What Diwali Teaches Us Message Of Diwali Festival

What Diwali Teaches Us? Message Of Diwali Festival?

What Diwali Teaches Us? Message Of Diwali Festival? Diwali or Dipawali is the Festival of Light, the Diwali holiday centers on the new moon in Kartik. The Hindu month corresponding to October and November. Each of the five days of Diwali (Dhan Teras, Naraka Chaturdasi, Diwali, Padwa, and Bhayiduj) is distinguished with its own set of rituals rooted in history and mythology. Origins of the festival vary in India, but the overall theme consists of the triumph of good over evil. To celebrate, candles and fireworks are lit, regional food and sweets are indulged, and many other activities are engaged.

Diwali Means A Row of Lights, It is one of the most important Hindu Festival and Celebrated all over India and Not only Hindu Celebrates it, It is Celebrated by All, Because Diwali Festival comes to make people understand the Importance of good and How Good always Wins over evil, How Light wins over Darkness, That we should share sweets (sweetness) with others, That we should Consider everyone equal, Diwali is the festival which makes people aware that sharing and making someone happy and sharing light is what Humanity is and it is what Every Religion Teaches us. May This and Every Diwali Spread Lighting in Every Individual Heart and may it spread sweetness in our soul.

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What Diwali Teaches Us:

1) Remove Darkness

On this Auspicious Day We Light Diyas, Lamps to remove the darkness of the night, But what actually it says is to never forget to remove darkness from your heart soul and mind, the actual message of Diwali is to remove darkness from within us, from within our soul and heart, we need to bring consciousness to remove unconsciousness from within us, we need to bring wisdom to remove ignorance from within us, Let us make Bring Wisdom in ourselves which remove darkness ignorance not from us but from the entire planet.

2) Stay Positive

On this Day, we clean our House, workplace, offices because wanted to welcome goddess Laxmi, We clean our house home on every auspicious occasion and festivals But what we actually forget to clean is our heart from all negativity so that God can reside in our heart, clean your heart mind and body from bad habits negativity and allow positivity to enter in your heart and mind and soul, be more loving and kind towards each other in order to invite positivity and god in your heart and soul.

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3) Patience

Every Unpleasant thing will come to an end one day for sure, What you need to do is to have patience, Diwali Third Important lesson is to have patience, Just be in the right path to your hard work put your effort and wait patiently for your reward and good days, keep on moving don’t worry about the long journey just enjoy the journey which is going to take you to your goal.

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4) Sharing

On this Day, People buy sweets and share them with friends, colleagues and with strangers, people buy gifts and give it to each other, what exactly it shows is that sharing is caring, the actual message is that we should share happiness with others, we should share whatever extra we have to less privilege people, we should share with anyone without being biased and egoistic, because festivals teach us the unity, kindness, togetherness, and sharing, Sharing Happiness with others will for sure double your happiness.

5) New Day New Beginning

We buy new clothes, utensils because it makes us feel good and new thing give us happiness but the actual message is that it’s never too late to start afresh and make a new beginning, Should Never Give up, no matter how bad your today is, you always have a chance to make a better tomorrow, every day is the new beginning with new opportunities just grab it.

Every Festival every Occasion teaches us Similar lessons, we Just need to be together and should spread happiness with each other, Spreading happiness joy and smile is the best gift we can give to other.

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May This Divine Festival sparkle your life with joy happiness, Drop all your fears and worries and work for your dream, convert your dream to reality #HappyDiwali

Thank You.

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    1. Very very thanks @seeken …I want to always charge up with positive energy..and this blog really helpful for me..

  1. Very very thanks @seeken …I want to always charge up with positive energy..and this blog really helpful for me..

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