Life Without Oxygen And Trees

Life Without Oxygen And Trees

Life Without Oxygen And Trees.

Have you ever thought about your life without oxygen, without trees, without greenery? We people are so busy in making luxurious life that we are forgetting the most important thing which is needed and which is really very compulsory for living that luxurious life and that is oxygen. Have you ever thought about the consequences we will be facing, if we kept on cutting trees for our benefits for constructing huge buildings and for row houses, For temporary we will get that luxurious house and lifestyle but for the long term, we are destroying our own lives and also destroying happiness and peace of future generation.

Right now we people are thinking about our benefits, but actually, we are digging our own graves, We people are not only destroying the life of animals we are not only taking their shelter and home by cutting trees and forest but we people are destroying our own lives and that too happily without any regret.

Have you ever thought about the importance of trees and what will happen if there will be no trees around us? So today I will share importance of trees and plants and consequences we can face if trees will be vanished and what are the reasons because of which trees is getting vanish, so let’s begin

Importance of trees

1. Trees are the reason for oxygen

Trees keep the air clean, trees suck the carbon dioxide out of the air and release oxygen in its place, trees protect us from global warming, we have no idea that forest acts as a giant filter which always clear air for us so that we can breathe.

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2. Trees give shade and protect you

Trees help you in winter summer and also in rainy season, in summer season trees reduces the need for air conditioning, and in winter trees breaks the force of winter winds and lowers the heating cost, and in rainy season whenever you forget to carry umbrella you can hide under tree so that can protect you from rain.

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3. Trees are the reason for mental health

Whenever you feel down and sad a walk over grass or feeling and experiencing the greenery and nature can make you feel calm, many research shows that access to nature yields better cognitive functioning, and people will be more self-disciplined and also person mental health will be proper, people who stay around greenery are more likely to be healthy and fit compare to people who stay away from greenery.

Example you must have noticed that usually, people have their farmhouse away from city, the reason for this is greenery and mental peace,

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4. Trees increase property rates

People usually love to buy houses and property which is surrounded by greenery, real estate value increases when trees beautify a property or neighborhood.

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5. Trees control noise pollution

Trees not only absorb carbon dioxide, provide shade, prevent erosion but also protects you from noise pollution there are several ways trees can protect your from noise pollution but one way is sound absorption, plants parts such as leaves branches wood etc absorb sounds.

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6. Provides fruits

trees provide delicious and healthy fruits such as coconut, hazelnut, apples, cherries and pears and many more, which is really very beneficial for our health.

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7. Trees prevent flood

Trees and its roof form a physical barrier to water runoff and stopped the soil being washed away by floods, not only this but trees roots also suck water up from the soil and help to prevent flooding.

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These are the few examples which show us the importance of trees in our lives, we people can’t survive without trees.

Now let’s discuss consequences of cutting down trees, have you ever thought about your life without oxygen, you all must be aware that trees forest plants are the main source of providing oxygen, it absorbs carbon dioxide and gives clean air to us to breathe, but what will happen if we stop getting oxygen just for few seconds.

Let’s discuss our life without oxygen for 5 seconds:

  1. Every individual inner ear will explode if we do not get oxygen for a second.
  2. Every living cell would explode in a haze of hydrogen gas immediately after not getting oxygen for few seconds
  3. The oceans would evaporate and bleed into space
  4. The daytime sky would get darker
  5. Everyone at beach would get sunburn immediately
  6. The earth’s crust would crumble
  7. Buildings made of concrete will turn into dust in seconds

These are the few things which can happen if we people don’t get oxygen for 5 seconds (life without oxygen),  and this can happen if we people for our benefits keep cutting trees and plants, we people are thinking about temporary benefits, but what about long term benefits?

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Now let’s talk about the reasons because of which we are not only destroying life of animals but also destroying our own lives:

So let’s begin:

1. Population

We all know that India is one of the most populous nations in the world, And this population is the major reason of cutting down trees, as population increases the need of land also increases, and hence forest areas are cut down to build buildings for over populated people, and this thing causes trouble for both animals as well as on humans, when we people take animals home they will for sure come to our home, we burn forest cut forest for our benefits what about animals home, forest trees are their home, hence instead of cutting down trees we human should plan families, we human should take responsibility towards population.

The government can’t do anything until and unless we people don’t understand our responsibilities, hence if you want long term benefits then start planning from today and only then our lives and our world will be protected and also future generation will able to see happy healthy life.

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2. Pollution

Reason for pollution is overpopulation, birth increase, demand for everything increases, hence it is your responsibility to think about the world and earth and planet in which you are living.

We people need to understand our responsibilities, we people should think about the future generation, we people must think about long term benefits,  don’t think about temporary benefits and stop cutting trees and stop destroying your life as well as animals life and home.

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Hence in this coming new year make a resolution, not big resolution just one small healthy resolution of planting 1 tree, which will not only help you protect you but also your future generation.

Thank you, if you want me to make a video on “life without oxygen” then do comment and share your views.

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  1. Seeken i have been fan of yours and still am, but from last few videos and posts you are being monotonous. I have been great fan of your work but i think you have to inculcate others perspective also while executing your work. Change is need of the hour. You can contact me for detailed feedback.
    Regards abhinav
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  2. I think we need a movement to protect lives and make some arrangement to do this . I loves nature and its beauties and caring

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