how running can change your life

How Running 10 Minutes Daily Can Change Your Life

Studies have proved that running for just 10 minutes a day can keep you healthy and fit.

Giving just 10 minutes for running out of 24 hours a day can prevent heart attacks.

And one of the living examples of this is an Indian, who, despite being 91 years old, is healthier than most youth.

Milkha Singh, who is 91 years old, gives credit for his health to his profession, which is running.

But is all this possible just by running?

Why should you start Running Today?

Six reasons: Why You Should Start Running Today

Running is the easiest thing you can do to live a healthy life.

You don’t need anything to start running. So, it’s pocket friendly also.

Let me tell you a bonus tip: If you run barefoot on grass, it can substantially have a positive impact on your life.

Don’t just believe me; try it.

It will make you more connected to mother earth.

Now, let’s know some more benefits of running and why you should start running.

#1. High Energy levels

Running can drastically increase your Energy Levels.

After listening to this, you’ll probably say, “But doesn’t running reduce your energy and make you feel tired?”

Well, let me break it down for you.

Running can increase the energy levels in your body.

While conducting a study, some young adults were told to run every day for six weeks.

And through the results, we learned that a lot of improvement was seen in their energy levels due to running.

So basically, running keeps you energized throughout the day.

#2. 30% Less Chance of Death

American College of Cardiology has proved that runners have a 30% lower risk of death from any cause. Also, they’re at a 45% lower risk of death from any heart condition than people who don’t run.

It means you can live more by just doing 10 minutes of running.


For better heart health, you should try pranayama.

It is scientifically proven that the oxygen in our body flows to our heart better through running.

Because of this, our heart always remains healthy.

Doctors also say that our lifespan can increase by three years because of running.

Due to this, our insulin sensitivity also improves, and our metabolism gets a boost too.

For people who have diabetes, problems with B.P. (blood pressure), digestive issues, and obesity for them, running is one of the best possible solutions.

And not only this, running strengthens our joints, tones our legs, and gives us a strong posture.

You know, a strong posture can make you more attractive.

#3. Running = More Happiness

According to 2020 WHO reports, 56 million Indians suffer from depression in our country, and 38 million Indians suffer from an anxiety disorder.

Running is a habit that can keep us stress-free to some extent.

While running, hormones in your body, such as endorphins, are released, which activates the positive receptors in your mind.

This improves your mood, and you feel active and refreshed.

In this way, running helps us deal with our anxiety and panic disorders.

Running helps you improve the quality of your sleep.

Your muscles grow when you sleep; after a run, you are pleasantly tired enough to fall asleep and let your muscles recover and repair.

For stable mental health, you must try the meditation technique of Monks.

Meditation can change your whole life and how you view the world.

#4. Weight loss

Along with weight loss, improve your body posture and regain your confidence.

Running is excellent for building and boosting your stamina.

Along with stamina, your body composition also changes, where your excess fat is reduced, and your lean muscles are increased.

#5. The Big brain

Did you know that running also makes you smarter?

Don’t you believe me?

Let me break it down for you.

Research says that during our 30s, our brain tissues start reducing.

But due to running, new brain tissues are easily formed, due to which the overall productivity of our brain increases.

For the growth of your brain, running releases a kind of grain matter, due to which, just in a month, a massive number of brain cells are developed.

This is why you can learn things more quickly and efficiently.

If you have problems focusing on something, running can help you improve your memory, concentration, and the overall psychological functioning of your brain, which will help you make better decisions in life.

Running also boosts your creativity, starting to think outside the box.

Bonus Tip: If you are a student, this tip is only for you. If you run before your exam, you will have a more active and sharp mind.

#6.Emotional Stability

Running can give you a stable state of mind.

By running daily, you can easily express and control your emotions.

Not only this, but running can also improve your love life.

Surprised? Well, it’s the truth.

Running brings a positive change in your emotions, allowing you to control your anger issues, reduce your irritation, and start making healthy decisions.

Now that you have been inspired, if you start running, you will also inspire your family and friends.

If you are not motivated enough by yourself, you can always ask your friends and your partner to join you for a run.

And always remember, it doesn’t matter how many kilometers you run.

Consistency is what matters.

I know you loved this post. Thank you in advance for sharing this post.

How Running Can Change Your Life

Running can have a positive impact on our lives in many ways. It can provide physical and mental benefits, and can even help to reduce stress and anxiety. Physically, running can help to improve cardiovascular health and strengthen the muscles in our legs and core, as well as helping to improve balance and coordination. Mentally, running can help to clear the mind, provide a sense of accomplishment, and can even help to increase focus. Additionally, running can provide a great way to connect with nature, explore your local area, and discover new places. Finally, running can be a great way to meet new people, as there are many running clubs and teams around the world. With these benefits in mind, running can truly be a powerful tool for improving our lives.

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