Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students and Why “B” Students Work for the Government Summary

Blog Title: Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students and Why “B” Students Work for the Government Summary
Name: Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students and Why “B” Students Work for the Government: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Education for Parents
Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki
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If you are connected with me through my SeeKen Facebook page then you must be aware that I had completed my engineering in 2016, my marks and grades were decent but still I haven’t taken my engineering degree and certificate, for that certificate and degree I and my parents invested hell lot of time, energy and money.

Today I realize that actually all that was just a waste, will not say completely but almost a waste,  because at start the most important reason for me to do an engineering was to get a good job, and a decent salary almost everyone gets degree for this same purpose, but as I was completing my engineering I realized that in today’s time we can’t earn a lot of money through degree, forget about money we can’t even get a good job with that certificate.

I realized that others free career guidance was of no use , the only thing which was real was books and learning through mentors and gaining knowledge, hence when my friends were busy posting their pics on facebook with engineering degree and certificates by writing that they are so happy finally completed their diploma, at that same time I was busy working on my youtube channel and on my animated book summaries,  which actually helped me to grow and helped me to earn money,  now when I think about my college time, I feel so weird that how much importance I used to give to certificates and degrees,  now for me those  certificates are of no use, this is not only about me, but there are many people for whom certificates and degrees are of no use.

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Example, recently I read logical Indian post where it was shown that more than 10 lakh people applied for a small government post in Madhya Pradesh. India and all those who applied for that post were graduates and post graduates, similarly in Uttar Pradesh, India  for peon janitor job more than 22 lakhs of people applied and most of them were holding Ph.D.’s and post-graduation degrees, you can see this kind of things everywhere, people do have degrees but no job, if I talk about engineers, India produces more engineers compare to any other countries, but sadly, amongst lakhs of engineers only 60 percent of people able to get a job,  and people who able to get a job they work for other fields,  you can get example for this from any engineering student,  majority friends of mine, with whom I completed my engineering and some were toppers even they are working in other fields for small income, meaning if we compare money and years, the things which we had learned earlier has no value in today’s market,  if people want job they need to learn something new by doing extra course  and by investing extra money or by taking any internship, don’t you feel we are behaving or doing stupidity.

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Well even i have taken hell lot of time to understand this simple thing,  however author of today’s book is making us and our parents understand about this, author says the biggest reason for such problems is our mentality and education system, which always encourage people to top in studies but never give financial education,  which is the most important thing to grow in life, because of this what happens, people pass in exams and also becomes topper but still they work for those who were considered as a failure and average as per education system, but reality and fact is this average and failure people are the actual topper of real life,  so today I will share three reasons because of which not from now but since earlier toppers used to work for average and failure people,  after understanding it you might not become topper in your school or college but for sure you will get success in your life. Or maybe you’ll hire those school college toppers in your company so let’s begin.

1. Fear of failure

The biggest reason because of which most of the toppers don’t able to achieve something big in their life is because of their fear of failure, most successful people don’t find education system good because since childhood they were trained like failing is not at all good, and they should never fail in their life,  and they should always top everywhere to grow in life, and if they fail they get different punishments, school doesn’t allow to promote them to next class or standard, parents shout or beat their children even criticize them, society makes fun of such students and they get tortured in various ways,  everyone literally scares them that if they fail in their exams they will not be able to do anything good in their life,  so what happens because of all this negativity child gets nervous and lives life under stress,  and with that pressure that child start working hard so that he/she can get good grades and can pass and can never face failure, works hard to get good college good decent salary and so that all the time can play safe and avoid failure.

Whereas successful people understand that mentality of never getting fail or fear of fail never allow person to do anything great in life, example, if Edison would have ever fear of failure then he would never had invented light bulb,  if colonel sanders would have feared from failure then kfc would never have become such a huge brand,  In fact you can search almost every successful people or billionaire, you will see almost every successful person is a school dropout and a failure, who had face failure many times in their life in various ways,  but still they never fear to failure, because of their failure they able to become successful and able to grow in their life,  they never fear for failure and they never take a job and work for others,

Here I am not saying that education system must encourage students to fail, whereas many successful people do teach this thing to their children in different perspective,  example,  I was reading a successful women story where she was saying, that  every day when her family used to sit together to have dinner, her father who was a successful man,  used to asked his children to tell him about all things they have failed today and what all things you have learned from it, so as its reply when she used to tell her father about all her failiure, then he used to feel happy and used to tell her that next time try something new and come up with a solution,  and next day when she used to tell her father that today she hasn’t faced any failure then he used to feel sad,  by saying that maybe today you haven’t tried doing something new, or you haven’t learned anything new.

This is the way to shape children’s mentality,  that girl learned from her parents that failure is not a bad thing instead its good to fail because through failure we learn something new in our lives and can grow in our life,  and hence with that learning she able to achieve something great in her life and able to create successful life for herself, whereas the person who always fear from failiure never have the courage to do something great like this, these things happens everywhere, usually people who fail in exams, or doesn’t able to do anything good in education system, they eventually start thinking above that education system and their mind becomes sharp and clear regarding earning money, they realize that education is not everything.  And then they work in different ways and able to become successful, whereas on the other side toppers stay trapped under that system in which they perform very well, every one applauds for them,  and by playing safe all the time, they start working under average or failure company.

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2. No financial literacy

Another thing which is not good in education system is, the most important thing which is necessary and important for happiness and for survival is financial knowledge and education system doesn’t teach us nicely about it,  when child becomes capable of learning about important things at that time because of education system child keeps on learning things which are not that important and which is not important in real life, whereas things which are important and necessary in real life such as communication skills, self -confidence, relationship handling, education system neglects it and never teaches us about it. School always teaches us to listen and follow orders which is good till some extent especially for discipline, but this things start indulging servant or employee mentality under students mind.

Author says in order to earn money there are 4 quadrants, first through employment means by doing job can earn money, second through self-employment, means starting own business where its necessary for you to get involve, third by creating business means  where you create such a system, where there is no need for you to stay always, and 4th is through investment, means which is from some extent is a passive income. At school education is provided till first quadrant or max 2nd quadrant, whereas if they teach about 3rd and 4th quadrant then students will able to understand about its value,  and they will able to become big businessman and investor, which is very much important for them and for our country growth as well, America and other countries are way ahead or can say developed because there students are given or provided financial knowledge, since child or at small age they are given knowledge about investment and business investments,  there many entrepreneur programs used to run for students,  whereas here in our country parents and teachers asked us to not discuss about money at all.

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3. Injustice

There is one quote said by An Einstein, Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Today’s education system is somewhat like this,  where everyone means every single student is judge by same old method without understanding their different talent and skills,  which is not at all fair,  because this is somewhat similar like giving marks to money and fish on the basis on their ability to climb a tree, this is one of the major problem of education system still they haven’t learn to handle it properly, because of which students or children’s can’t perform good on things in which they are actually talented and can become topper in that particular thing, now most of the people will think Entire fault is of education system and they needs to be blame,  but its not like this education system has many flaws but instead of blaming we all should try to change it , if not education system then at least change yourself,  we can atleast change ourselves if not education system. How ? you can do that my last point will explain it which is.

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4. About others

Last reason for which make topper works for failure is because they listen to their relatives and neighbors, or can say that they get inpire through wrong people,  means they take suggestion from such people who are not successful by themselves,  about life and about things even they don’t have much idea or knowledge,  instead you should learn from  such people who are successful and knows real world and understand and have knowledge about the real market, do learn from mentors gain knowledge from them,  do read self- help books, all these things will help you in real, I make summary of such books so that not only I grow in my life but along with me even you learn and understand useful knowledge and ability to grow and become successful in your life, and become such huge person who able to hire school colleges toppers in your company.

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This is the end of Why A Students Work for C Students Book Summary. This knowledge I have shared from the book why A student works for C students book by Robert Kiyosaki,  if you want to increase financial knowledge then you must read this book,  this book Robert has written especially for parents, if you are a parent who hasn’t read Rich Dad Poor Dad then do read this book for sure.

Download Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students For Free at: Audible
Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students Book available in English at: Amazon

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