How To Find Inner Peace And Quieting Your Mind

How To Find Inner Peace And Quieting Your Mind

Find Inner Peace: I have a question to Ask; According To You What is Happiness? For some Happiness is to get a dream Job, for some to have A Right Partner and for some to have a big house car etc. Everybody has different perspective and meaning related to Happiness, some say If I get a big house, I’ll be happy, if I get married to a right partner I’ll be happy, But Actually, happiness is not materialistic is should be within you, you should have the capability to discover joy happiness within you inside you.

Your inner happiness will make you feel good about your surroundings, will open up opportunities around you, when you feel happy from inside you get happiness from outside, you don’t need to wait to be happy, you must be happy to get outer happiness, we are born happy naturally, when we were child we didn’t need anything to laugh or to smile, we always had that happiness within us, then why are we waiting for materialistic things to make us happy or make us feel happy.

You should start your day with happiness and you will see there is so much in this world to be happy about. Today I will share few points which will help you to develop and Find Inner Peace.

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Find Inner Peace 1. Delete Negativity

Staying or involving yourself in negativity will only give you regrets, guilt, and stress. You must delete those negativities from your life, for example watching negative television shows gives you nothing but negativity, browsing on social media and looking at someone else’s lifestyle give you nothing but insecurity, as per the research, you need to delete those groups and people looking whom you feel negative and get stress and need to get involved in positive groups and need to watch positive motivational videos which helps you to grow.

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Find Inner Peace 2. Be with People who Make you Laugh and Smile

We need to surround yourself with happy people, study shows surrounding matters a lot, People around you is really important for your inner peace and happiness, if you surround yourself with people who always stay negative about their life then that surrounding will eventually turn you negativity and even you will feel bad about yourself.

Hence it’s really important to be around happy and positive people, that surrounding will make you happy and help you to smile Reven at the bad times.

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Find Inner Peace 3. Always be your Best Friend

For inner peace it’s really important for you to become your best friend, you need to understand yourself and values better than anyone, you need to respect yourself, that I am good the way I am, and you always need to think good about yourself and life instead of criticizing yourself you need to believe that yes you can do it.

If you don’t respect and believe yourself, then there will be no one who will be going to believe you or respect you, in order to make people respect and understand your value you need to first become your best friend.


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Find Inner Peace 4. Have the Best Imagination

Don’t be afraid to dream or to imagine about things which you really want to yourself, many people afraid to imagine because they have fear if they won’t able to get it then they’ll be disappointed, but the truth is because of this fear they don’t have inner happiness, imagination about things you want and about the goals you want to achieve will give you inner peace and when you get that happiness you will able to achieve it as well.

There is a saying whatever you can imagine; you can get it as well. Hence don’t fear to imagine, Imagination has made people really successful.

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Find Inner Peace 5. Always do Things you Love

Not always you can get holiday, not always you can go to trip or can have vacations, but sometimes you can and trust me you don’t get happiness just by doing something big but even small things can make you happy, example, going out for a movie or a walk, try to do it , instead of sitting and cribbing,  try to involve yourself in your hobbies, like reading,  dancing, singing or painting, involve yourself in daily hobbies this will help you to get inner peace.

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Find Inner Peace 6. Give yourself a Purpose

You are unique and special, you have got this life because you have strength and courage to live it with full energy and happiness, don’t waste it by cribbing or getting worried, Give yourself a purpose, make a goal and work on it and have burning desire towards that goal, always be passionate about your goal, this passion burning desire will give you satisfaction and inner peace about your work.

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Find Inner Peace 7. Give yourself a Treat

You don’t need to wait for appreciation by others when you know that you have done something good, or have accomplished small task Give yourself a treat and write it down, this thing will make you feel good about yourself.

Example, write small task and complete them after completing it give yourself a treat like you will go out for a movie, or a meal etc.

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Find Inner Peace 8. Don’t be Afraid to Change

Change yourself for something good, understand yourself and then think about what things you need a change which will help you to grow in your life and that change will give you inner peace. Remember change is the only thing which is constant.

For example, you have a bad habit, such as smoking changing that habit with a good one will help you to grow for better you and also gives you inner peace.

Find Inner Peace 9. Take Calculated Risk

If you have an idea about your goals and if you know what you want in your life. Don’t fear to take a risk, because if you play safe or stay in comfort zone you will miss the opportunity and ones you miss the opportunity which would have helped you to grow then the only thing, with which you will be left will be Regret.

Remember You don’t regret the chances you take but for chances, you don’t take,

If you take a risk and it doesn’t happen then you will have experience and if you will get a result from that risk then trust Me, that outcome will be for sure bigger than the risk.

But if You don’t move out of comfort zone, and miss the opportunity you’ll always be in regret and that regret will not allow developing inner peace.

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Find Inner Peace 10. Read, Meditate and Exercise

This is the very important and the easiest thing you can do for your inner peace, all three helps you to grow and have peaceful mind and body. Hence remove time for these three to make your day peaceful and relax.

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These are the 10 tips to Find Inner Peace. Thank you for reading. Do comment and share.

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  1. Hey there friend. First of all I want to thank you for the initiative you’ve taken in spreading positivity through your channel. That was a wonderful article you have written. Just keep up the good work and you have all my best wishes!

  2. Really helped,just try to meditate I feel bored but it feels good. From now on I am not afraid to take a step.
    Thnx seeken members.

  3. Hi Bro, I try my best to read your every blog and every video, I have even tried to apply the memory techniques you have mentioned in video. I need your help in one thing. I am working in IT as programmer. From last 15 days I am lot of confused and cannot focus in my current work. The reason is one of my friend has taken me to network marketing session 1 and half months ago, I joined the program but later got really confused whether should I go for it or not. I mean I want to earn money but I don’t find this is what the way I was looking for. I am very much weak at taking decisions, can you help me out. I can communicate more with you if you need more information. Thanks for sharing your ideas..!!

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