How Can Indian Youth Impact Our Society

How Can Indian Youth Impact Our Society?

How Can Indian Youth Impact Our Society?

Indian Youth Impact: India is the world’s largest Youth Population country, And when developing countries has such a huge population of Youth then they can for sure see the economic growth. That developing country will for sure have chances to become developed country, But this can happen only when youth understand their rights, when they educate themselves to become something huge and can work in the favor of others and in favor of their own country, Youth must take care of their health, But nowadays Youth don’t even bother to understand about their rights, they don’t understand their value, they don’t understand that they have the capability to change things in a positive way. India has 28 percent of 10 to 24 age population; this population will be the future of our country.

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They are the ones who have the capability to impact our society in a positive way, but today’s youth doesn’t understand their own value, they don’t understand what they must do in order to improve themselves and their country, Nowadays most of the youth is indulge in bad habits, such as Watch Porn, Wasting time on unwanted things, some youth gets so depressed that they give up and move their way to suicide and other serious issues, Every youth has their own rights, they just need to stand and need to focus in the right direction, you don’t need to become an adult in order to participate in changing our society or to become active member of the society, You just need to understand your own value.

I am not saying that entire fault is of government or youth’s but everyone needs to understand their responsibilities, In our country there are many loop holes which aren’t allowing youth’s to open up and stand and to participate, But there are many people who are contributing positively for our society, Hence instead of sitting at home and cribbing that government is not doing anything, stand and see those people who are doing hard work  by themselves without anybody’s back they are bringing huge changes to our society, hence sitting by looking bad examples, stand and see positive and good examples, those good examples will give you motivation and give you your right way.

Today I will share few points which will show how youth can impact our society in a positive way.

Indian Youth Impact 1. Stop Being Ignorant

There are many youths who like to stay ignorant, they don’t have any interest to know what actually happening around them and in their country and society, in india people are not at all aware of their rights, this is the thing which differentiates us from developed countries, because in developed country every individual every child knows about their rights and hence no one can fool them, but in India we love to stay Ignorant, Hence every individual every youth must be wise and must love to gain knowledge and must know their rights, so that they can stand in any situation without getting afraid.

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Indian Youth Impact 2. Read

Reading makes you wise, gives you knowledge and helps you to make firm decisions, makes you more mature and also help you to grow in life and makes you successful and by becoming successful you can add a huge change to our society for our people and for our country, You need to educate yourself, you need to make yourself talented and skilled person, because knowledge always pays you as well as pay your society.

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Indian Youth Impact 3. Never Argue or Become Judgmental

Youth crime in India is increasing day by day and all this is happening because of negative influence, and because of not having open-minded attitude,  I have seen youth easily get influenced by negative emotions and because of that influence they fight and indulge in crime, We people must be polite and we should learn to deal different people just by talking, because wise person knows when to talk and when not to talk.

Don’t become judgmental just by watching or by reading half knowledge, half knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance, hence always live happily and be polite humble and helpful, help aged people, be kind towards your health and environment, Because your health is your precious gem and your country is your home.

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Indian Youth Impact 4. Become an Inspiration

Youth should become an inspiration for future generation, they should become something so that future generation admire them, they should bring such changes which make future generation life easy and healthy, hence grow trees, be responsible towards electricity, stop indulging in crimes, stop bad habits, clean your home maintain hygiene, clean your society and never impact your environment negatively, and if you see anyone destroying your society speak up, for example, if you see any one throwing anything to the ground speak up and ask them politely and gently not to do it again, you don’t need to be harsh you just need to be polite and wise with your words.

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Indian Youth Impact 5. Maintain Peace

Instead of getting hyper by listening or reading any news or anything, ask yourself will that thing is important than your peace is that news important than your society peace, is that negative half news is important than yours or others life, no of course not, peace life is always superior and nothing can be bigger than that hence always maintain peace in yourself and around you, never allow any negative outer influence to affect you and people around you because half knowledge usually used by those who want benefit for themselves and want to influence you so that they can take your advantage, hence always think about your peace as well as about your society’s peace and about your country’s peace.

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Thank you do comment and share and share how youth can change the society and how they can change themselves, what thing youth should avoid to create a better future.

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  1. Thank you, For this post . I really appreciate and get influenced by reading this .I also want to enhance my ability through which i can change my home , neighbours , city to make our india prosperous and peaceful. Thank you

  2. Many people stuck in religions. They think their religion is bigger than their country and that thought make them self-centered. They misguide future generation and didn’t work together for future of the country.

  3. yes youth impact will give huge results. youth should take their responsibility and make their country developed. thanks a lot you zessan bro. your work is appreciated. thanks

  4. Yes, Indian youth is super power for our former President Sir, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul kalma’s vision of 2020. But its more important to change the mentality of our youths and your website doing this job pretty good. Keep it up .

  5. We must be more aware about our health. If we dont our country may become diabetic capital of the world very soon & cleanlines is very important .

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