Making Assumptions Can RUIN Relationships

Making Assumptions Can RUIN Relationships

Making Assumptions Can RUIN Relationships

There are various reasons which have the ability to ruin your smooth going relationship, and one of them is an assumption, Making Assumptions Can ruin Relationships. Assumptions play vital and major role in destroying any kind of relationship,  whether its friendship bond, spouse relationship, or siblings bond basically assumptions can create a lot of mess in any kind of relationships, because we people usually love to assume, instead of having crystal clear conversation and communication, we just like to assume things on basis of our understanding, For example, nowadays people mostly chat on cell phones, hardly any face to face conversation is being done, hence lot of misunderstanding occurs, and instead of clearing those misunderstanding people assume, and these assumptions destroy our trust, believe and love, hence we must understand that instead of assuming we must have clear conversation and should clear our doubts about misunderstood sentences and words.

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Usually there are two types of assumptions, first direct and second indirect, Direct kind of assumptions are like people usually have some kind of thought in which they believe in, they are not sure about that thought whether it’s true or not, they just believe that yes it must be right, but actually that thought has no connection with the reality, having believed on that thought which isn’t real or true, person respond emotionally towards that thought. For example, at work place, your friend didn’t answer your question properly, with such situation you will start feeling as if he is angry on you, or he must have misunderstood you, or maybe he just doesn’t want to be your friend,  but actually reality could be like he was upset because of his personal issues, or maybe at that point he was stressed, but instead of clarifying your doubt, you start assuming and this thing makes you feel bad and also makes you think negative about the other person, sometimes reality can be very different from your assumptions, hence instead of having direct assumptions in your mind, better wait for right moment and clarify.

And the other kind of assumption is indirect, Indirect assumptions are usually originated or can say generate through outer source, means you start assuming on the basis of second-hand information which we find accurate, and with that information we start assuming, whereas reality completely differs, and most of the time second-hand information don’t prove to be accurate, because people hear on the basis of their emotions and perception, they understand parts which they want to understand, and second-hand information can be a communication barrier too, because barriers can create lots of mess and disturbance, hence always believe what you hear by yourself, and instead of reacting without knowing the entire story try to respond, first understand the matter properly and then confront someone lovingly and calmly.

And it would be much better if you ask three questions to yourself before listening to any information, first is that info true? Is it good? Or is it beneficial?  These three questions asking to yourself will solve many problems, and will also help your mind to stay at peace, hence always understand that instead of assuming things about someone better confront them directly at right time.

In short, basically assumptions are thoughts about which you don’t have proof, you just believe it because your emotions influence you at that moment negatively, hence never allow negative emotions or negative surrounding to influence because these assumptions not only destroy your personal life but also has the capability to destroy your opportunities and professional life.

Today I will share how Assumptions Can RUIN Relationships and destroy your life peace personally as well as professionally.

Assumptions Can RUIN Relationships point 1:

Loses opportunities

Usually people assume about their capabilities and potential, there are many people who assume that they can’t get what they dream and because of such assumptions they fail to take a step ahead towards their dream and they fail to achieve it, example I had a friend who wanted to get in to marketing, but he wasn’t having that degree so he started assuming that he can’t get marketing job because he wasn’t having proper qualification and because of this assumption he didn’t even try to apply, but when I forced him that at least he should have applied and see what happens, then he finally applied and guess what he was selected, because of his wrong belief and assumption he was missing many opportunities, hence instead of assuming take action and go for it.

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Assumptions Can RUIN Relationships point 2:

Wrong decisions on the basis of assumptions

Taking action on the basis of assumption is as dangerous as making decisions on the basis of half knowledge, for example you love to travel but you avoid travelling because you assume that travelling is dangerous, hence always clear the facts and then take action, I have seen many people taking risk in life assuming that risk will give them what they want, no that’s not the fact, usually people who take risk are calculated risk takers, they have plan they have goals and they take calculated risk in order to move ahead towards their success journey, hence don’t take actions on the basis of assumptions instead take actions and make decisions on the basis of facts , plan, logic and with proper reasoning’s.

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Assumptions Can RUIN Relationships point 3:

Can lead to overconfidence

There are many people who always assume that they are lucky and things will always go right with them, and everything will come to them on right time without doing anything and this kind of thinking can make person over confident, and overconfidence always destroys ways of opportunities, with these assumptions people don’t try, they wait so that things by themselves get solved and this is nothing but living in fairy tales, You get things only by putting efforts and hard work, luck also supports those who are willing to put efforts and capable of working hard, hence instead of assuming that things will go well always in their life without doing anything, start planning and put efforts towards your passion and dream.

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Assumptions Can RUIN Relationships point 4:

Increase misunderstanding

Assumptions usually creates misunderstanding and misunderstanding often destroys relationships, for example, girl who smiles at you not always means she loves you, it can be a friendly smile too, hence instead of assuming anything from anyone’s gestures or body language, have direct face to face conversation and have clear communication, because assumptions can take you to the wrong way. Hence try to have crystal clear communication and always communicate to clear doubts and assumptions.

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