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12 Laws of Karma That You Must Know Before You Die

There are specific human-made laws, and certain universal laws are not created by man but still exist.

The traffic laws, the laws of the IRS, and the laws of the state are all human-made.

If you violate them, you can be punished, and there are other universal laws, such as the laws of motion.

Newton discovered some of them when he said an object at rest or motion would continue in that state unless acted upon by an external force; you’ve studied that, right?

These are the physical laws, and then there are the subtle divine laws that control existence, and one of them is the law of Karma.

What Is the Law Of Karma

This law of Karma is very much like the law of action and reaction or cause and effect.

It says that every cause will lead to an effect when applied to our thoughts, actions, and works, which is the law of Karma.

“Karma pradhan vishwa kari rakha, Jo jas karai so tasa phala chakha” ~ Ramayana

The law of Karma says whatever you do in your life will have consequences, so be careful about your every action and thought.

The law of Karma also explains why you are responsible for where you are in life.

Very often, people have this tendency to play the blame game. You know it’s all my parent’s fault that I’m not so successful. It’s the fault of society; it’s the fault of God; it’s the government’s fault.

It’s so easy to fall into this blaming mode, but the law of Karma says, “no,” you made choices all through your journey in life, and the consequences of all those choices are that you find yourself in a particular situation today.

So the law of Karma tells us it is our responsibility, so we now have the onus.

It gives you hope if you are responsible for where you find yourself today. If you are unsatisfied with your state, you must change your actions and thoughts and find yourself in a better place tomorrow.

So the law of Karma helps bring out the best in people. That is the reason why God has it in place.

For example, if you play well and your team wins, that is an incentive to play even better next time, but if the scores and results do not correlate with how you played, everybody will be demotivated. You will say forget it. It doesn’t matter. 

That is why later on when you grow up and go into the corporate world, you will find a performance appraisal system.

Your boss will evaluate your performance and help you in your promotion.

Why is that performance appraisal system there? 

Because people need to learn this fundamental principle that to rise, you have to work, think and do better.

So, on the universal level, this is the law of Karma that God has in place. The law of Karma will also punish.

Somebody came to a Hindu Acharya and said, “Swamiji, you know I’m so miserable my family situation is so awful, my health is bad, I lost my job my house got burned why did God do this to me?”

So the Acharya said that’s because you are a rascal and did many sins in past lives.

Now that is a vulgar answer, “I’m a rascal, and I did many sins,” but it opened that guy’s eyes that if he was in a terrible mess, it was his Karma from this life and past life and if he wishes to improve his lot he needs to improve his Karmas.

So this, at the subtle level, is the law of cause and effect, this law of Karma. It exists in various forms in other religious traditions as well.

So the Bible says, as you sow, that shall you also reap. The Sikh Dharma, the Buddhist Dharma, the Jain Dharma, and the Karma law exist.

As the Hindu philosophy is becoming more prominent and gaining influence, these words are becoming adopted in English.

In brief, that is the law of Karma!

12 Laws of Karma

The 12 Laws Of Karma which will Change Your Life Almost everyone has heard of Karma.

However, Karma isn’t about punishment and reward, as many think; it’s more about cause and effect.

Karma is the resultant effects of your past intentions and actions. Knowing about Karma is often beneficial and can help influence the way you affect others.

If you would like your causes to possess sound effects, you would like to intentionally take actions that will culminate in your desired positive results.

Mastering these actions is vital to living a meaningful and fulfilling life and having Karma smile at you in the end.

So, here are the 12 Laws of Karma and the way you’ll apply them to your benefit!  the good Law

1).  The good Law “AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP.”

Even as a farmer plants seeds and expects a harvest period, whatever you sow, you’ll reap.

Whatever you are doing unto people will eventually be done unto you.

Once you prefer to treat people right, you’ll discover that they often reciprocate and behave more positively toward you.

It’s going to take time – as seeds often take time to grow – but your words, actions, or thoughts eventually yield their harvest. They’ll return to you as love, money, or happiness.

You ought to be kind and courteous to people regardless of the circumstance. Remember, your actions and even your reactions will come to you somehow.


The law of creation teaches us that we are more on top of things than we all know. 

Most people often blame others for the wrong things that happen to them rather than taking accountability and striving to shape their destinies. 

Don’t take a back seat in your own life.

Seize the opportunities and concepts that come to you and make the simplest of them.

Also, note that you eventually become whatever you still see around you.

So, surround yourself with things that align with where you’re going and what you would like to be. 

It doesn’t mean you ought to attempt to change the people around you– if you are trying this, you’ll not succeed- instead, work toward improving yourself because only you’re liable for what happens to you.

3). The Law Of Humility “WHAT YOU RESIST, PERSISTS.”

To tackle problems and find solutions, you first admit that you have such issues and challenges. 

It’s often our inability to accept that we’ve specific struggles that hinder us from finding solutions.

But you can’t change a situation without coming to terms with it! Once you continually see something negative happening in your life and refuse to accept that it exists simply, you start to build up negative energy against it; unfortunately, this energy involves residing inside you.

Conversely, once you learn to accept these problems, you come to acknowledge that the facility for effecting change and finding solutions also rests within you.

So, take a correct check out of your life, assessing everything thoroughly – both the negatives and positives.

Accept your reality and where you’re at. Then, you’ll find the strength to form the required changes.

4). The Law of Growth “WHEREVER YOU GO, THERE YOU’ll BE”

If you want to grow and make your dreams and visions a reality, you’ve got to understand that your inner life controls the outer world.

Your thoughts eventually become what you influence, and your actions frame your world. 

To vary your world and grow, you’ve got to change its core fabric – your thoughts. 

Harboring negative thoughts will create a hostile environment, while positive thinking is the only thing that will build a positive world.

Keep restructuring your reality by improving your thoughts and choices, and you’ll grow to realize all that you dream.

5). The Law of Responsibility “OUR LIVES ARE OF OUR OWN DOING, NOTHING ELSE.”

This law – just like the law of creation – focuses on the fact that our reality may be a continuous reflection of our state of mind. 

Once you notice commotion and turmoil around you, you’ve got to start taking responsibility for things you discover yourself.

Start taking steps to get out of those situations by taking time to interact in deep inner reflection and pursue peace.

Even when something terrible happens to you unexpectedly, don’t waste time mulling over the experience.

Instead, learn the teachings and take responsibility for creating things better. 

Once you become liable for your thoughts and actions, you’ve got a way of control – which is essential to push yourself forward.

6). The Law of Connection “EVERYTHING you are doing IS SOMEHOW CONNECTED.”

The past, present, and future are all connected, and your past and present hold significant sway over your future.

You ought to realize that no “one step” will suddenly shoot you into that way forward for your dreams.

Every step you’ve taken and the ones you take are equally important.

Your future is a culmination of your previous choices and steps. So, all of them count.

Therefore, attempt to require steps that are according to your destination.

Only that way are you able to get there.

7). The Law of Focus “YOU Can’t Think of Two Things At the same Time.”

In your go-after improvement, you must consider the items that matter. The Law of focus helps you focus on those values which will primarily assist you in achieving the heights you seek. 

That specializes in positive emotions, development, and goals will leave you with no time to specialize in negative things.

And that’s an honorable thing. Isn’t it? 

Once you end up in not-so-pleasant circumstances, always look on the brighter side. 

It’d be challenging to try, but once you recognize the teachings in adverse events, you’ll learn from these experiences and obtain even better.


It’s impossible to possess a belief that wouldn’t reflect our actions. Truthfully, our actions are surer proof that we believe.

If a lifetime of meaningful impact is what you seek, then selflessness may be a virtue you’ve got to demonstrate continually.

It would be best if you learned to be accommodating, open and helpful to people – even once you barely know them.

When this becomes your life habit, it’s proof that you have attained some growth because truly mature people lead selfless lives – they’re always able to give and help the expansion and improvement of others.

9) The Law of Presence “ONE can’t be PRESENT IF they’re LOOKING BACKWARD – OR, FOR THAT MATTER, FORWARD.”

This law may be tricky because it seems to imply that the past and future don’t matter – somewhat seeming to contradict the sixth law. But that’s not the case.

Let’s check it out like this; as humans, we frequently urge trapped in thoughts about past achievements or failures, and sometimes, it’s living in our dreams of the longer term that hinder us from seeing the potential of this.

We tend to forget that this counts far more than the past and, therefore, the future.

The steps you’re taking within the present are more important than the memories and, therefore, the longer-term dreams.

You would like to learn how to affect the past and the future while living within the present.

Use lessons from the past and your dreams of a great future to immediately drive yourself to require the required steps.


Nothing changes unless you modify it. That’s the law of change.

To correct negative choices and bad habits, it’s not enough to merely structure your mind to try it. 

You’ve got to require action for the changes to come to fruition. If you discover a negative trend in your life, then you’ve got to attempt to show it around. 

Albeit actual change begins from within, it never ends there. Go from resolutions to taking action.

Do something about your decisions; this is often the only way to grow and obtain better. It is often the sole thanks to create positive change.

11) The Law of Patience and Reward “NOTHING useful is made WITHOUT A PATIENT MINDSET.”

The reward comes with being patient. Regardless of how long it takes, if you persistently still sow the seeds of diligence, in time, the prize will eventually come. 

You’ve got to persist and make decisions according to your goals. 

Specialize in the method, and do your best every day. Don’t get trapped in comparing yourself to others seemingly achieving more.

If you truly understand your worth, you won’t bother with comparisons. 

12). The Law of Significance and Inspiration “THE BEST REWARD IS ONE THAT CONTRIBUTES TO THE WHOLE”

This last law and, therefore, the first law is quite similar.

The primary law focuses on the individual, while the last law focuses on actions’ collective effect. 

Indeed, you will eventually reap what you sow, but we should also realize that our individual decisions and actions become our eventual contributions to society.

Our intentions and actions build up massive energy that makes results that affect us all.

This energy is eventually transmitted into our society and, therefore, the world.

So, confirm your actions provide value and inspiration to others.

Make a conscious effort to be good to people.

Pursue your goals and passions. Lead by example! Whether you think of Karma or not, you’ll probably agree that these laws contain fundamental principles and wisdom that anyone and everybody can apply to improve life. 

To measure the lifetime of impact you genuinely desire, mastering these 12 laws of Karma will prove very useful in your go-after fulfillment. 

What does one think? Does one believe in Karma?

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