I Am Not Passionate About Anything

I Am Not Passionate About Anything

I have heard many people saying that “I Am Not Passionate About Anything”, they are passionless. They work but still their heart is not passionate about that work, they find their work boring and empty, they feel that something is missing in their life, despite everything still they find something not so happening in their lives, they feel stuck and have no idea how to get unstuck, All this happens because of negativity, negative thoughts makes us believe that we are not good enough or we are not enthusiastic related to anything,  negativity around us makes us believe that we are too old to start anything new, we are too old to give a new start to our life or we are too old to learn something new and this believe force us to stick to the work about which we are not passionate.

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We find hard to focus on our hobbies, and that lack of focus makes us not so passionate about our hobbies, we procrastinate, we wish for things, but when it comes to working hard for our dreams, we start making excuses, we start bringing problems issues between our dreams, and most of the people make a Religious excuse, By saying that I can’t do anything or I can’t achieve anything because God doesn’t want me to be successful or I am not lucky, and only lucky people and people who have god support gets the opportunity to work on something about which they are passionate. All such belief is just a myth.

Saying I am not passionate about anything will make you passionless, will never allow you to be happy for things which you are doing, will always encourage procrastination in you, hence stop saying that i am not passionate enough start feeling enthusiastic, start giving meaning to your life, Every day get up from your bed with enthusiasm by saying that today is a new day, which will bring new opportunity and I will not miss any opportunity, Everyday jump out of your bed with enthusiasm and stop negotiating with yourself for more minutes of sleep.

Never allow that negative energy to influence you, having some lazy time can be good but don’t make it your habit because one’s habit gets formed; it becomes difficult to overcome it, hence never allow Negativity to influence you and stop saying to yourself that I am not passionate about anything,  Because “I am not passionate about anything” is a negative statement and when you say something negative to yourself it gets stuck to your head and becomes very difficult to remove from head, hence always have positive thoughts and always love your work, because when you start loving your work, you become passionate about it, and that passion will help you to live quality life, do something which makes you happy, because work which gives happiness also gives you a reason to jump out of your bed every day with enthusiasm and joy.

For example, I love to read books, I am passionate about reading, that reading passion of mine not only helped me, but because of my reading passion I am trying to help others as well, reading books has changed my life and that changed taught me that by helping others not only others get benefit but even we grow in life, today through my reading passion I am able to make others understand the importance of books and how books can change your life, My passion has become the helping hand to others, and has helped people to find their way and also helped people to find joy in their life.

similarly even you should do something which motivates you every day to work hard, which makes you happy, passion is not only about work, you can be passionate about your hobbies, you can be passionate about helping others, you can be passionate about learning about gaining knowledge, hence don’t only search passion in your work or at work place, try to search passion in everything you do in your life, no matter how small that thing is, be passionate about it, give your 200 percent and see how joyful your life will become.

Becoming passionate isn’t something which will suddenly fall on your head from heaven, you can’t become passionate in just one day if you have a belief that I am not passionate enough but one day suddenly god will make you passionate about things, then such beliefs is nothing but just a myth, because having a passionate life is not a day job, becoming passionate is a process of self-discovery and detective work, having a passionate life is to discover and find out the real you, it’s about knowing yourself properly, it’s about understanding your happiness and desires, being passionate is about move above fears, wrong beliefs and old wounds(past), hence stop saying that I am not passionate about anything, and start searching the real you, because that real you will make you passionate about everything.

Today I will share few steps which will help you to know the real you and your own passion, so let’s begin:


Whether you say you can or you say you can’t, either way, you are right. Limit is in your mind, hence stop giving yourself boundaries by repeating negative statements to yourself, because when you keep on saying negative statements consciously it gets stuck in your head, and once it gets stuck then it becomes hard to remove it, hence stop saying that I am not passionate about anything instead just start knowing yourself better, start understanding your happiness, likes dislikes, hobbies etc, because once you reveal the true you, then finding your own passion will become easy.

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2) Track your happiness

Maintain a journal in which you can write about your happy moments, about your joyful moments, what made you happy, which things made you happy, what you did which gave small accomplishment during your school days or college days, what excites you and what doesn’t, and pay attention to your feelings and happiness, because that attention will move you one step ahead towards knowing your own passion.

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3) Track your irritation

Here you need to pay attention towards the thing which frustrates you like hell, like is it your job, your relationship, or your lack of purpose, whatever it is, element those things from your life which brings you down and which doesn’t allow you to live a passionate life.

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4) Dreams

Here you need to write about your dreams, like what were your dreams when you were young, and why that dream changed, why you didn’t work hard towards your dream, and if not that what’s your present dream, and see how your life will be when your dream will come true and once you imagine that then start working hard towards it.

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5) Always pay attention to your skill

Every individual in this world has some talent and skill, it just requires your attention and polishing, sometimes we ignore our skills and that ignorance becomes the biggest reason for our passionless life, hence always recognize your skill and encourage those skills by polishing them, ask your loved ones about what you are good at, and how much you will excel if you improve that good thing in you, no matter how small the skill is, note it down and polish it.

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6) Never fear to move

Many people settle for an average life because they believe that they will not get a better life, hence they should stay where they are, first remove “should” from your lives, Because this should word never allow you to see the better you, always learn something new, always have a self-believe, always expect better and best for yourself, always work hard for the better life, because we, humans, have free will and we have potential to change our lives, hence be a successful self-made person, Always remember that every individual is a self-made person, but unfortunately only successful people accept it and rest unsuccessful people play a blame game.

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7) What matters the most

Always try to know what matters the most for you, what values you the most because your passion centered around your primary values, hence always understand what really matters to you, what exactly you want at this moment, a job or further studies, why you want a job or why you want to study further, ask question to yourself, answer that question with proper reasons and justifications, this thing will clear your confusion and make you happy and joyful about your life.

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8) Always have a big vision

Evaluate yourself, after a year see where you have reached, are you satisfied with what you are doing now, are you satisfied with your income, are you moving as per your plans and goals, if not then find out why you are not moving as per plan, what’s stopping you, what is the obstacle which isn’t allowing you to move ahead in life, have a big vision, dream big.

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9) Be curious

To be passionate you need to be curious because your curiosity will make you know your passion and possibilities, sometimes you have no idea in what all things you can be good at and in what all fields you can excel, hence search for possibilities be curious about other fields, for example, you are doing a 9 to 5 job, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be good in travelling, hence search your possibilities be curious don’t settle for what you have, always be thankful but never settle for an average life or routine.

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10) never give up

finding your passion is not a one day process, it can take a couple of years, hence you should have never quit or never give up attitude because never quit attitude helps you in every aspect of your life, hence to have passionate life have never quit attitude, attitude is a small word but right attitude has the potential to create a huge difference in your life.

I hope you will stop saying “I Am Not Passionate About Anything” and you will find your passion soon.

Thank you.

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