5 Tips About Bad Decision

There is a beautiful story of Lord Buddha. Once in a small town people were gathered to punish a woman who had committed some mistake.They decided to hit her with stones till she dies.Buddha saw it and told the crowd that only those people who have not committed a single mistake

Throughout their life will hit the woman. After listening this no hand moved to throw stones at her.

it is clearly understandable that mistakes are made by every individual. There is nothing wrong in it.

The bad decisions of our lives are nothing but our mistakes.Here I have 5 tips to share with you which will help you move on from your bad decisions.

1. It’s okay as it’s new one

Always keep one thing in mind that new mistakes are always allowed. If you repeat same mistake again and again then that is surely a problem and you must worry about it but if you have made some decision for the very first time and it failed, then surely it’s okay.

You had some ideas in your mind when you made that decision.You must have thought of wel-fare of you and other people involved.Your intentions were not wrong.Then stop blaming yourself and have a restart.

2. Next decision

If one of your decisions goes nasty,it doesn’t mean that, that was your last decision.You are supposed to make next decisions quickly .It is you who is in charge of your life.Remember when you did made a great decision that paid you a lot of praise.You are that jewel who can make great decision.Making bad decision is not your tendency and that particular bad decision which has been over shadowing you for so long is nothing but just a mishap.

To avoid making bad decisions, you can have a diary of your blunders. It will help you not to fail again over the same hurdles.

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3. Atleast you are decisive

You don’t live in‘to be or not to’ situation and that is something for which you should give yourself credit for.When will you know that whether this decision is right or wrong? Once you make it. To decide is always good rather than waiting for others to decide for you. Hanna Adeyema, co- founder and COO of Tenacity states that,

“For me, the only bad decisions are the ones I did not make.”

4. Admit it

The best thing to do after you come to know about the failure of your decision is to admit. Admit it to yourself and to the people involved in it. First of all, you have to forgive yourself and then admit it to others with dignity and you will be forgiven. Apologize to people for your mistake and ask them if they have ideas on how to get over the circumstances.

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5. You have a future waiting for you

The bad decision will not get fixed itself. You have to take the command and fix it. One bad decision doesn’t stop your life neither does it stop you to dream for your future. Just don’t dwell upon past memories and live further for your desired goal. By getting back with a bang after a failed decision, you will set the example for people who have left trying after their failure.

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  1. One bad decision is not end of the world.Mistakes make us wiser if we learn from.Mistakes have a substantial role in shaping our lives

  2. One bad decision is not end of the world.Mistakes make us wiser if we learn from.Mistakes have a substantial role in shaping our lives.

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