You Deserve a Pat on the Back

Why You Deserve a Pat on the Back?

Why You Deserve a Pat on the Back?

Every individual In this world sees this world In two either positively or negatively. For some people every small thing is impossible and for some people every impossible thing is possible. They are the ones who have the capability to make impossible thing possible, hence this kind of people do something huge in their lives, hence these people deserve a pat on the back. You all must be aware of a phrase which says Do you see glass half full or half empty and people who see glass half full are the actual person who sees every possible way to make their life awesome, they never quit, they never afraid of change or they never afraid to take risk in order to move towards their dream goals, they are the people who have the capability to see Impossible as I-M-Possible. They know that everything in their mind, There’s no limit, we people create limits, we people Make things complicated, hence they never afraid towards self-improvement. And this kind of people deserves a pat on their back.

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Some people crib about small things and make that small thing a big proportion whereas people who are awesome they always value their life, they always value their health and they know If they are fit then they can handle any situation and can change the worst situation to good and can convert it to better. People who are awesome who deserves a pat on their back see this world positively, they see this world in an amazingly unique way, they find every small thing wonderful and consider everything as a blessing, they never compare their lives because they believe themselves as a competition.

You are awesome if you know that you are unique and you have capability of doing something huge in life, everyone in this world has same time, same 24 hours, then why only some people get success, because those some people are awesome, those some people know their value, they know their capability and potential and they never allow others to influence their potential, They are the ones who never afraid of failure they always do hard work and put efforts, those people have the capability to see good in every situation, they never underestimate themselves nor others, they believe in their hard work and consistency and always work hard for goals, Awesome people never take success leniently, because they know success can never be owned it is on lease, and rent is due every day, hence awesome people after getting success never take rest, they work harder, because they know staying in that same success and positive require more hard work and consistency.

if you do certain things in your life or on a daily basis then you deserve a pat on the back, sometimes you need to appreciate yourself, even if you have to do it by yourself.

1. If you move out of comfort zone you deserve a pat on the back

Suppose you are afraid of talking to strangers, but one day you go out for an interview and give your best, no matter if you clear that interview or not, but you moved out of your comfort zone, you did something about which you were afraid, hence at such moment of coming out of comfort zone you deserve a pat on your back.

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2. If you do not allow problems or bad situation to ruin your day then you deserve a pat

Suppose you have planned to go out with your friends but suddenly relatives arrive at your home and your parents asked you to stay and not to go out, hence instead of destroying your mood if you deal with that situation calmly and properly without getting frustrated then at that moment of not allowing that problem or situation to frustrate you negatively, you deserve a pat because you handle so nicely and properly.

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3. If you help some stranger then you deserve a pat on the back

If you help someone without knowing or without bringing someone’s caste religion or skin color in between  then you deserve a pat on their back, because you helped someone without thinking about your own benefit, you helped someone genuinely with kind heart, you helped someone with all your pure heart and this kind-hearted gesture for sure deserve a pat on your back.

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4. If you follow your to-do list then you deserve a pat on the back

Suppose you make your priority list and if you follow it properly without making any excuse or without cutting down any point, then you deserve a pat on your back because by completing your list you improve your willpower and also improves your self-esteem and confidence and so much improvement deserves a pat on the back.

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5. If you gain knowledge daily or learn something new daily

We all know a person becomes wise by daily learning and by daily gaining knowledge, a wise man learns a lot about life, a wise man learns to respond, a wise man knows when to talk and when not to, Knowledge makes person wise and gives wisdom, knowledge and learning make person know about how ignorant they were since so long, hence if you remove time daily to read and to learn something new or if you learn from someone without getting offensive then you deserve a pat.

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6. If you forgive yourself or others then deserve a pat

If you move on and forgive yourself for your past mistake and learn from that mistake, then you deserve a pat on your back.

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7. If you maintain calm even in difficult situations you deserve a pat on the back

If difficult situation arise at your home or at your personal or professional life then if you deal that situation calmly and smoothly then you deserve a pat on your back for example, if you face an argument with your loved ones, and if they lose their temper but you able to handle your emotions and feelings then you deserve a pat because your calmed and level-headed attitude sorted that argument and also made your relationship smooth.

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8. If you accept responsibility rather than blaming then you deserve a pat

If situations didn’t turn the way you were hoping then instead of blaming if you take 100 percent responsibility for your mistake and of that situation then you deserve a pat on your back.

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9. If you refuse to quit then you deserve a pat on the back

If you are doing some work and facing failure again and again but still you refuse to quit, you refuse to give up, you say to yourself that you won’t change your goal but with every failure you will learn and change your method to reach that goal then you are awesome and you deserve a pat on your back, because this never give up attitude of yours shows your hard work consistency and your willpower.

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10. If you overcome your obstacle you deserve a pat

If you are solving some math problem and if you are getting it wrong but with your consistency you finally able to solve it, then it means you are overcoming obstacle without losing your control and willpower then this overcoming obstacle moment deserve a pat and you proof that you are awesome and you will for sure deserve a pat on your back.

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Always see a glass half full, instead of half empty, because this half full attitude gives you happiness, strength, belief, willpower and never say quit attitude.

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