Sharpen Your Brain + Brain Exercises

Sharpen Your Brain + Brain Exercises

Brain exercises give you best mental health now and also protects you against future memory loss and cognitive decline. Brain exercise gives you lot of benefits such as gives you less stress, gives you better memory, helps you to improve and increase your memory focus and concentration, boost your motivation productivity and also enhanced your creative intelligence and mental flexibility, gives you better self-confidence etc.

Hence today will share few brain exercises in order to sharpen your brain and boost brain power:

1. Do read books aloud

As you all must be the aware importance of reading and how beneficial it can be. Reading is the best way to sharpen your mind and it’s the best brain exercise to boost your brain power. Reading ask our brain to imagine and imagination is the best way to sharpen our mind.

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2. Try to right from the other hand

If you are right-handed, try to write from your other hand means from your left-hand because using your non-dominant hand will result in increasing your brain activity. This can be tough at start hence this touch exercise will give your brain a good work out.

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3. Do activities which involve all your senses

Here you should do activities which involves all your senses, as per Dr. Katz’s  Travelling camping and gardening are high on his list of activities because these activities utilize all your senses in new ways.

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4. Try new, challenge yourself

When you do something new which you haven’t done before this new experiences or new hobby will trigger your brain and release dopamine the motivation neurotransmitter in your brain which is really needed and require sharpening your mind and memory.

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5. Don’t always follow the easy way

Do things in a hard way, don’t always rely on technology, for example if students get any assignment in order to do it in a hard way, student straight away go to social media sites and easily create their assignments this way brain doesn’t get sharp,  hence try to do things in a hard way so that your brain works and always remain active and energetic, for example nowadays people are really very bad in memorizing phone numbers, all this is because of cell phones, hence try to be different use your brain use your memory and memorize your friends phone numbers don’t just save them on your mobile phone save them in your mind, this is the best way to sharpen your mind.

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6. Connect with different people

Staying with same people who has same thinking like you, will not allow your brain to open up to different things and perspective, hence try to connect with different people try to engage with different people who has different thinking and way of living, because meeting and staying with different people who have different way of seeing things will make your brain open to different perspective and cultures this will sharp your mind and will make you open-minded.

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7. Do things differently

When you do things differently, then your brain starts thinking, for example try to wear your watch upside down this way whenever you see your watch your brain will really think every time you take a look at your watch, or try to write backwards also known as mirror writing, this way your brain will become more active and such exercises will for sure sharpen your brain and memory.

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