How to Focus on Your Goals and Avoid Distractions

How to Focus on Your Goals and Avoid Distractions

They say “Focus on Your Goals, Everything Else is a Distraction.” This statement is so true and can make miracles in our lives. But, can we really follow this as easily as it is said especially when we live in the era of distractions. There are phones, friends, TV shows, etc. pulling our attention. There can also be major problems in life, like relationship issues, family problems, health issues, etc. But, in spite of these distractions, how to stay focused? And how do successful people make their dreams come true?

Let me tell you some smarter methods meant for strengthening your mind, accomplishing the goals and avoiding distractions. You have to start developing the good habits and distractions will automatically start vanishing.

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Let’s begin with “Focus on Your Goals”:

Write Down Your Goals

When you write your aims, the subconscious mind thinks more strongly about bringing them to reality. A study says that the people who write down their aims are 42% more likely to achieve them than those who don’t. So, you need to do the goal-setting and plan to accomplish them. Make a vision board for them. Make affirmations of your goals.

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Follow These Rules for Goal-Setting

Do the goal-setting for long-term and short-term goals. Break them down into small parts.

Remember, you must concentrate on only two goals at a time. If there are more than two goals, the focus is divided.

Goals must be SMART- Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. If you set something unrealistic for yourself, then the goal-setting itself will create pressure and distract you from achieving it.

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List Your Distractions

What distracts you? Are the distractions external or internal? If they are phones, then there is a restrict background data option. Silent the phones during important work. Keep them out of reach. If they are friends, then its time to distant yourself a bit. If the distractions are internal, maybe you need to calm down or practice meditations. The habits of procrastination, complaining, etc. are internal distractions. So, list them down first and work one by one on them. Use technology for each, watch videos for smarter methods to overcome them.

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It’s All About Your Thoughts

What’s on your mind most of the time? Aims or distractions? Do you focus on your goals or on the problems? Is the fear of failure bigger than the excitement of winning? Then you have to shift your focus to the winning part. How will it be when you achieve your goals in life? You have to forcefully practice this and constantly remind yourself of this. These thoughts will drive you to action.

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Use Fear to Focus on Your Goals

Ask yourself- “Do I want to do something big in life?” OR “Do I want to die average?” This fear really works in many situations.

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The 10 Second Trick

To avoid procrastination and any other distraction, do that work immediately within 10 seconds when the thought comes. This trick is a great tool if practiced well.

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Be Strict With Yourself

As the famous writer, Robin Sharma says, “Practice Tough Love” that means discipline. Once you own good habits, they will lead you to success. Success nothing but a bunch of great habits. Habits like hard-work, confidence, taking risks, proactiveness, etc. are to be developed. So, be hard on yourself.

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Magical Morning Hours

Have you ever experienced this- if some bad incidence happens with you in the morning, then something bad keeps on happening the whole day? Well, it was not because the day was bad, it was because your thoughts were connectively negative since morning. You need to take control of this. Every morning whenever you wake up, repeat the affirmations for 5-10 min. Look at your vision board and visualize as if you have achieved your aims. Paste the vision board near your bed. Set it as a mobile wallpaper. Start your morning positively.

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Stress Management

If you are dealing with some serious issues of life and constantly feeling stressed, depressed or too much negative, you should think of visiting a counselor or a psychiatrist. Stress management is not easy, sometimes we need help. How can you focus on your goals if stress is on your mind? People consult the psychiatrist for stress management, relationship management and even to make their willpower stronger.

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Spend Time with Successful People

You will always be the result of an average of 5 people you spend time with. So, choose the right ones; those who constantly focus on their goals and will inspire you to focus on your goals. Avoid the people who are aimless and waste time. If there are no such people around, read success literature, listen to audio books and watch motivational videos. Go to meet-ups and seminars of successful people.

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Healthy Life-Style

This is the key to stay focused. Eat healthy food, exercise daily, smile often, be grateful, meditate, etc. affect us very strongly and positively. Use positive language and avoid talking negatively. Keep the things clean and tidy. Make a great environment around you.

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These were few smarter methods that can make your mind so positive and you can focus on your goals. Practice these and the rest will take place automatically.

Blog is written by Snehal Salunkhe.

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