7 Tips To Complete More Work In Less time

7 Tips To Complete More Work In Less time

No one can deny the fact that Time is the great Equalizer. Time is the only thing which is equally distributed. Every individual has the same amount of Time. Time doesn’t differentiate, no matter what’s your caste, religion or gender is. Everyone has same 24 hours in a day. Hence it’s not about how much time you have. It’s about how you manage or use that time to finish your more work in less time. Whenever we talk about getting more work done at lesser time, we naturally think about time management tool.

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Thinking about time management is truly an effective way to balance your life, but many times things don’t work the way we thought it would, many times our bad habits and distractions become the biggest obstacle which never allows us to finish our work on time, all these distractions and excuses become the biggest reason for our procrastination. Hence in order to get more work done in lesser time, Time management tool isn’t the only way to do it, it requires more of your discipline your commitment and focus, Time management will make things simple for you but it will be your discipline and focus which will turn down the noise of distraction which will make your mind more powerful that will eventually move you forward and allow you to complete your work in less time.

You need to be much disciplined you need to follow few disciplines in your daily life, you need to practice disciplines repeatedly, doing something regularly and daily, that’s how habits are formed and once it becomes your habit, then you’ll find very difficult to stay without it, and this good habit will make you more productive and allow you to finish your more work in less time, which eventually make you stress free, peaceful and happy, Managing time along with proper discipline and focus will make your life easy, simple and enjoyable, when you manage your time properly with discipline and focus, then you complete all your task and work on time or before time, that accomplishment gives you more time for yourself and for your family which gives you peace and happiness and when you follow this process or management on a regular basis then your life will become stress free.

Today will share 7 tips which will help you to complete more work in less time:

1. Take time to think

Take time to think - 7 Tips To Complete More Work In Less time
Take time to think – 7 Tips To Complete More Work In Less time

The very first step to do more work in less time to take time to think what you want, Why do you want it and when do you want it, here you need to gain a perspective, you need to know what exactly you want, unless you don’t have such understanding, unless you don’t know answers for these question till then you just can’t take a step towards completing more work in less time.

You need to sit down with a pen and a book or journal, and should write down your daily or weekly goals, you need to set some goals and also should maintain your personal diary or journal, so that whenever you want a reminder you can see that journal and work as per your goals, when you write down your goal you need to think about some serious reasons like why you need to finish or complete this work, and what will happen if you don’t complete it, your reasons should be powerful than an excuse, the powerful reasons, understanding and goal setting will help you to do more work in less time.

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2. Manage your time

Manage your time - 7 Tips To Complete More Work In Less time
Manage your time – 7 Tips To Complete More Work In Less time

After having proper understanding about what you want, why you want, next comes How you should manage your time, Here you need to have a notepad either you can buy it or can install it on your device or smart phones, here you should audit your time, means you should record your time in blocks of 30 to 45 minutes for a total of one week, and no matter what you do in those 30 or 45 minutes you need to detail it means you need to write it down.

For example if you read a book then write it down, and at the end of each day you need to open your notepad and need to put negative positive sign, if you do something productive then put positive sign beside it and if you do something which just wasted your time  then put negative sign beside it, as the week gets over tally up your total, means tally positive side and then tally negative side and see how much productive you were in your last week, this process will give you a sense of your time management and also make you understand how you can use your time better from next time or next week, when things get clear your chances of improvement also gets wider, and improvement will help you to complete your more work in less time.

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3. Things to be properly placed

Organizing things properly keeps you focused, research says that when you work under organized desk or under well-organized process your productivity level also improves, because watching organize stuffs trigger our mind and motivates it to work fast which helps us to complete our more work in less time, hence never forget that organization is the key to success and never underestimate this fact, because organization keeps you focused and increase your productivity level.

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4. Fight with procrastination

Fight with procrastination - 7 Tips To Complete More Work In Less time
Fight with procrastination – 7 Tips To Complete More Work In Less time

Procrastination laziness is the biggest obstacle and the biggest enemy of productivity, hence you must learn to fight with it, you should not allow procrastination to influence you, you should learn to defeat procrastination,  because at first or at start you’ll take procrastination easily but later if it becomes your habit then slowly and gradually it will take away all your hope and your dream, hence before it becomes your habit, fight with it, tackle procrastination, if you want to get more work done in lesser time then tackle procrastination or else it will ruin your life dream and success.

If you are thinking that eliminating or defeating procrastination is impossible, then to let you know limits and impossibilities are in your mind, in reality, and in actual world nothing is impossible, if you are focused towards doing something no matter what it cost,  there are various ways through which you can tackle procrastination and the easiest way to defeat procrastination and to complete your more work in less time is commitment.

If you are committed towards your work then you’ll for sure complete your work before time, you must make a commitment, start with small commitments like commit yourself to certain work which you always delay or fail to complete for 15 minutes and set a timer for 15 minutes,  why to start with lesser time, because it builds momentum and promise for small time will help you to fulfill your promise and also make you feel as if you have won something and that feeling of accomplishment will motivate your mind and also help you to work for a long time, this way you will tackle procrastination and also work more inlesser time.

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5. Morning ritual

Morning ritual - 7 Tips To Complete More Work In Less time
Morning ritual – 7 Tips To Complete More Work In Less time

You need to follow morning ritual in order to stay active and energetic, Morning routine will boost your life and will take you to success journey, if you think that one day you suddenly wake up and everything will fall in place, then this is nothing but your wrong belief in order to keep things proper you need to work proper, you need to follow your routine properly, you need to exercise and meditate, you need to read books, every good habit will take you to your success journey, If you want to get up early then you need to go to bed early, this routine will keep you motivate which help you to be more productive which help you to complete your more work in less time. To have a proper understanding that how successful people become successful by following morning ritual, do watch my youtube video, here’s the link:


6. 80/20 Principle

80-20 Principle - 7 Tips To Complete More Work In Less time
From https://impossiblehq.com ~ 80-20 Principle – 7 Tips To Complete More Work In Less time

I have made a youtube video for this principle, if you haven’t watched it then do watch it from the given link.

80/20 principle should be used by every intelligent person in their daily life, by every organization and every social group and every society should follow it, 80/20 principle help every individual to achieve more in less time with lesser efforts, this principle shows that 20 percent of work gives 80 percent of results, this principle raise the personal happiness and effectiveness.


7. First thing first with present minded

Many times we focus on work which is urgent not what’s important, hence in order to work more in less time you need to manage important work, you should first complete your important work, you need to create a list where you should put down work as per their priorities, means what important work needs to be finished first, this way you’ll understand what work doesn’t require much of your time and what work can be delayed this way you’ll be able to focus on important work and can remove unnecessary time wasting work from your list, this way you can complete more work, important work in less time.

Many times we do some work and our mind stays on some other work, this reduces our productivity,  hence we must be present minded, we must eliminate confusion from our mind and should focus on important task or should complete difficult task first, because when you do easy task first our focus stays on difficult task like how I will finish it, I don’t have much time, this way you fail to complete both tasks easy as well as difficult hence first do important work then do other work, go as per priority, this will help you to stay focused and also help you to complete more work in less time.

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This is the of Complete More Work In Less time. Do comment and share.

Thank you.

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