How To Deal With Insecurities

How To Deal With Insecurities

Insecurity – uncertainty or anxiety about oneself, lack of confidence, the state of being open to danger or threat or lack of protection. Do you ever feel that you have the potential to achieve what you desire, but still there’s something which is holding you back? Do you feel jealous in your relationship? Do you feel insecure in your personal and professional life, do you feel threatened and inadequate in some way.

To be very frank feeling insecure at some point in our lives, is very-very normal and we all feel insecure at a certain point of our lives, But Chronic Insecurity becomes the biggest obstacle in your life, it becomes the biggest reason to ruin your personal and professional life. Chronic insecurity Moves you away from your happy peaceful life. The actions which you take in chronic insecurity can put your relationships and work life on stake. Hence understand that anything extra can ruin the taste. In chronic Insecurity the biggest mistake which we do is we assume a lot, we start assuming unnecessary stuff which has nothing to do with reality. For example, we ask too many questions to our partner on the basis of assumptions, and even if our partner says the truth, still we assume that they are not saying the complete truth. Insecurity in relationships slowly and gradually harms the truth which eventually becomes the biggest reason for the sour relationship.

Sometimes the reason for insecurity in a relationship occurs, if at some point the opposite partner must have hidden about something, or must have lied about something. hence to deal with such insecurities, then this insecurity occurs due to some reasons, hence it won’t be considered as chronic insecurity, here couple should sort it out by talking to each other, like why he/she lied, will that relationship work or not this way etc. and to make that relationship work again opposite partner who lied or hidden something must regain that trust, by always being truthful to his or her partner. And this can be done through genuine actions and continuous communication. Most of the insecurities can be dealt through talking. We usually assume more than talking, but the actual thing we should do in order to deal with insecurities is we should talk to one another.

One of the biggest reasons for the sour relationships is Insecurity and in order to deal with it and in order to overcome it you should cross the biggest obstacle and that is Lack of communication and Assumption. Hence instead of assuming go and talk to your partner, tell them how you feel and what makes you insecure and then notice their gesture, if your partner is true to you he/she will stick and if he/she is not then you will eventually come to know, Just don’t assume talk and sort.

Chronic Insecurity makes relationship poisonous, because Over-insecure person always asks for reassurance, always stay jealous, an over-insecure person is always accusing and snooping. As Insecurity grows- the relationship falls. Hence if you want to protect your relationship, then instead of assuming start talking, instead of expecting your partner to be truthful, first you become the role model, you stay honest to your partner.

Many people believe that insecurity usually comes from something their partner did or said, but actually, insecurity comes from inside us. The majority of insecurity in a relationship is based on irrational thoughts and fears- the insecure partner feels that he/she is not good enough, he/she may lose his/her partner if they don’t keep an eye, they are nothing without their partner, he/she can get better than me or that they are not truly lovable etc.

How To Deal With Insecurities:

1) Identify

What makes you insecure?  What are the reasons you feel insecure? Is that has to do anything with your past experiences? Ask yourself questions, like is your insecurity has anything to do with reality for example: your partner is really very good to you, he always care for you, supports you, always keep you informed about his daily routine still you feel insecure, then that insecurity has nothing to do with reality, You must know the reason for your insecurity, You must know on which level your insecurity is going. Because little-bit of insecurity can be dealt with easily, but if it becomes chronic then it will ruin you鈥檙e everything, hence understand the level of insecurity you face and why you feel insecure. Answer these questions genuinely and be truthful.

2) Be independent

A healthy relationship is made of two healthy-people, Becoming too dependent on each other can cause a very serious problem, hence be independent, have some sense of freedom in your relationship, talk and come to one common ground, because healthy relationship needs freedom and space. Because after all, every person has an individual life too, hence have some sense of freedom.

3) Talk don’t assume

The biggest reason for the failure of any relationship, whether the relationship of father and son or mother and daughter, or boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife- The reason most of the relationship fails is that the lack of communication, Humans expects other people to understand without they explaining to them. Human has a bad habit of assumption and the worst thing is they believe that whatever they assume is true. if you want to protect your relationships then talk what you feel only then you will get to know the truth, assuming and forming your own answers will only make things worse, hence in order to know the reality, you are supposed to talk.

4) Have self-esteem

Most of the insecurities are formed because people don’t think well about themselves, they don’t realize their self-worth. They believe that they are not good enough hence their partner can be attracted to someone else. This lower self-worth is what makes you unattractive. Hence have self-confidence. Believe in yourself and always stay around positive people. Always have a positive talk, always believe that you are a unique creature of god just like everybody.

Being Jealous, being Insecure, feeling unstable, feeling frustrated etc all negative things happens in every individuals life at some point of time, But it should be for some time, if these negative energies stay in you for a longer time then you should start dealing with it, because AS I ALWAYS SAY “ANYTHING EXTRA RUINS THE TASTE.” And these negative energies have the capability to ruin every aspect of your life. Hence understand the importance of talking and being positive- these two things have the capability of solving many issues.

Thank You.

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