance Of Writing

What is the Importance Of Writing?

1. Writing shows you the real you
2. Writing can work as your best friend
3. Writing is really important in this digital world
4. Writing gives you a different perspective
5. Writing helps you to persuade people

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Did your school teacher or your tuition teacher or any of your mentor ever tell you to write down things? Reason for me asking this question is, my school teacher used to tell us to write down notes. She used to tell us, that we must write each chapter so that it becomes easy for us to memorize, Every student hates assignment and projects but later on I realize that assignments are given to us, to write, so that we can understand the importance of writing.

Writing is the primary basis upon which history, communication, record keeping and art has begun. Writing is a framework for our communication. Writing improves our written communication. The way speaking improves our verbal communication similarly writing improves our written communication. All writers bloggers earn because of their writing skills. They master in writing skill because they understand the importance of writing. Writing makes us memorize things easily because writing somewhat comes under practical knowledge. when we write down certain points, notes or assignment. While writing our brain repeat the words and while repeating the words it gets memorize in our brain. It gets stored in our subconscious mind which help us during our exams time.

Even mentors ask to write down plan. Mentors asked to make a written plan because it becomes easy to remember written plan and chances of following that plan and goals also improves.  Words can take numerous forms through writing. We can see the use of writing every day in our lives whether to write a mail or to collect data or to communicate with any of our friends or colleagues or family. writing is used everywhere and by everyone.

Writing is not just a word but it’s a great skill and if someone masters this skill then that person can become successful in the writing world. Writing gives you words which helps you to show who you are as a person. Writing can help you to express yourself comfortably. Writing is involved in every field and in every aspect of our lives whether you have a creative field, job field or business field. Every field involves writing. Without writing, you can’t come up with creative and new ideas. Writing helps you to put your imagination into words. Writing gives frame to your imagination and creativity.

Importance of Writing:

1. Writing shows you the real you

Writing helps you to know the real you, writing clarifies your thinking, many a times we make decision or take actions without proper logic and thinking, there are various thoughts and feelings which runs in our mind, but writing habit helps us to crystallize those thoughts and helps us to put them in a logical order.

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2. Writing can work as your best friend

You must have noticed that many people love to maintain personal diary, and they write daily about their day, what they didn’t like, how they felt etc., the reason why people write is, because writing makes them feel relaxed and while writing their thoughts and feelings becomes clear and they start thinking in different perspective.

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3. Writing is really important in this digital world

Regular writing makes you good in writing, writing improves your written skill and vocabulary, and writing helps you to become a good writer, writing is a very powerful skill, today you can become successful if you are good in writing skill, the digital world requires writing skill.

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4. Writing gives you a different perspective

When you write for an audience you need to think as per audience perspective, the moment you get into the reader’s mindset. You begin to understand readers, customers your colleagues and friends better. You will have more empathy and also you will start understanding this world more properly and nicely.

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5. Writing helps you to persuade people

It helps you to influence other people about your point of view, writing has the capability to change the mindset of people, Writing is a skill which has the power to change the world and has the power to change negative mindset to positive, writing has helped our country and this world since very long, Writing played an important role in our Country’s Independence.

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