Time Management Tips For School Students

Time Management Tips For School Students

Time Management Tips For School Students:

1. List is must
2. Schedule task
3. Be realistic
4. Stay focused
5. Exercise meditate
6. Check and review frequently

Every individual knows the importance of time, everyone knows that time is the most precious thing we have and we must utilize it very properly but still many of us fail to do so, many of us fail to utilize our precious time properly, we know it’s importance but still due to procrastination and laziness we fail to manage our time properly, Time flies and it never comes back, hence managing time is really very important for every student and for every child, Time management skill must be taught in every school and to every kid, time management skill is one of the most important skills which helps human to create a balanced life, Every individual should learn time management skill from their childhood, every parent every teacher professor should teach time management skill to their students and children.

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Every student face lack of time problem in their school and college days, balancing time efficiently for study, work and extra curriculum activities is never a simple task for any student, but it can become simple if you are able to do it right, there are few students who manage their time properly and that time management skills gives them good outcome and result.

Time management skill not only helps you in your school days, but it’s a kind of skill which will always help you in every aspect of your life, Time management helps you to balance your personal and professional life, Every successful person will say the importance of time management, no one can deny the fact that time management skill can take you towards the success journey. Hence since childhood, we must learn to manage our time properly.

Every individual has 24 hours, God has given equal hours and time to everyone but still very few people utilize that 24 hours properly and get accomplishments. You can come under the list of those few people if you manage your time properly, if you learn time management skills properly, you will get the best outcome and results not only in your school life but in every aspect of your life.

Every student want to balance their assignment time, study time and extra curriculum time properly, every student find all these tasks very important and they don’t want to neglect any of these tasks, but sometimes due to their lack of time management skill, they fail to utilize their time properly, if you manage your time effectively and efficiently you will for sure complete all your work on time  and you will still have time to enjoy your school life.

Many students think that due to assignments and studies they are just not getting time for extra- curricular activities, they are failing to enjoy their school life with their friends they don’t get time for themselves or for their family, It’s not your assignment which is taking your enjoyment, but it is your lack of time management skill which is not allowing you to balance your time and life properly, hence if you want good results and outcome and also want to enjoy your school life and personal life then do learn time management skills because importance of time management skill is not limited to your school days, but it will help you in all aspect of your life whether its personal professional or related to your health, time management is a skill which will always help you to balance your life properly.

Let’s begin with 6 Time Management Tips For School Students:

1. List is must

Creating a list is a must if you want to manage your time effectively, you need to list out what you need to do, You can create your list every day or can create on weekends. You need to put every important task on that list. Putting task as per priority will help you to know what are the most important work which you can’t delay for tomorrow and what are the small work or not so important things which you can delay for tomorrow. Creating list will help you to clear your confusion because many a times student wastes their time on confusion like what I should do first and what later and this confusion not only waste their time but tired their brain which eventually results in less productivity and high wastage of time.

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2. Schedule task

You need to handle any journal or any app or a pin-up planner, in which you can organize your upcoming work and task, here you need to write down about your upcoming task and assignments at any time when they come up so you don’t forget about anything. For example, if you go to bed and suddenly remember about any work then instead of ignoring it by thinking you’ll remember it by tomorrow you should immediately note it down in your maintained journal or in your app, this thing will help you to keep track on your life schedule and also motivate you.

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3. Be realistic

Time management also asks you to stay realistic, when you plan out all your work and activities for a day or for a week then it is really very important that you think about how long you are going to spend on doing a certain activity, many times we think that we can study whole day without taking break, then this kind of thinking and planning is not realistic, because our brain needs break and relaxation time, hence you must have realistic plan. For example, I will study only for 1 hour and after that hour I’ll take 10 minutes nap, and after taking that nap will again study for an hour and my study time gets over, this kind of planning can be realistic.

Be realistic with your time management plan, a realistic plan will give great outcome and also improve your productivity.

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4. Stay focused

If you want to manage your time properly then you need to avoid distractions, now a day’s maximum distraction happens because of cell phones, Student now a day’s plan to study and while studying they start browsing their social media sites and they don’t even realize how much time they waste when they get involved in social media, that involvement waste their time and also tired their brain which eventually takes all their motivation, hence when you plan your day you should also plan to keep your mobile far away from your studying area or table, you should use your mobile only when you complete your task properly and when you complete your task as per your list do treat yourself and if you fail to do so then you need to punish yourself like I won’t eat my favorite food or ice cream if I don’t follow my list, or I will go for a movie if I follow my timetable properly for a week, this thing will trigger your brain and give you motivation and this motivation will help you to manage your time properly and effectively.

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5. Exercise meditate

No matter how busy you are, you must remove some time for your health and mind, you should plan your exercise and meditation time as well, because physical and mental fitness will give you a lot of benefits, it will refresh your mind and make you more focused, having a good focus and concentration power gives you motivation and also helps you to learn time management skill effectively.

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6. Check and review frequently

You should review and reassess your plan and schedule frequently to make sure whether they are the most effective ones you have or not,  you should do adjustment to your plan and schedule so that you can make the most out of your time, adjust time as per your deadlines. For example, earlier if you were studying for 2 hours but as exam dates come near adjust your time to deadline means instead of 2 hours study for four hours 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the evening, and when exam gets over then you can adjust your more time for your family and friends, hence review your plan and schedule frequently and adjust your time as per the deadline and situations.

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