Why First Impressions are Important

Why First Impressions are Important and How To Improve Your First Impressions?

Why First Impressions are Important: We all have heard the phrase saying that First Impressions are the Last Impressions, hence we need to be very careful with it, whether we agree or not, whether we like it or not, but most of the time the First impression is being made before we demonstrate our abilities. Usually, first impressions are made before we say anything.

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As per the research First impressions are made within the 20 seconds of meeting someone new, in those 20 seconds 55 percent of impression is based on appearance, 38 percent is based on tone and voice and 7 percent is based on the words we use, whether we like or dislike the fact but yes impressions are mostly based on our appearance, people will see you and judge you, hence it is very important for you to carry yourself properly, Research proves that first impression last for a longer time, hence you need to be very careful with it, the reason the first impression stays for a longer time is the primary effect,  people tend to give more value to the things which they learn initially about someone, rather than the information which they have taken later.

I am not saying that first impressions can’t be change, yes you can change them, because usually, first impressions can’t be right always, but it would be best if you carry yourself properly from starting, from the first meeting onwards, because that will act as a cherry on the cake for you, good first impression will always be beneficial, hence never take first impression lightly.

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Let’s talk about the Foundation of First Impression, People love certain qualities when they meet new people, people appreciate certain qualities and if you have those qualities in you while connecting with new acquaintance then that thing will definitely make a great first impression of yours, people love warm, kind, honest, trustworthy and confident, attractive people,  people like other people who are comfortable, interesting and valued.

Basically, people like those people who seem like they’ll be a social benefit rather than a social burden, people love to be around people who are positive, who don’t always crib, In order to create the best first impression, stay positive, confident, honest and trustworthy and always work on your appearance, Here when I am talking about appearance that doesn’t mean about your looks it means how you carry yourself, whether you look confident or not, how well you handle yourself, how well you dress, how you smell, do you look hygienic, do you talk softly etc, everything matters, hence be careful about your appearance, be careful about your dress is it neat, do you look clean and tidy. because your appearance will form 55 percent of your impression, hence be very careful about your appearance, because people look at you and form opinions about your character behavior, status etc.

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We have talked about Why First Impressions are Important? Now other things which you should keep in mind for creating the best first impression:

1) First Impressions Tip: Take Fitness Seriously

Fitness will show the world that you are very careful about your health, you are energetic and positive, your fitness will add on to your appearance hence be careful about diet and exercise.

2) First Impressions Tip: Aave A Clean Decent Wardrobe

Make sure your wardrobe is clean neat tailored and decent stylish, your clothes should look very clean and tidy, have a decent hairstyle, a sloppy and shaggy hairstyle can look very unhygienic and indecent, hence use your brush and keep the cut up to date.

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3) First Impressions Tip: Make Others Comfortable

don’t talk very loudly, talk soft and use decent words, don’t make fun of others, make others comfortable, never disrespect others nor allow others get too comfortable disrespecting you, always talk wisely, don’t shout and don’t use slang language, be decent when you talk.

4) First Impressions Tip: Fix The Face

if you have mustaches or beard, keep them clean, do weekly or alternate haircut, keep them clean and tidy and for girls, always do soft makeup, it shouldn’t look too heavy, keep your appearance in mind, your appearance should suit the situation, for example, dress different for different occasions and situations, don’t wear party dress at office, don’t wear formals when you are at the party, always keep your appearance in mind.

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5) First Impressions Tip: Always Stand Confidently

always walk properly, stand straight, always keep a smile on your face it should be genuine, because excellent postures and a friendly face can go a long way, remember don’t look desperate look friendly kind and warm, people should never misunderstand your gestures and face expression, always understand the context, you can’t keep on staring someone especially the opposite sex, it can look cheap and disrespectful hence look friendly comfortable kind and warm, not desperate.

Hope you have understood Why First Impressions are Important and how can you make it better.

Thank you.

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