The Power of Your Attitude Summary By Stan Toler

The Power of Your Attitude Summary By Stan Toler

Before I talk about the book The Power of Your attitude Summary, let’s first talk about the author Stan Toler. Stan Toler is a dynamic international speaker who served for many years as vice president of John C. Maxwell’s INJOY Leadership Group, training church, and corporate leaders to make a difference in the world. He is the author of more than 100 books with over three million in print.  Some of his great books are The Power of Your Attitude, The Power of Your Brain, The Relational Leader, God Has Never Failed Me: But He’s Sure Scared Me To Death A Few Times.

The Power of Your Attitude Brief Summary:
The Power of Your Attitude Summary
The Power of Your Attitude Summary

The Power of Your Attitude Summary says that No matter what happens, Attitude is a Choice, Author of this book says that sometimes you can’t change the circumstances or the actions of other, but what you can do, is you can change your attitude towards the situations, actions, and circumstances, you can change your way of seeing things, you can change your attitude towards things or situations, You have the power to choose how your attitude affects your outlook on your day and those who matter in your life.

This book will help you to release the thoughts and habits which keeps you away from experiencing joy and happiness, through this book you can learn seven choices which you can make to get out of a rut and into a greater success, this book will help you to implement a plan to improve your three major areas of life and how to avoid negativity, In this book Author shares his life experiences how he handled everything positively, and how even you can bring the desired changes in your life.

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Why read The Power of Your Attitude?

Many people are trapped in negativity which unfortunately produces fear, unhappiness, and failure in them, they have the capability to achieve greater things in life, they can be happy in their lives but still, due to such negativity they develop cribbing, complaining nature, Author says that Sadly, many give up even wishing for change and settle for a life that’s boring and unfulfilling.

The Author says that If that describes you, I have great news: It doesn’t have to be that way! The secret to a happier and more successful life is not to change your circumstances (you often can’t) or to control what others do (you never can). It’s to change the one thing over which you have absolute authority—your attitude.

The author says that it has been proven again and again, that our attitude plays a vital role in shaping our lives, people who have a positive attitude are usually happier and they are more satisfied with their lives compare to people with negative attitude, Attitude has an incredible power to shape our lives, Negative people always have negative thoughts whereas positive attitude people always see world and situations in a positive way.

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Let’s begin with The Power of Your Attitude Summary:

Your attitude is the basic lens or frame through which you see yourself, the world, and other people.  You can have a positive attitude or negative attitude, you will see the world as per your attitude.

Five critical ways that your attitude exerts power in your life:

1. Thought
2. Word
3. Action
4. Habit
5. Choice

1) The Power of Thoughts


The author says that the very first step you should take in order to harness the power of attitude in you is to believe that your attitude actually does exert incredible influence over every aspect of your life, The author says that what you believe actually shapes your identity and literally the kind of person you’ll be and the things you’ll do.

The author says the people who see success, who enjoy their lives no matter what the circumstances are, and people who achieve their goals, they didn’t get that by accident, they achieved it because of the work hard and they choose to be positive,  They chose to have a positive outlook, and that choice shaped everything else about them, similarly people who always complain and always think that things won’t change and things will be bad as always, they also make a choice, they chose to have a negative outlook hence they always stay negative about everything.

Yes sometimes situations turn worst, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cope up with it, Your attitude will be going to make a huge difference, hence try to look positive in every situation, even if you have to look a little harder, Many people face very difficult times, they face heartbreaking situations but still they emerge from it and move forward with peace happiness and joy.

Author has mentioned, Charles Swindoll saying in the book,  Charles the highly acclaimed teacher and author, put it this way:

The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes,  than what other people think or say or do… I am convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it. And so it is with you… We are in charge of our attitudes.

The Author says That You have the power to choose your response in any situation,  and in that power lies the ability to control your identity, happiness and many aspects of your life and future, The Author says that You are the in charge of the most powerful force of your life and that is Your Attitude.


The Author says though the correlation between positive attitude and positive results have been noticed and observed for centuries, The Author says that the sociologist, Robert K. Merton Formalised the idea when he coined the term Self-fulfilling Prophecy, Merton wrote, “The self-fulfilling prophecy is, in the beginning, a false definition of the situation evoking a new behavior which makes the original false conception come true.”

Author has shared the example to explain Self-fulfilling prophecy in detail. The Author says that there was a new basketball player, unexpectedly he got a start in the big game, just a few seconds were left in the clock before the game end, he got a chance to give a winning shot, but his hands were shivering he was very much nervous, his coach was looking at him, he saw that the boy is very nervous so he calmly called for timeout, and call that boy near him, Placing his hands on the boys shoulder, that coach calmly said, “You’ve got this. You’re going to sink the shot and win this game. There’s nobody I’d rather have on the line at this moment than you.” The kid’s face brightens, and he returns to the foul line with newfound confidence. Without hesitation, he shoots, scores, and the game’s over. That’s the power of a self-fulfilling prophecy. It takes a once-false definition of a situation and makes it true.

The Author says that when you acquire positive thinking in you and in your thoughts, it will for sure give positive results when you choose a positive attitude in every situation, you give rise to a new power in yourself and to the people around you, Basically positive attitude will share your reality by the thoughts you think.

The positive attitude can bring positive results in every aspect of your life, in your health, career, relationship etc, hence do emerge positive attitude in you, believe the power of your positive attitude.

This is the end of The Power of Your Attitude Summary. If you want to make your attitude positive, then do buy this book from the given link,

The Power of Your Attitude from Amazon

If you want me to make part 2 for this book, then do mention in the comment section.

Thank you.

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