Wherever You Go, There You Are Summary By Jon Kabat-Zinn

Wherever You Go, There You Are Summary By Jon Kabat-Zinn

Blog Title: Wherever You Go, There You Are Summary By Jon Kabat-Zinn
Name: Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life
Author: Jon Kabat-Zinn
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Book size: 304 pages


Wherever You Go, There You Are
Wherever You Go, There You Are

Before discussing about the Book Wherever you go,there you are, Let’s first discuss this Book Author Jon Kabat Zinn,  Jon Kabat-Zinn Is a Professor of medicine Emeritus and A creator of the stress reduction clinic and the center for mindfulness in medicine, health care and society at the university of Massachusetts medical school, He also teaches about mindfulness and mindfulness based stressed Reduction (MBSR) In various places around the world, The stress reduction program created by Kabat-zinn, mindfulness-based stress reduction, is offered by medical centers, hospitals and health maintenance organization.

Wherever you go there you are, is a self help book with meditation and it focuses on unlocking the calming powers of the mind, and also intends to feel the gap between the mind and the heart, it explains the importance of simplicity and how people should enjoy the simple things in life,This book contains short easy and effective chapters which shows practical knowledge and also with the use of meaningful anecdotes, and also helps us to understand what exactly mindfulness is and why it is not reserved for Zen Practitioner and Buddhist monks, this book’s easy and flexible program can be very helpful and especially for the ones who tend to shy away from a rigid structure.  And the author also suggests that readers can take or leave his advice, using only what best fits into their own personal circumstances.

Kabat Zinn favorite practice for promoting mindfulness is meditation hence The first chapter of this book is Meditation

Chapter 1 of wherever you go there you are is: What is Meditation?

Here author says, that you must have noticed that every second various thoughts and emotion flow in our mind, the author says sometimes that emotions and feeling or thinking flows  smoothly not too  harsh and sometimes it flows with so much of intensity and power, hence author says meditation helps you to change your relationship with this flowing thoughts and emotions.

Author says meditation is all about learning to handle that thoughts and emotions and how to come out of that current flow and how to learn from it and author says instead of allowing that energy to dominate you, meditation helps us to use that energy as a guidance,

The author says if we learn and practice to come out of our current thinking flow and observing, we allow our mind to become more powerful and we strengthen our mind muscles which give us the better chances to have a control over any kind of emotions.

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My thoughts

Doing meditation not only keep your mind peaceful but also allows you to handle and control your emotion, Meditation makes your brain sharp and active and also gives your mind power to overcome negative feelings.

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Chapter 2 of wherever you go there you are is: Brain Training

Author says that you might think meditation as an ancient sacred practice but ancient people were more interested in mental fitness than meditation. Here author has shared his personal experience, where he says, that he is told in pali, that in the original language of Buddha there wasn’t a single word corresponding to meditation,  and meditation at that time ( ancient Indian culture)  was considered as the extraordinary degree. But the word which was frequently used earlier was Bhavana which means Development through mental training.  And hence it strikes author that meditation means human development.

Here Kabat says, that it’s nearly impossible for a person to develop mature mind unless they don’t deliberately train their mind. If the brain remains untrained then the entire power will be on fluctuating emotions and feelings and thoughts. Whereas meditation helps to strengthen the ability to stand back and use conscious intention instead.

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Chapter 3 Of Wherever you go there you are is: Thoughts and waterfall

Here author corrects our misconception related to meditation, authors says we shouldn’t confuse meditation with positive thinking, meditation doesn’t involve trying to change your thinking by thinking something new or more, but meditation is about watching and observing your thoughts itself.”

Author says meditation is not about changing your thoughts from negative to positive instead it’s about learning to observing your own thoughts the way they are, no matter how your thoughts are whether its boring, bad, blissful anything, author says this process is already an alchemizing effect.

Here author has explained various more things in detail with the help of useful anecdotes so to understand it more in detail do buy this book from the given link.

Download Wherever You Go, There You Are Book For Free at: Audible
Wherever You Go, There You Are Book available in English at: Amazon

My thought

Meditation is about letting your emotions and feelings flow, do not try to stop them or control them just let them flow and observe them and learn to handle them and to understand that your feelings and emotions don’t have power on you, you have that power your brain and mind has that power. You have the capability and strength to control that feelings and emotions.

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Chapter  4 of wherever you go there you are is: Sit With Dignity

Here author says, there is a lot of confusion goes around when we talk about the right way to sit in a meditation, so author says the answer to this confusion is to sit with a Dignity, The way you sit will describe about yourself, Your sitting postures describe your personality, such as if you sit heavily or can slump, it reflects low energy, lack of clarity or lack of confidence, if you sit ramrod-straight means you are tense trying too hard. But if you sit in a dignity means straight but Sitting straight shouldn’t be stiff it should be calm relax and your face must be relaxed.

Author says you can sit anywhere whether in a chair or in a bed just remember to sit with a dignity.

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Chapter 5 of wherever you go there you are is: A Daily Discipline

Here author says there is something magical on doing things which needs to be done whether you feel like doing it or not. Here author doing meditation daily helps you to learn, not to allow your mood making choices for yourself. Author says if you make a discipline of getting up early in the morning and doing meditation daily then this habit and discipline of yours will make your life healthy and peaceful.

My thoughts

Daily meditation will make your entire day smooth and stress-free and increase chances of productivity.

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Chapter 6 of wherever you go there you are is: Breath as Anchor

Author says many people don’t do meditation because they feel or they have misconception that the prospect of trying to think about nothing is impossible but author says that’s not what meditation is all about, meditation is about directing your thoughts towards something very basic which is your breathing, with this your brain gets something to do or something to be focused on.

Author has explained this point in more detail, to have a proper understanding to buy this book from the given link.

Download Wherever You Go, There You Are Book For Free at: Audible
Wherever You Go, There You Are Book available in English at: Amazon

Chapter 7 of wherever you go there you are is: One With The Universe

Here author says meditation is not the goal in itself, it’s a vehicle which helps us to live as full as possible, meditation helps us to live our life happily and peacefully it helps us to take our thoughts and emotions less personally and helps us to understand our strengths and capabilities and potential.

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These are the 7 chapters of Wherever you go there you are.

If you like the summary then you can take this book from the following links:

Download Wherever You Go, There You Are Book For Free at: Audible
Wherever You Go, There You Are Book available in English at: Amazon

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