How To Deal With Idiots And Jerks – 5 Simple Tricks

How To Deal With Idiots And Jerks - 5 Simple Tricks

How To Deal With Idiots And Jerks?

1) Silence can be the best reply
2) Show more kindness
3) Idiots will be idiots
4) Interact with distance
5) Meditate

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Have you ever dealt with people who always try to prove themselves right no matter how cliché their statements are? Have you ever got into a debate with people which ends up in an argument, have you ever tried to have a conversation with people which ends up frustrating you, Have you ever heard a phrase ” NEVER ARGUE WITH AN IDIOT.” Because the most common cause of stress nowadays arises by dealing with idiots, while dealing with idiots you can easily lose your cool and can get irritated, Here I am not only talking about those clueless people who have no idea about what’s going around them or in this world,  who don’t know the difference between right and wrong, but also talking about idiots who always consider themselves superior, talking about those idiots who lack the decency to act like a human being.

Dealing with idiots can be very stressful, because idiots never consider themselves wrong, idiots always try to prove themselves right without listening to others valid logic and facts, Idiots never listen they just argue, idiots feel that they are the superior and rest are inferior to them, Idiots can act very low and you can’t go to their level, as it is said by Obama when idiots go low, you go high. but sometimes dealing with idiots can frustrate us so much that we lose our calm and act indecently.

This world has intelligent logical and wise people, but not everyone in the world has common sense and wisdom, this world has idiots as well, who will never leave a chance to test your patience, at any moment you can get into the situation where you have to deal with idiots, no matter whether you are travelling or at workplace or whether you are at school college or whether you are enjoying your vacations or whether you are using any social site, any moment you can get into the situation where you have to deal with idiots, hence you must learn the skill to deal with idiots without losing your calm, you should never allow an idiot to ruin your day or life, you must always stay calm and composed, you must always act wise.

Have you ever noticed why you get frustrated at your workplace, it is not the wall or windows or desk which actually piss you off, but it’s the idiots you work with, those idiots irritate you, those idiots frustrate you at your workplace, You can find idiots in every situation hence it is necessary to learn some tips in order to master the skill for dealing with idiots.

How to deal with idiots:

1) Silence can be the best reply

Sometimes it is better to remain silent and listen with a smile even if you are right and allow an idiot to speak even if he is wrong because a wise person knows when to speak and when to maintain silence because a wise person knows that idiots can be defeated but they will never admit it, hence why to waste your energy in proving them wrong, just maintain silence and keep yourself calm and happy.

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2) Show more kindness

Don’t hyper yourself by arguing with idiots, Never allow an idiot to influence your actions, just stay kind and show them that their words don’t matter to you, never talk rudely to them, because they want such rude reaction from you, hence stay kind to them, talk nicely to them and behave as if they and their words don’t matter to you, don’t encourage their double standards but don’t waste your energy on them.

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3) Idiots will be idiots

Don’t try to change the thinking and perception of idiots, because idiots will be idiots until and unless they don’t find an issue with their behavior and actions, Always remember that you can’t change a person who doesn’t find an issue with their actions, hence don’t frustrate yourself by proving your logical point, because idiots never understand logical talks, they just know how to argue and proof them right and they can go very low in order to prove them right, hence don’t waste your energy, focus on your self-improvement, Argument with idiots will not take you anywhere, self-improvement will, hence always work on yourself, idiots will improve themselves, once they understand the lack of knowledge and wisdom problem in them.

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4) Interact with distance

Sometimes you can’t avoid idiots in your daily life, because dealing with idiots can be your work, hence do your work with kindness and don’t allow them to influence your action, do your work and maintain distance, don’t interact with them so much that they start getting into your nerves, associate yourself with people who inspire you, motivates you and who always talk about wisdom knowledge and improvement.

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5) Meditate

if you are about to get into an argument with an idiot, remind yourself that you have the power to detach yourself from any situation, hence instead of wasting your energy over idiots save it for better things, just learn few breathing techniques, because those breathing techniques will calm you down and also make you feel happy and joyful and also help you to deal with negative energies and with idiots.

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Always remember that Every individual knows something you don’t, hence always stay open towards learning, don’t always try to prove yourself right, keep yourself open towards learning and gaining knowledge, a wise person always stays humble and an idiot always stays arrogant, hence be a wise person while dealing with idiots.

Thank you.

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Saiman Ulusoy
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