Working Class People Life in India

Working Class People Life in India

There are several countries who understand the importance of working class people, they understand the working class people, those who do jobs they are not a robot, they are humans just like everyone. Hence several countries have taken a huge and serious step towards bringing some happiness in working class people lives, they have made working time lesser, they have provided them fixed two days off and they strictly prohibited late sittings and in some countries working time is started the moment they move from their house or apartments, But in these countries our country India Doesn’t come.

Yes working class people in India still suffer, they suffer in their personal life as well as professional life which is indirectly affecting our country growth, because our India most population comes under working class people, people who do jobs and if this much population suffer means our country indirectly suffers, Today I will not talk about India’s every organization or companies, because Several huge organizations and companies do provide working class people fixed holidays and also give them flexibility regarding working hours, but there are various organization and companies usually small companies, who think that people who work for them are robots and feel that working people don’t have personal life, hence in many organization working class people don’t get fixed 2 days off, they don’t get working hour flexibility instead in many organization working people (job doing people) are asked to reach working place on time means they can’t be late otherwise they’ll mark under half day, but they are not given fixed time to move out from that working place, they are asked to do late sittings and if they stand against that, they’ll be threatened about termination.

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Can understand that Retail industries can’t give fixed off on weekends, but they should give at least two week days off to their employees,  Working class people, people who do job are not given all holidays, means they will not get holiday for each festival, government employee gets holiday for every festival, hence people who do job started shifting from private to government jobs, they started finding government jobs more attractive, hence even after holding graduation, post-graduation degree they get in to small profile jobs under government, because people find government job secure and also feel that it will give them their personal life happiness which private sector fails to give.

Because of lack of personal time working class people start feeling depressed, because they don’t get enough time with their family and loved ones, they need to decide in that one day holiday what all things they should do, do they plant out, or they should rest because of travelling they feel tired and stress,  for example, I have a friend who does job, he gets only 1 day holiday and in that one day holiday he never go out, he stay at home and rest because of such a hectic travelling he gets tired and he can’t afford to go out, because if he doesn’t get rest, his health will be affected, and as we all know health is wealth, hence his personal life is standing nowhere, he is not active socially, because of which he feels depress and sad.

Another friend of mine gets alternate Saturday week off, but even in that alternate week off, his boss asks him to do work at home, this is just not fair with working class people, because they just don’t get time for themselves for their loved ones and for their health, for few thousand they spoil their personal life and which indirectly spoils their professional life, You must be thinking how? So working class people becomes less productive when they don’t get time for themselves and for their health, they become depressed and upset which indirectly impact our countries growth.

1. Working class people don’t get personal time

People who do jobs, they stay limited between 9 to 5 or 10 6, and in many organization people are asked to reach on time but getting back to home time is not fixed, for example I have a relative whose time to go at working place is fixed, he is asked to reach there by 10 and if he gets late even for 5 minutes, he’ll be marked under half day, he stays in Mumbai western line, everyone in Mumbai is aware about western line rush, but however work is important and he can’t afford to lose his job, so he gets up at 6 am and moves out by 7 so that he can reach on time, not only this his work place doesn’t allow him to move out early, hence he is asked to do late sitting by 8 pm, and to reach home he takes 2 hours, so you only count how many hours he spends to earn few thousands,  he spend almost 14 to 15 hours at his work place, and gets only one day holiday, so do he get time for himself or for his family, no obviously not.

Is it fair, is working class people Have no life, Are they human or Robot, India needs to think for them as well?

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2. Working class people aren’t able to expand themselves

People who work who does job hardly gets time for themselves. They get so tired mentally and physically that they fail to engage themselves in things they love, they fail to move towards their passion and hobby, they fail socially and they fail to fly, they have fixed routine life and in that life they are just limited to their work time, for example, a boy name Rajesh is planning to go to a gym  but however  he does job, he gets 1 day holiday, he do daily up down in Mumbai, which makes him tired like anything, hence he never able to join gym, because he wasn’t getting time for his health and eventually which affect his health, and all his savings finally goes to doctor, because health is wealth, if health is not proper you won’t be able to earn wealth, hence never neglect your health, and nothing is above human’s health, hence working class people health should be considered and every organization must have health check center under their organization, or if not that, then every organization must give employees one day holiday for health checkup.

People who do jobs (working class people), they should  get fixed two days holiday, they should be given holidays in every if not for almost all festivals, they should be given flexibility with work timing, they should be assigned interesting task, if working class people feel happy and get curiosity then their productivity automatically increase and which indirectly impact our country’s growth.

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Do comment and share your view about people who do a job, what all things they suffer apart from personal life problems.

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  1. You are absolutely right which indian employees are suffering. BUT i think there is a some fault of employees as well because at the age of 23 they leave there colleges AND mostly without financial literacy. They start job at the age 24 and they do marriage around the same age.
    When they get salary they spend on their family, house, installments etc. Some people save or very few people invest there money. And at the end of month many employees are empty. If they don’t like there job or company they can’t quit because they have fixed expenses, they afraid if they will quit who will pay the rent, children fees and this reason is the cause of depression when they think they can’t do anything .

  2. great topic you have touched today seeken brother. you are doing really a fabulous and game changing work , fully impressed by your work and achievement.
    the solution to above problem is financial literacy and a revolution against the government for amendment on the law for this.
    on the other hand , entrepreneurship need to be developed in the huge volume. like sanitary pad making machine and different others

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