The Myth of Perfection

The Myth of Perfection

The Myth of Perfection.

Have you ever thought from where the perfection word has raised? We people live in the society where perfection is normal. We people are under influence of social media television and celebrities, looking them, watching so much perfection around us we feel envy. We feel insecure, we feel that why all are perfect except me, looking perfect model body we feel what they do and why their body is so perfect? Watching celebrities actors on screen, we feel why their life is so perfect?  And under influence of this perfection, we people start comparing our life. We people forget our blessings and we people try to become like others? There is a huge difference between learning from someone getting inspired by mentors and becoming like someone just because of influence, and this perfection influence and self-comparison will ruin your life and inner peace.

People feel envy by looking others post on social media. They feel their life is so perfect and happening, everything and everyone we follow on social media and on television seems so perfect, we feel others never fail, we feel others never make wrong decision and only I (we) are not so perfect like others, But the actual reality is different, Perfection is nothing but just a myth, After reading understanding and learning from mentors I have realized one very important fact of life and that is Perfection is just a myth, and its ok not to be perfect, Because perfection has nothing to do with reality, because in reality, all humans make mistake, everyone fail everyone makes wrong decision at some point of their life, but the only thing which is Real is There is always a room for Improvement, we fail but we learn and move on, we make wrong decisions but we experience and learn and move on. No celebrity, no model, no one whom so ever you follow on social media is perfect. Hence self-comparison will only ruin your life and peace. Self-comparison will only make you feel that others are perfect and you are good for nothing, and this kind of thinking will never allow you to grow and always supports you to procrastinate which are not at all good for success and happy life.

It’s not only about you, you are not alone who thinks that others live is perfect except theirs, many people have such kind of misconception, hence today I will share some point which will help you to overcome myth of perfection. And also make you understand that you should always work hard and move on to progress, not for perfection.

Here are some points regarding Myth of Perfection:

1. Work for yourself

If you want a better life, then you need to work for yourself, you need to invest time on yourself, by looking others life, you will not move towards progress, hence to create a better life you must work for better you, you must compare your yesterday progress with present, this comparison will make you grow, looking at someone else’s life and assuming their life as perfect will not allow you to grow, it can only make you feel insecure and hopeless, hence stop comparing start working for Yourself.

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2. Give a break

You don’t always need to browse your cell phone and social media pages, give yourself a break, give your mind sometime to relax, give yourself a break from everyone’s polish and almost perfect life presented on social media pages, whenever you log in to your account you must have noticed yourself making comparison with other’s life, and this will bring insecurity and jealousy within you and this negative emotion will ruin your inner peace, hence give yourself a mental break try to avoid too much usage of cell phones and social media.

Try to have your own time, at that time do read, meditate, exercise and learn new things which will help you to grow, connect with motivational and inspirational people. When you take a break from social media you will realize what people actually show through their post is not always a reality, and your own personal time will make you healthy and happy.

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3. Don’t just assume

If you have so much passion for becoming perfect, then instead of comparing your life with others start working , start taking action, instead of assuming I want to be a perfect blogger like so and so person, then instead of wishing and assuming start working, start writing blogs, every big success comes when you have the courage to take the first step, there is a huge difference between doing and wishing, if you want your health to be perfect and fit, then you need to work for it, Your actions will give you success, comparison and wishing will only make you insecure sad and upset.

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4. Stop comparing

It’s really very easy to compare and then give up; it’s really very easy to compare your weaknesses with someone else’s strength. But what’s difficult is accepting yourself the way you are and then moving towards improvement, it’s easy to compare your bloopers to someone else’s final cutscene. You have no idea what the other person has gone through and what all things other person has faced and then has achieved success and dream life, it’s easy to compare but hard to put efforts and getting what you really desire for, hence always love and value yourself.

If you find someone ahead of you that doesn’t mean they haven’t struggled, everyone is struggling in their own ways, you need to recognize your own strength and power and just need to follow your path without comparing.

Everyone struggles and then able to achieve success, hence it’s easy to see perfection but it’s difficult to know what they have gone through to reach that perfect life.

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5. Perfection is Improvement

No one can become perfect in this world, but we can learn to make best out of our imperfection, instead of giving up and saying we can’t be like others or we can’t have perfect life like others, we should work hard and should make a better life for ourselves, no one is perfect, but anyone can has a perfect mindset which is not giving up and always stay focused and never hesitate to improve and change for something better. Life is all about learning improving and experiencing, life is not about perfection but it is about improvement, progress and moving on without giving up.

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  1. yes Perfection is only myth. we should focus on ourself and not comparison to other. if we comparw then we will ruin. our life will be insecure indirectional unfocused. thanks for your effort. keep doing it .you are doing well.

  2. In my understanding, we people, try to be perfect. Without understanding the meaning of altruism, hypocrite, ecocentric, and egoism.
    However, I read your article and good food for thought

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