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What is Matrix in the Real World? How to Get Out of It?

Today everyone is talking about getting out from Matrix. So what is the Matrix in the real world? How to break free from the Matrix.

The 1999 film The Matrix was amazing with special effects, but also a great message that we’re living in a kind of world that is controlled and explored how there are agents around there are systems of oppression.

But it’s a lot deeper than that film because it actually goes back thousands of years. Let’s take a trip down the time portal. Let’s go to the Indus Valley 5,000 years ago, okay?

We had great sages and masters. And in the Sanskrit they talk about the Matrix as being Maya.

You see, the Sanskrit word “maya” means illusion. This is when you have an absence of truth. It’s the illusion world and we are actually born into all of us are born into the illusion, the maya, because these two eyes represent duality, but this first eye or the third eye represents the truth.

Enlightenment is Seeing Beyond the Illusion

So many great masters thousands of years ago, they worked tirelessly and they really worked on themselves to open this third eye to see the truth and not the illusion.

And they became enlightened. And enlightenment is actually the highest frequency when we talk of the human emotional vibrational chart.

Enlightenment is at 700 hertz plus. And you become enlightened once your pineal gland is activated, once your third eye is open.

A lot of us were born into a world where our third eye is closed, our pineal gland is calcified so we can’t see the truth. And going back to the Indus Valley, the Matrix was the Maya, the illusion.

The Matrix is the Illusion of the World Around You

So, therefore, what is the Matrix? It is the world around you full of illusion. It is not the truth. It is the distraction, the mass media, the big corporations, BlackRock, Vanguard, but deeper than that, it’s actually you.

Oh my gosh, yeah. You are the Matrix. I am the Matrix. Society is the Matrix. Society is you and I. You see, if you are living predominantly in your lower nature, you are in the Matrix.

As you rise to your higher nature and develop self-awareness, you now break free from the Matrix. Welcome to the real world.

How to Break Free From the Matrix

Wake Up and Develop Self-Awareness

So this whole concept in The Matrix is waking up. Wake up. And in life we have to wake up to who we really are.

This is how to break free from the Matrix. You have to wake up out of the sunken place. The Matrix is a lack of information, a lack of self-awareness, and ignorance collectively.

That’s what makes up the Matrix. When people say “I don’t want to know. I know everything.” When people are caught up in the ego, the greed, the separation, that’s what the Matrix is.

I told you this whole system was created to keep you divided. But you don’t blame the game, you change the game. And you become player one. And that’s how you break free from the Matrix.

Transcend Separation and See Unity

So for example, a lot of people say “I’m this nationality. I’m this religion. I am Democrat. I am Republican.” Whatever. That’s all the Matrix because you see, the truth, when you break free from the Maya, you realize we are all connected.

It’s one humanity. Humanity has been divided because so long as you are divided you can never see the truth.

Separation is the greatest illusion ever. Unity is the greatest truth. Everybody bleeds red. So I’m not better than you. I am another you in a different time in space.

So when we say “Namaste,” that means the divine in me honors the divine in you. When I say “In lakesh,” it means I am another version of you.

We are one and the same. We are all stardust swirling around the Milky Way galaxy. Isn’t that beautiful, deep divers?

Recognize That Nature is the Real World

There’s no place I’d rather be than with the buds, bees, leaves, and trees. Do you know that the bud singing actually helps you to align your chakras?

It’s a beautiful frequency. Go and walk into the concrete jungle. Listening to the sounds of the cars, the buildings doesn’t bring a Zen feeling inside of you, but nature does.

And this is the real world. Nature heals you when you are in the heart, in nature, start doing a little samba, baby, raising the frequency.

Take a look at the buildings you see. Thousands of years ago they would create buildings to inspire people, monuments that people were in awe of, like “Oh my gosh, how did they build those temples?”

Like “Wow, wow.” But today every building looks the same. And that’s what the Matrix says. It’s straight lines.

The Matrix is About Control and Conformity

The Matrix is straight lines, rigid rules, dogma, authoritarian dictators, subjugation, anything that takes you away from who you really are is the Matrix.

And you break free from it when you say “I don’t want to entertain this buffoonery. Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

I don’t want to be programmed by the mainstream media. I want to be free. The Matrix is fear, false evidence appearing real.

Fear is a hundred hertz. It’s one of the lowest frequencies ever. This is the reason why, as soon as you wake up there’s bad news.

They keep you in those lower emotions, those lower emotions – fear, shame, guilt, grief. When you wake up, take a look at the news, you got bad news waiting for you. And that’s what the Matrix is.

Live in Higher States of Consciousness

The Matrix is your bedroom. The Matrix is Apple Vision Pro, the metaverse. Don’t you realize that there are no human beings left in supermarkets? Everything is self-service. That’s what the Matrix is.

It’s the machine world. Charlie Chaplin was telling you something. Go and listen to the world’s greatest speech. He said you’ve got to stop being machine man and machine women and go back to being real human beings. This is how to break free from the Matrix.

I’m not in the metaverse because I’m in the real world and it’s beautiful. We’re out in the Matrix. The Matrix is war. Huh, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. You get out of the Matrix when you are in a state of peace.

That’s a 600 hertz frequency. You get out of the Matrix when you are in a state of love. That’s the 500 hertz frequency. You’re listening to that five to eight hertz.

You’re out of the Matrix. You’re listening to that four, three, two hertz. You’re getting out of the Matrix. You’re saying “Actually I don’t want a slave job. I want to work on something that can help humanity.” You’re moving out of the Matrix.

You’re focusing on saying “Actually it’s not just about her backside or his muscles. I want to know their soul.” You’re getting out of the Matrix. I don’t just want a physical connection. I want a heart connection, a mental connection, a spiritual connection.

You feel me, deep divers? They try to bury us. They forgot we were seeds. Wake up, Neo. Wake up out of the deep sleep, out of the sunken place, and become who you really came here to be, which is a spiritual being having a human experience.

Realize you are multi-dimensional. Realize you are infinite. I’m Infinite Waters, deep divers. One love, peace. Infinite Waters is diving deep once again. Stay well, stay healthy, peace.

How To get Free from Matrix (Summary)

Here is a summary of the main points on how to break free from the Matrix:

  • Wake up and develop self-awareness – Become conscious of who you really are and don’t get caught up in the illusion.
  • Transcend separation and see unity – Realize we are all connected and stop identifying with superficial divisions.
  • Recognize that nature is the real world – Connect with nature to align with what is real rather than artificial constructs.
  • Live in higher states of consciousness – Shift out of lower vibrations like fear into higher states like peace, love and harmony.
  • Don’t conform to rigid rules and dogma – Break free from programming and authoritarian control.
  • Focus on heart connections – Move from superficial to deeper connections with people.
  • Embrace your spiritual essence – Realize you are an infinite spiritual being having a human experience.


The Matrix refers to the illusion of the world that prevents us from seeing the truth. In ancient Sanskrit, this illusion was called “maya”. To become enlightened, we must wake up and see through this illusion.

The Matrix tries to keep us divided and controlled through fear, separation, conformity, and machines/technology. But we can break free by developing self-awareness, seeing unity in humanity, connecting with nature, and living in higher states of consciousness characterized by peace and love.

Overall, the Matrix represents the false reality we are born into. Transcending this illusion involves reconnecting with our spiritual essence and waking up to the true nature of reality.

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