Differences Between Loving Yourself And Self Obsession

Differences Between Loving Yourself And Self Obsession

What Are The Differences Between Loving Yourself And Self Obsession?

Loving Yourself, self-acceptance is really very important and very much healthy physically as well as mentally, Because Loving Yourself gives us motivation and way towards our goals and dreams. Self-acceptance makes us believe in ourselves. And it’s really very normal if people love themselves, because as it says, if a person doesn’t love themselves then they will never able to love others and respect others, Loving yourself is really compassionate, and positive which also helps you to boost your confidence and self-esteem. But There is a very small difference between loving yourself and only loving yourself, there’s a very thin line between self-love and self-obsession, and many times people fail to understand this thin and small differences, Not Loving yourself is worst, Loving yourself is best and Only loving yourself will never make you grow mentally as well as physically.

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Loving yourself is not at all bad, but loving yourself too intensely is not right and it will not help, people who are self-obsessed are so much In love with themselves that they never able to love and respect others, for them they are everything and no one is better than them, people who are self-obsessed live in their superficial world, they can never face reality, and one who runs from reality never face success and achievements.

Today I will share some points which will show you the Differences Between Loving Yourself And Self Obsession people.

1. Never understand flaws

Loving yourself and accepting yourself means knowing your flaws as well, people who love themselves they know themselves better than anyone and they also understand about their good and bad things, they do understand that this is the real world and every individual has some flaws and there’s nothing wrong in it, unless and until we work on those flaws and understand our mistakes and move ahead to correct them.

But people who are self-obsessed according to them, they don’t have any flaws they are perfect and anyone who points out anything wrong in them then that person becomes wrong and instead of taking their feedback or advise positively they start pinpointing their flaws and creates a huge mess.

Everyone has flaws and we need to understand it instead of defending our wrong things we should correct them and try to become a better person always.

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2. Never empathise

Self-acceptance and self-love generate empathy within a person, they understand the actual importance of care, love and respect, hence whenever they meet a person who needs empathy they show it or give it genuinely, they never fake it because they understand the value of true genuine love smile and care.

Whereas people who are self-obsessed never shows genuine love care and smile until and unless they don’t get any benefit or advantage. Usually, self-obsessed people don’t understand others feeling and emotions, for them only their emotions and feelings are true and others feelings and emotions are useless, they are insensitive because they just can’t relate themselves with others emotions. They only know how to love themselves and they unable to love others.

We should always respect and care for others, loving yourself is good but showing genuine care and helping others will give you inner peace happiness and healthy life mentally as well as physically.

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3. Always right

Loving yourself and self-acceptance gives people sense and logic because of which they understand that one person can’t be always right and can’t be always wrong, Self-love people understand that sometimes in life they can go wrong because they are human not god hence they learn from their mistakes and wrong doings and correct themselves and moves on.

Whereas Self –obsessed people can never be wrong according to them, as per them the world in which they are living is wrong, people around them is wrong every time only They are right.

Accepting your wrong decision gives strength courage and confidence, so never take it as an embarrassment.

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4. Too much Arrogance and ego

Loving yourself and self- acceptance gives down to earth nature and humble behavior, because they understand that everyone in this world needs respect and polite nature, every single person deserves happiness respect and politeness, because the way you treat people, the same way you will be treated, hence if you expect love care respect politeness then you must first give it to others, and this thing self-loving people understands very well.

Whereas Self-obsessed person has a lot of ego and arrogance they always need attention and admiration, they always want others to respect them and be polite and humble to them but when their time comes to show respect and politeness they forget that and they show their arrogance and rude behavior according to them they are someone special who must get everything and they can throw their tantrums to anyone and that’s fine according to them.

When you want respect then first show respect.

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5. Black and white

People who love themselves and accept themselves understand the depth of life and have experience and knowledge hence they understand that life or people can’t always be black or white there is always something in middle of it, for example, you can’t say someone completely right or completely wrong because sometimes there are some situations or many situations where things can’t be black or white, there can be different shades of grey,

However for self-obsessed people, who are against them is wrong and who supports them are right.

There is always something in between black and white, hence we should never be judgmental before understanding the whole or entire story.

These are the 5 Differences Between Loving Yourself And Self Obsession. Thank you, do comment and share your views.

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Sk Israfil
Sk Israfil
2 years ago

Nice article. Keep going…

Sk Israfil
Sk Israfil
2 years ago

Nice article….
Through this article We come to know that i we want to love ourselves we need to know the good and bad things about us. The good things wil give us confidance and by identifying bad things we wil be able to eleminate flaws which in tern boost self esteem.
Thnk u for the nice article …

2 years ago

V nice article 🙂

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