Why is unity important to us What is the Meaning
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Why is unity important to us? What is the Meaning?

What is the Meaning of Unity and Why Unity important to us?

You all must have heard about the phrase United we stand divided we fall, Since we have got independence we knew that how important unity is, people can easily break you crush you and throw you if you are alone, but when you stand together then nobody can touch you, We all know that unity gives us courage power and strength, we all have heard this phrase because its commonly used in different places, We can see unity even at the workplace, where team members together work in order to complete the target, even in local trains people create groups so that they can help each other, unity always supports and help, if any team member works alone there can be chances that person get defeated, but if person works as a team chances of success increases. You can see a good example of teamwork in
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Initially every business starts at a small level but as expansion happens team increases people in that company increases, because group of people together creates a big and huge company, hence if you want to go fast then go alone, but if you want to go far go together, because unity will give you that power and strength, Nowadays many people try to break this unity because they know if normal people come forward with a unity then no one can break them or not even they can try to touch them.

We people should always stand together because unity not only gives strength but it is also important for survival, not only humans but even animals work together, even in them we can see and notice unity, for example, whenever any dolphin gets hurt other dolphins help that wounded dolphin by bringing her out of water so that she can breathe, so that whenever anything bad happens to other dolphins they can help each other, if you help others only then others will help you, hence stay together so that survival becomes easy and smooth,  NEVER ALLOW ANY NEGATIVE INFLUENCE TO BREAK YOUR UNITY, Because some people still try to break us to divide us because they understand the importance of United we stand divided we fall.

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You all must be aware of a story where a father calls his 4 sons and gave one stick to all for of them and ask them to break it, all 4 easily broke that stick but when he asked them to break 100 stick together they failed to do so, hence at that time he said this is what happens when you stay together, if you brother fight with each other anyone can easily break you and can take advantage of you but if you 4 stay together just like those 100 sticks, then no one can ever harm you and can never break you.

Hence always stay united, because when we stay united we stand and face the world with strength power and courage but if we get influenced by someone negative comments which people usually do for their own benefits then you will get divided and when we get divided  we fall and anyone can break us and can destroy our peace. Hence always stand with unity, unity is very fragile it must be handled with care, we must always be kind to each other should help each other we should always learn and improve our selves and the most important thing we must do in order to maintain unity is to have an open-minded attitude.

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Why is unity important?
1. Unity is needed for survival
2. Unity helps to grow
3. Unity works in wonders
4. Unity gives courage

Why is unity important? 1. Unity is needed for survival

As we all know unity protects us from all the evil doings, hence we people should help each other and together we should fight and face the evil and negative things, when we together stand only then we get freedom from all kind of negativity. Example, at the workplace you can easily survive when your team support you, your survival becomes easy even in the case of animals survival needs unity for example bat helps each other by sharing their food(blood) so that when they don’t have food they can get help from each other and can survive longer.

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Why is unity important? 2. Unity helps to grow

Nothing can grow alone, if you want to grow your business you want team members employees, if you want to grow your family you need your partner, if you want to achieve something huge in your life you need to walk together, as it says if you want to grow and want to go far then you need to move together.

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Why is unity important? 3. Unity works in wonders

Unity gives freedom,  unity makes us win, we all can work, we all have the capability to start business but by working together we can win, individually we are like one drop but together in unity we are like ocean, in this world you will meet different people, and every different people will know something that you don’t hence by understanding each other we people can learn through each other.


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Why is unity important? 4. Unity gives courage

Whenever you see injustice, you feel like saying but at the same moment you get afraid, but at the same moment when you get support you become brave and stand towards that injustice and face it, you get that courage because you knew that you have people who stand behind you and support you against that injustice, hence in order to deal with any injustice we people should fight together only then we can see the change.

In this world everyone wants change, but no one wants to become that change, no one wants to stand first, everyone wants others to do something about it, but friends this is our country our home and we all must take initiative to do something, hence instead of thinking about the change, be that change and help each other support each other and be kind. We people should always stand together because unity not only gives us power strength courage but it is also needed and very much important for our survival.

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  1. yes we keep unity then no one can defeat us. thanks a lot .you are doing something good. keep doing it. you and your team is doing appreciating work.

  2. nice word unity meaning unite
    unity means being work as one.
    what if a group in not unity and what would happen to them

  3. unity is such a beautiful powerful force. it helps you to feel unalone. it builds character and integrity. it is an invaluable asset to mankind.

  4. Yes Thank you very much for open our mind about Unity Almighty Jehovah God bless you and protect you all in Jesus mighty Name

  5. It’s good. We have to leave together for forever. Because life has no Dead line. Nobody can’t explain when which things are going to happen. So we have to support each other. Doesn’t matter who are you or where are you from. 👍

  6. I very much concur that, unity is key to success in life. At work places employees form labour/trade unions in order to protect their interests and counter tendencies to exploitation. In learning institutions, students form unions with a view to defending themselves against undue brutality and injustice by their authorities. Everywhere, the weak form unions in order to fight inclinations to discrimination and injustices.

  7. So much bless this Lesson learned ANIONTING by Unity.
    United to stand together as one mind,one heart,one spirit,and faith!!!