11 signs that someone likes you

These 11 Signs Shows That Someone Likes You

I had a friend in school who used to like a girl. Many people knew this except that girl, and my friend didn’t have the courage that he could tell her that he liked him.

He had a fear of rejection.

Time passed, but he didn’t tell that girl. After school time finished, they met randomly on Instagram.

They became friends and started talking. She came to know that my friend used to like her. The interesting part is that she also liked my friend.

But he never understood those signals that she liked him. Now that girl was in a serious relationship with someone else.

After listening to this, I think that their life could be different if he had come to know somehow that the girl also liked him.

Both could be in a relationship and happy in their life. It happens to many people; it’s not about boys or girls. If you come to know who likes you and who doesn’t, who is just showing off, this thing would help you to make a better relationship, in getting a better business partner and better friends.

So, learning who likes you and who doesn’t is very important to move ahead in life, live happily, and have a good relationship.

So, today from various books, ‘What everybody is saying’ by Joe Navarro and ‘how to make anyone like you’, I’m going to tell you eleven such signs.

Why Should You Know this?

It is important to know the signs of whether someone likes you because it can help you understand your relationship with that person and manage your expectations. If you are not sure whether someone likes you, it can be confusing and frustrating, and you may end up investing time and energy into the relationship without knowing whether it has the potential to become something more. On the other hand, if you are aware of the signs that someone likes you, you can better gauge whether the other person is interested in you and decide whether you want to pursue a relationship with them.

Additionally, knowing the signs that someone likes you can help you to avoid misunderstandings or miscommunications. For example, if someone is showing you affection or attention, you might interpret that as a sign that they like you, while they might be doing it simply because they are friendly or polite. Knowing the signs that someone likes you can help you to avoid misinterpreting their actions and avoid potential embarrassment or discomfort.

Finally, knowing the signs that someone likes you can help you to be more confident in your interactions with them. If you are aware that someone is attracted to you, you may feel more confident and self-assured in your interactions with them, which can help to improve the dynamic of the relationship and lead to better communication and understanding.

11 Signs That Someone Likes You

1. They are Nervous Around You

It is common for people to experience nervousness and anxiety when they are attracted to someone.

This can manifest in physical symptoms such as shaking or blushing and may be due to the release of adrenaline and other hormones.

According to research published in Adaptive Human Behaviour and Physiology, there is a strong link between anxiety and attraction.

When we encounter someone we are attracted to, our emotional triggers may suddenly become active, leading to the release of adrenaline and other hormones.

This can affect our nervous system and physical responses, causing us to feel nervous, blush, or shake. It is important to note that everyone experiences and expresses attraction differently, and it is not always possible to accurately interpret someone’s feelings based on their physical responses alone.

However, if you meet someone who starts blushing or getting nervous, it could signify that they like or respect you.

2. They Try Not To End the Conversation

If a person likes you, he will try to make longer conversations. On the other hand, those who don’t like you will try to end the conversation as soon as possible.

That’s the sign. The question is, how can you have long conversations with that person it is also a major problem for most people; they want to talk but don’t know how to talk longer.

Let me tell you a simple trick; It’s about open-ended and close-ended questions. If you ask close-ended questions from anyone, for example, Ankita, do you like watching movies?

It’s a close-ended question. She can reply that yes, she likes it. That’s it. But instead of this, when you ask, which movies you like to watch and why?

When you ask open-ended questions, that person will have to give a long answer. You can also ask, why do you like watching thriller movies? why do you like xyz actors too much?

When you use, ‘Who, When, What, Where, How or Why, you can make any question open-ended question.

With the help of this trick, you can make long conversations. You should do it. Note this similar pattern; when someone asks open-ended questions from you, it can be a sign that he wants to talk to you and likes you.

It has been published in a Non-Verbal Behaviour journal; the same thing has been told in the same research.

When a person wants to talk to you for longer, wants to know your viewpoints and opinions, and is always curious about you, it shows that he/she likes you.

3. Sign of Body Language

The author of the book ‘What everybody is saying, Joe Navarro, who was an ex-FBI agent, has caught many criminals just by judging their body language. For example, while solving a criminal case, the author went near to victim’s house, where his neighbor used to live, and he was interrogated; when he started interrogating that person, the exact schedule of the victim, what he used to do every day, where he used to go and where not when he started asking all these questions, he noticed the nervousness and low confidence in his body language.

He noticed many such hints, so he started doubting that he also can be a criminal. And guess what? When he was interrogated more, it was found that the neighbor was a criminal.

In 2008, according to a study by MIT, it was found that the result of a sales pitch or business meeting, or negotiations, you can judge it very early with 87% of accuracy just by noticing their body language.

It’s a powerful skill that you should learn. If you start noticing people’s body language, you can know who likes you and who doesn’t.

Who’s telling the truth, and who’s lying? It can help you to get good clients and do good sales in business.

In short, there is one more sign of body language, do notice that when a girl is talking with a boy, if she plays with her hair while talking, it indicates that she likes you.

On the other hand, there is a boy who is roaming, and when he sees a girl, he starts doing his hair, or correcting his dressing, this sudden change in body language, shows that he likes that girl.

4. Shoe Play

Suppose a boy and girl are sitting at the table, and that girl starts playing with her shoes, it can be a sign that she likes you. On the other hand, if boys are doing this and are playing with their shoes, which is called shoe play, it indicates that the person likes them.

5. The direction of the Foot

You can note that if a person is talking to you, but his body posture, and his feet, are in the opposite direction, it shows that he is not comfortable talking with you.

He wants to take the exit. On the other hand, if a person is talking to you by standing in front, his feet are in front of you, instead of here and there, it can be a sign that he likes you.

6. Torso and Chest

If you suddenly go to talk to a person, and when you go near them, she goes backward and maintains the distance, it shows that either she is afraid of you or she’s not interested in you.

Every person has a proximity level; they don’t let anyone enter that level. So, you can check this sign also.

If you are entering the proximity circle of a person, and they are not having any problems and also showing more positive body language, it indicates that he/she likes you.

7. Having a closed body language

When a person comes into close proximity and covers their chest with their hands, it may indicate that they feel vulnerable or threatened.

This is a common body language gesture that is often done subconsciously when we feel nervous or uncertain.

It’s important to note that every person has an imaginary personal space circle that they feel comfortable with, and when someone enters this space, they may start to feel uncomfortable. This is known as their proximity circle.

If you approach someone and they exhibit closed body language, such as covering their chest with their hands, it may indicate that they are not interested in interacting with you or are feeling nervous.

8. Leaning

Our front body side is sensitive. If you shift your torso at that place, when you feel uncomfortable or threatened, And it’s not just about dangerous situations, Author says when you don’t like someone and are not interested in the topic about which that person is talking, you automatically sift your torso. Contrary to it, when you are interested in people, you shift your body towards them, in fact you lean towards them. If you are interested in them or in his talking. You can watch this example in class. When students like the teacher, they listen to them and lean toward them by putting their bodies forward. Whereas when they are not interested, they sit backward. They try to put themselves away from that situation.

9. Mirroring

You might not realize this thing; we mirror many people since childhood. We mimic other people. When a child is born, he starts seeing other people and try to behave like other.

He tries to mimic their actions. We do this thing unconsciously after growing. Not only body language, if you like someone, if he closes his hands, you also do it while talking.

It’s called mirroring. It makes that person feel that you like them. And also build a connection between you. It’s not about just body language, the author says when two people has similar interest to share, for example, they like the same cricket team, they like the same football player, or they like the same books, whenever they talk about it, their conversations is very passionate, which helps them in building connections.

Have you noticed when people like you, they unconsciously mimic you? They mimic your opinions and feelings too.

They repeat the same words as you say. They copy your gestures. Your liking becomes their liking. These are a great signs; if someone is mimicking you in all ways, it indicates that he likes you.

10. Duchenne Smile

If you are given just 90 seconds to impress a person, how will you impress that person? The thing is that your first impression is established before you speak.

When you meet someone, your body, your eyes, and your facial expressions tell much more about you.

If someone likes you they are try making eye contact with you. You must have noticed that when a boy likes a girl, he will try to make eye contact.

Many times they feel shy and break eye contact. But after that, he will try to make eye contact again. This is also a cute and lovely sign that he/she likes you and makes eye contact.

To be honest, it is a universal sign. You don’t have to make eye contact like creep people; that scares people.

Sometimes, you just smile by seeing a stranger. But giving a smile to a stranger and the people you like has a great difference.

When we meet people and smile just for formality, it is called non duration category. In this smile, there is just lips moment.

But when we like someone really, we smile whole heartedly. It is called dution smile. Here our lips moves, our eyes get smaller and do a little moment. Our cheeks muscles get stretched. Our eyes have a unique shine, which you can watch in these photos.

This is dution smile. Non dution smile. This one is dution smile and this one is non dution smile.

11. Smile

When I was in school, I used to like a girl. I didn’t know whether that girl also liked me or not. But she used to remember every small thing about me. You did this on that day… you did this and that.

One thing which was quite visible was that she used to remember my birthday. I didn’t remember her birthday. But she always used to wish me on my birthday.

My birthday is on 1st May. And my school was off on 1st May. But she used to make sure that after the holiday, whenever my school was open, she used to meet and wish me birthday.

If there is a person, who remembers your small details, it indicates that he/she likes you. Why? Because our brain remembers those things which we really care about and are important to us.

It might not be important for you, but the person who likes you and remembers your smallest details, means you are important to her, and that’s why he/she is doing this.

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