How To Overcome Insecurity And Low Self Esteem

How To Overcome Insecurity And Low Self Esteem

How To Overcome Insecurity And Low Self Esteem? Every individual in this world has potential to do what they desire for but very few people are able to achieve what they always wanted, why? Because they have proper trust and believe in them. They never underestimate their potential. They never allow their insecurities to influence them. They know that they have potential and by taking proper actions towards their potential they can achieve what they want.  We all have insecurities in us, even after knowing our potential still we stay behind and never try to move towards the journey of success. Our insecurities stop us, never allow us to move towards the successful journey. Insecurities not only spoil our professional life but it also spoils our personal life. Insecurities influence us in a wrong way. We feel insecure because we make irrational interpretations about ourselves or about our abilities to get something done.

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We feel insecure when we start comparing our life and ourselves with others. Because of insecurity, we become less confident, our self esteem goes down. We started feeling less than others. we started feeling shy. We go through anxiety, suffocation and stress. Insecurity gives us bad feelings and these kinds of bad feelings never allow us to move ahead in life. Hence we must stop feeling insecure. When you stop feeling insecure only then your confidence will improve and your life will become happy and peaceful.  Your insecurity makes you less confident, your insecurities generates self-doubt, your insecurity stops you and never allows you to see or appreciate your potential, your insecurity always makes you feel jealous and gives you negative feelings, hence Say No to Insecurity, always have self-believe, always believe that you have potential to achieve what you always desired, Believe that you are unique creature, God has given you free will, you have capability of achieving what you always dreamt about, hence Insecurity is nothing just a negative energy which you can avoid by being positive and by understanding your self-worth, Always appreciate your good habits and never try to hide your flaws, because when you try to hide flaws it means you don’t want to improve and when you run away from improvement you generate insecurity, hence to avoid insecurities always walk towards self-improvement, because self-improvement will give you wisdom and confidence.

Confidence gives you positive attitude and attitude is something which really matters in every aspect of your life, everything is somewhat connected to each other, hence if you want to make your life happy and successful you must overcome Insecurities when you overcome insecurities only then you’ll able to overcome low self esteem, and when you overcome low esteem and insecurities you increase your chances of success, Always have positive mental attitude, this positive mental attitude will help you to overcome negative insecurity and also make you a confident person.

Few tips to Overcome Insecurity And Low Self Esteem:

1. Reason behind insecurity

Before overcoming anything, first you need to know the reason like what makes you feel insecure, when you feel insecure for example do you have insecurity related to money, when you see others have more money than you, are you insecure for your girlfriend or your partner, what’s the reason do you feel others are more talented than you, you must know the reason of your insecurity and when you feel insecure, by doing this you will uncover your irrational beliefs and unhelpful thoughts that are there in core of your insecurities.

To understand the reason you need to go deeper in your thoughts the deeper you go the better you will understand that how insecurities have developed in you, and this understanding will help you to take a step ahead towards overcoming insecurity.

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2. Challenge it

After knowing the reason behind your insecurities then comes the second step where you need to challenge your irrational belief, here you need to challenge your insecurity, here you need to understand that is your insecurity true or they are just your wrong belief or wrong perspective here you need to tell yourself that how things will change if I overcome my insecurity and how things will change if I see things the way it is not the way I was interpreting and assuming earlier, Insecurity is your wrong perspective and in order to change perspective you need to challenge them, hence try to see things in a more positive way this positive perspective and attitude will help you to overcome your insecurity and make you more confident about your self-worth.

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3. Appreciate your success and accomplishment

Through sub-point, you can understand what this point is trying to explain, after understanding the reason for your insecurity and after challenging it. You need to take a moment to reflect on your success and accomplishments, you need to think about what all achievements you have seen so far,  you need to think what all obstacles you have faced but still you achieved that thing successfully, you need to think about days when you didn’t give up and tried until and unless you didn’t achieve it. You need to think about challenges you have faced and also overcome them.

Doing this will make you realize your potential, will make you realize that yes you can overcome any problem, make you realize that yes you have the capability of achieving what you desire and dream about, doing this will give you motivation and positive attitude and believe and this positive attitude and believe will help you to overcome your low self esteem and insecurities.

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4. Handle it with ease

Nothing comes easy, no one will say that life is really very easy for them, life will give you obstacles and problems but your way of handling will make your life easy and happy, hence instead of getting worried about obstacles you need to be level-headed and should handle that problem or obstacle properly, Your self-believe will give you confidence and that confidence will make you handle any situation properly.

In order to handle any problematic situation, you can do two things, first you can give up and can live your life with stress anxiety and with low self esteem, or second you can handle it with positive mindset and attitude, you can think about the worst outcome of that situation and after imagining the worst scenario of that problem you can finally concentrate towards its solution.

We have the capability to handle any problem we face in life, we just need to stay calm and positive, we shouldn’t allow negative energy such as insecurities to influence us, Usually things are not as bad as we make them, hence we need to assess our circumstances and then need to come up with solution, Negative energy will add to it will not give solution, hence stay positive level-headed, your right attitude will give you right solution.

AS it says “Problem is not the problem, Problem is your attitude towards the problem – Jack Sparrow

Hence in order to overcome insecurity and low self- esteem handle your problem with proper attitude because right attitude gives right solution.

5. Have positive energy around you

Positivity really matters and it really help us. It helps our body and our mind hence in order to overcome negative energy such as insecurity and low esteem you need to replace it with positive energy, If you want to overcome insecurity and low self esteem you need to take action, you need to surround yourself with positive people, you need to spend some positive self-talk time, you need to take action in order to get positive outcome, believing that everything will fall into place by doing nothing, then this is nothing but your wrong believe, in order to get something you need to work hard you need to put efforts.

As it says Talk doesn’t cook rice – Chinese proverb

Hence to overcome insecurity and low self esteem take action towards it.

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6. Be regular

Thinking to change life and actually doing something to change your life has a huge difference, just by saying you want change, change won’t come, in order to bring change you must make commitment to yourself, Making a commitment has nothing to do with head, means you don’t only need to keep it in your head instead you need to take actions so that you can adopt into your life. For example you want to overcome low self esteem then you need to take actions, means you need to do things about which you have fear, if you have fear of talking in front of strangers, then you need to participate in events which involves huge number of crowd, and you need to face your fear so that you can become confident.

Practice is must, you should practice so hard that it becomes your daily habit and habit is something which always stays in you and in your routine, hence make good habit because good habits make a good life.

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