How to Stay Happy With Negative People

5 Tips To Stay Happy With Negative People

When I ask you, how to avoid negative people, the very obvious answer will come to get rid of them, or to ignore such negative people, Yes sometimes doing this things can be possible and right also, but many times it’s not possible, maybe the person who is negative can be your best friend, your spouse your sibling or your boss or a person to whom you are close and you don’t want to lose them just because of their negativity, hence for this I would advise you to remain positive and maintain your emotion.

Try to be positive with negative people, it can be quite difficult, however having a negative person around you can influence your behavior too, can bring your mood down or sometimes can make you rethink about your decisions. This is the real world where everyone can’t be positive or people who always think good about you, No in this world you have to deal with such negative people and with such negativity, and you can’t always get rid of them.

Hence today I will share some tips and ways to Stay Happy With Negative People.

1. Believe yourself

Here you need to believe in yourself, You need to be confident about yourself about your decisions and about your life if you believe yourself no negative talk or negative person can affect you when you know yourself no one can influence you or can bring negativity in you.

Hence believe in yourself, suppose you are at office and your boss has given you and your friend same project, and if your friend tells you that work is difficult and it’s not our cup of tea, maybe will not able to finish it on time,

At that moment it’s you who need to tell your friend and to yourself that no we will do it and will finish it on time. This belief in yourself will help you to handle such negativity.

2. Recognize and use it

The best way to keep your emotions intake and the best way to be positive around negative people is to use their negative energy and convert it to a positive challenge for your own character development, if you are around a negative people and if they say something negative to you, so don’t become a victim, like yes what they said is right, I am a loser or I can’t do like this or that,  instead You need to take that negative talk as a challenge and need to think Yes this is the moment where I need to test myself, am I really in command of my emotions or how I think or are they.

Am I giving power over to the world so that they can just take my energy and turn it to what they want or Am I In charge of my mood of my attitude and of my life?

This is a challenge which needs to tell you that It’s your mind and it’s your choice to stay positive and peaceful, don’t let others ruin your mood with their negative comment. Just be calm and composed. Try to Stop Negative Thoughts and be in charge of your thoughts mood and of your life. 

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3. Empathy or understand the reason behind someone’s negativity

Usually, people take a negative attitude towards life, because maybe they had gone through something unpleasant in the past. They might have trust people but in return, they were betrayed or cheated or disappointed.

And when you have a better understanding of why people are negative, you develop empathy for them and this reduces the sense of separation between you and the other party,

When someone is trying to be negative with you, instead of getting offended, try to understand why they are so negative and rude, try to understand their feelings and their perspectives, Always try to understand both the side, and never think that you are always right and the way you see the world is always right, things can’t always be black or white, hence to understand people, and when you learn to do this, this will help you to stay calm and peaceful around negative people.

4. Give Positive advice

Never lose your temper, when someone is complaining about everything to you, about weather about their life about their past and about their present, just listen to them, don’t stop them or interfere them, just listen to them very carefully and once they are done, instead of saying yes you are right or wrong or doing any kind of argument, just try to give them positive advice try to make them feel good and try to make them understand their blessing, try to make them understand the life about which they are complaining, many wishes for that kind of life, make them realize how grateful they should be, instead of complaining they should be grateful,

And don’t do this by interfering them when they are talking, just listen to them and once they are done then try to make them realize without losing your temper be polite and humble.

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5. Shift the energy

When you are around negative energy try to shift it by not telling them or the person that they are wrong but by trying to introduce humor in the conversation, by bringing a topic which is joyful or energetic or any topic which is apart from negativity, just convert that negative talk to peaceful and joyful talk. But try to do it not by stopping someone or by telling them they are right or wrong just try to be focus that what I can do to shift their negative energy to positive energy and to make that negative talk to joyful talk.

Always try to understand different people perspective, and always believe in yourself that nothing is in charge of my life no one can influence my decision my mood my happiness, its only me who can do that, and Always hope that people who are into bad place or who are depressed about their life and because of that depression they are negative, so always hope good for them, always hope happiness for yourself and also for others and If you learn to do this than you are a human with golden heart. And this behavior of yours will bring a lot of positive changes in you and people around you.

Do comment your views and share your story how you handle negative people Thank you

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