How to Not Give Up - 7 Killer Strategies For Never Giving Up

How to Not Give Up – 7 Killer Strategies For Never Giving Up

How to Not Give Up / Never Giving Up?

In Life only those people able to achieve huge success Who Have Never quit Mentality, Many people DREAM But Quit before chasing their dream and many people quit in the middle of their chase and some people quit just before that one big break through,  which they would have got if they had not quit, Life is unpredictable, not only for me or for you but for everyone, People in this world is so busy comparing their life with others that they forget to put their efforts and hard work towards their dream, some people have the courage to dream but very few have that attitude of never giving up on their dream.

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Life will for sure bring many ups and downs in your life, will bring struggle problems and various issues but it’s completely on you whether you want to stand and fight or you want to give up and live your entire life regretting, The major difference between successful people and normal people is their mentality, Do you have Never giving up mentality or do You give up easily?  As it says Falling down is not the problem but not getting up after that fall is actually the problem, Be like a child, never give up/not giving up, have that curiosity in You, which never allows you to give up easily,

Mostly people don’t understand that it’s not luck which moves you forward but it’s your hard work and smart work which changes your luck and moves you forward, having religious belief is Not wrong but having illogical belief is not right, sometimes people give up by thinking, if it’s meant for me then I will for sure get it, LIKE Seriously will you get things by doing nothing for it, Then why People do hard work even they should have got everything without hard work , if it’s all about luck, then everyone will be sitting at their home doing nothing, But things aren’t like this,  No one will come To your home and will feed you, it’s You,  who needs to go out and stand and work for Yourself, Always having illogical belief will for sure not going to take you anywhere, be a believer but don’t be superstitious.

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Giving up attitude will take you nowhere, You need to fight to get what you want, here don’t take fight in literal term, but fight means to do hard work, to put more than 1000 percent efforts, and along with it is do smart work, Putting your efforts on right things will bring success.

Today I will share some strategies which will help you to have Never giving up mentality.

1. Everything is possible

You can’t do anything only when You are dead, If you are alive nothing is impossible and you can do anything, Limit is in your mind, for some Going out of town alone is impossible, for some doing world tour alone is possible, for some creating business is impossible for some building successful business is possible, hence it’s all about your mentality, Its all about how you going to handle things and situation, for example you all must be aware of a story where cockroach suddenly flew from somewhere and sat on a lady, looking to that cockroach that lady starts screaming and gets panic, with panic movements she starts jumping and tries to get rid of that cockroach, and she manages to push that cockroach and that cockroach fell upon the waiter, but that waiter didn’t behave like that women he stood firm composed himself and observed cockroach behavior on his shirt, and when he was confident enough he took that cockroach and through it out.

This example teaches us that everyone reacts differently, for some situations are big and for some situations are small, hence it’s you who needs to decide whether you want to react or whether you want to respond. You need to decide whether you want to give up easily or whether you want to fight for your dream.

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2. First step is difficult

People dream but have no courage to chase their dream, They have capabilities to dream but immediately after dreaming they start thinking about negative aspects, what will happen if things didn’t turn the way they wanted, and with this negative thinking they fail to take that first step towards their dream, And always remember that first step towards your dream will move you forward, if you stand in the same position you will never move and stay in the same old place.

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3. Stop comparing

Stop comparing your life with others, because grass always looks more greener in the other side, we people have human behavior we always like things which other have,  but we don’t understand that we are not in their shoes hence we can’t compare, we should always have the mentality to compare our growth, the only comparison we should make is to be with ourselves, we should always compete with ourselves, Because the only competitor you have is you, Always see your progress, and always Try to be a  step ahead than yesterday.

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4. Mistakes = Learning = Experience

I know I have said this many a times, but everyone should understand it very well, Mistakes are stepping stone, If you do mistakes means you are trying something new and you are learning, and when you do mistake You become more curious to find out its solution and this curiosity gives you never give up quality, You shouldn’t repeat the same mistake, because if you repeat the same old mistake means you are doing it by choice and when you do it by choice means you never want to change, hence mistakes are good when it’s new, always learn from them and move on in search of solution.

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5. Work on Why

When you feel like quitting, you must think about why you have started, And this thing will boost your energy and confidence, If your success is little late don’t worry, because it doesn’t matter how slowly you go, the only thing which matters is how far you go, and always move forward not backward.

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6. Quitting is not an option

If before trying or taking a step towards your dream, you make up your mind that if it will be more difficult of many obstacles will give I will give up and will go for something else, then this thing will show that you are not much serious or passionate about your dream, If you keep Giving up as an option then you will never give your 100 percent, and Remember Giving up on your dream can never be a choice or option, Never give you should be your mentality and passion.

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7. Have a strong support

You should have one person either your family, mentor or your friend, that one person should always motivates you should always encourage you in your bad times  or in your low time, This one person should give you positive vibes and should make you realize your dream and why you have started and should make you understand your progress, should tell you about how far you have come and Should not allow you to give up easily and should make you understand that maybe after this struggle you will get that big or huge break through which will for sure change your life completely, This one person will be your real supporter friend and guide.

These are the 7 Strategies For Never Giving Up.

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