How to say No

How To Say No – 3 Tips To Say No To Your Friends

How to say NO: The major issue faced by people is their lack of understanding the importance of saying “No”. You can’t say yes to everyone for everything. You need to know the value of your time, the value of your commitments, decisions, and value of your life. You need to understand that every time you say yes to something which is not important, you say no to something which is important.

There is a saying “It’s only by saying “NO” That you can concentrate on the things, that are really important. –Steve jobs

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You need to say “No” to the friend who asks you to meet for a coffee to gossip, you need to say no to people who make fun of your dreams, you need to say no to the people who want to spread negativity and disappointments, say no to the society who is spreading hatred and insensitivity in you. And when you learn to say “No” to all such things and all such people, you learn to live a happy life, you learn to live a peaceful life.

Let’s talk about the reasons why you afraid to say “NO”

  • You don’t say No because you don’t want to be Rude with the opposite person.
  • You don’t say No Because you don’t want to Ruin your Relationship
  • You don’t say No because you don’t want to feel Guilty.

Hence it is very important for us, for everyone who is going through such problem to understand the importance of Saying No and To understand the Importance of actual mindset about what it really means to say No.

Hence I will share some simple tips to say No | How to say No,

1. Don’t over explain yourself

When someone asks you to do something for them or ask you to go out with them, just Say politely “Unfortunately, that’s not something I can do at this time” or I am sorry but I can’t I am already committed to other work, and after saying this just change the topic and start talking about some other topic don’t wait or over explain yourself,

When you over explain that gesture of you will show that maybe you are making story, and don’t feel guilty about saying that, you said that because you knew that it’s less important and you have work which is more important than that.

Hence after saying No be confident about your “NO”.

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2. Honesty

As you know Honesty is the best policy, suppose you are not feeling good or you want to spend some time alone and at that time when your friend ask you to hang out with them, you want to say No, but just because you feel if you say No, they will feel bad, or your friendship with them will get affected, then understand Friend are those who always understand, and they will not feel bad, but what you need to do is, you need to try to remove yourself from that situation politely, things you can say is

Like it sounds fun, but I am not available, don’t over explain yourself, but do give them a genuine reason.

I wish I could, but I just can’t.

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3. Manipulation

Here you need to prepare yourself mentally, that after you say no, the counterpart will try to manipulate you, will try to change your decision, but it is you who needs to understand, that You said No earlier because of some genuine reasons and you know that your decision of saying no is Good. Hence you don’t need to get manipulated and you need to stick to your decision.

You can do that by handling your emotion and by being polite and humble

You can say,

Sorry, I can’t help you this time.

There can be various situation arise in your work life at home or with friends, it is you who needs to understand when to say No and when to say yes, and you need to stick to that decision with confidence, and you must understand that Which work is More important, and what needs more focus, and when you answer all these questions in your mind, then give your answer whether yes or no. Understand You can’t say yes to everyone and every time.

As it says; Learn the art of saying No, don’t lie, don’t make excuse, don’t over explain yourself, just simply Decline.

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