How To Make A Good Relationship With Anyone

How To Make A Good Relationship With Anyone

How To Make A Good Relationship: When we talk about Relationships, The first thing that appears in our Mind is perfect love stories Just like Bollywood movies, where everything is so perfect, With no confusion, no doubts, no mood swings and at the end everything is just Like a Fairytale, But We are humans, we have feelings, we have doubts, we have confusion and the biggest fact is we make mistakes.

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Nowadays maintaining Healthy Peaceful / Good Relationship has become a difficult task, we human, every single person in this world needs someone, to love them, care for them and support them in their journey. But when it comes to maintaining it forever the same way we had started our relationship, it becomes difficult, as the relationship grows Fights, arguments, and misunderstandings also Grows, and which eventually affects the relationship.

For Many people Happiness is Successful life, lot of money fame, But Love care support is as important as Money and fame, People are so much behind fame and money that they forget about Love and their loved ones support, they forget how their loved ones support has made them achieve this position where they are today. And this Lack of Understanding, miscommunication, now a day’s Ruins many Relationships.

Hence today I have some very important tips, which you must follow to maintain a healthy peaceful/good relationship and will also help you to be stress-free:

So let’s begin

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How To Make A Good Relationship: 1. Happiness is Inner job

Always feel happy for yourself, If you are unhappy, if you are stressed then you will for sure find something wrong in your relationship, And due to your unhappy mood, you will blame them for your feelings, and ask them to understand, this thing can create a lot of mess in your relationship, hence always try to understand your feelings and try to be happy.

For example; anything bad happens to you at your work place coming home and shouting at your family members or to your partner on small things, will create the unhappy atmosphere at home. Hence always try to handle your feelings and emotions, always try to keep personal and professional life away from each other.

When you are not happy with yourself, then making others feel happy and peaceful is quite difficult but you should do it anyway because at the end making others happy will make you happy.

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How To Make A Good Relationship: 2. Trust, Appreciate

Nowadays this is the major issue in most of the relationships, People love each other but they fail to trust each other, I have seen many times, couple fight because they don’t want their partner to touch their mobile, I can understand Privacy, space But Fighting for this reason, can be the biggest factor for not trusting each Other. Trust is the most important Root for any relationship, Hence Always try to Trust each other, this thing will help to create a peaceful/good Relationship.

As It Says ‘In a Relationship, TRUST is most important than love. it will enhance Your Love.’

And the other Reason why Misunderstanding, fight starts in a Relationship is Lack of appreciation, we human needs appreciation for things we do for others and their appreciation makes us feel loved and motivated, Hence if you want your loved ones to feel loved and cared then do appreciate them for the things they do for you, it doesn’t require anything big, for every small thing your appreciation can be the best gesture.


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How To Make A Good Relationship: 3. Space

It’s a lovely feeling; to be deeply in love with someone, that’s really an amazing feeling that anyone could have. But every single person needs their personal time if your partner needs some time for themselves, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you, their love will not change for you just by taking their personal time. Hence try to give your partner their personal time and also apply this for yourself. When you care for someone, you care for their personal time and space as well.

As it says, I care therefore I kern.

How To Make A Good Relationship: 4. Quality time

Try to take out time for your loved ones so that you can spend some quality time with them, Nowadays people are so busy running behind money that they forget the reason behind earning that money, The reason people are earning is for their family, when family needs money they need your attention and love as well, hence try to manage your time, remove time for your loved ones, Spend some quality time with them.

Here quality time doesn’t mean to sit together and use or browse cell phones, here quality time means to be only with your loved ones, Going for a movie, or for a long drive or any picnic spot.

Just be with them for that time, enjoy that moment with them.

And Don’t forget to say Those Three magical words ‘I LOVE YOU’, This happens to many people, At start, when they are new in relationship they often say I love you to each other, but as relationship grows and become old they forget to say, Because they feel that there is no need to say it now, But that’s not True, Your opposite partner always want to hear how much you love them, Hence Always Say Those three magical words to your loved ones.

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How To Make A Good Relationship: 5. Respect

This is one of the most important tips, Respect each other’s view, opinion, advice, suggestion, and differences, always respect each other, someone will respect you when you respect someone.  You must have heard that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, this says that we man and women are different from each other and this difference most of the time creates fight issues, Instead of fighting on them, we should learn to solve them we must understand and respect our differences, To understand this more in detail you can watch my Video How to make them love you (5 languages of love) video on Youtube.

There I have explained what is the difference between men and women in terms of feelings emotions. Also I have given a solution, so do watch it for a peaceful healthy relationship.

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How To Make A Good Relationship: 6. Always sort out

This point can resolve any fight, if you follow properly, Try not to take your fight to the next, Try to sort out your issues before going to bed, the best way you can sort out, is to have a crystal clear conversation, what are the things you didn’t like about each other and what made you feel hurt or upset, Instead of creating a huge fight or doing argument, try to sort out before going to bed.

The best relationship is when both the partners agree to this point and make it their habit, and sort out their differences before going to sleep. This habit will not only keep their relationship healthy and peaceful but also helps them to make their life stress free tension free.

These are the 6 tips on “How To Make A Good Relationship. These tips apply on every relationship. I hope these tips can help you to improve your relationships and I hope you implement these tips in your life. And for understanding languages of love do watch my YouTube video.

Thank you.

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