Signs Proves You Are Lucky

Signs Proves You Are Lucky

Signs Proves You Are Lucky. I’ve heard many people saying- I am too unlucky, my luck doesn’t support me, that person is rich because he is lucky, that person is not successful because he/she is unlucky, she always tops in the class- what a lucky girl, oh man he has such a cute girlfriend-what a lucky man. Like seriously, all of it happens because of luck. No, I don’t think so. I do believe that we create our own luck and lack of it.

Luck depends on how quick we are towards the opportunity. How much desire, passion we have related to something. Luck depends on how open we are towards taking chances and how quick we are towards making decisions. Luck depends on our decisions and believes. If you always play safe, even after getting opportunities, still you stick to that same place, and later crib that you are unlucky, your friends are doing great compared to you, and all of it is happening because you are unlucky or because they are lucky. Then this attitude is something which makes you unlucky. Not accepting your fault and responsibilities is what makes you Unlucky, not working hard; not being alert for opportunities is what makes you unlucky.

In this world Every individual faces different phases of life- All go through many ups and downs, but people who give up and gets defeated by those problems are the ones who are unlucky- because they don’t have fighting spirit (and these are the actual people who always have a belief that others don’t have problems, God is making them suffer, God has made them unlucky) But the actual fact is Every individual faces problems some gets defeated and some defeats those problems and shine. People who fight with problems are usually the one who shines and become something great in life.

Good things happen to some people; this has nothing to do with luck. It happens because those people are extrovert and are more likely to connect with people and when you have good connection getting opportunities becomes easier, hence it’s their nature and hard work and efforts which make them lucky, no one gets anything without giving something in Exchange. If you expect to get food without moving out of your house then that’s never going to happen, In order to become lucky, you are supposed to do something.

Lucky people are those who are positive, who always believe in positivity, who are solution makers and people who have the power to visualize themselves in a happy space and has intentions to go there. Dealing with negativity but still hang on the positive spirit is the stuff that luck is made of.

1) Attitude of gratitude

It’s not about luck but yes it is about Attitude. Your attitude towards life is what makes you lucky and unlucky. If you are the person who gets up every day and counts your blessings and all the good things you have in your life then yes you are lucky, because many people don’t have this attitude. Hence be lucky to have such a great attitude.

2) Positive outlook

If you have trained your mind to see good in every situation then trust me you are the luckiest person living on this earth. Because having such positivity in your life can only give you happiness, peace, and joy. Hence consider yourself the luckiest person if you have such a positive outlook. You can trigger your positive emotion too.

3) Believe in yourself

No matter what people say to you, no matter how much others criticize you. If you have believed in yourself. If you believe that one day you will show them your potential by reaching the top or by achieving what you always desire. Then trust me this believing attitude is what makes you lucky. Because there are many people who don’t believe in themselves, who lack this factor

4) Humanity

We are losing humanity, this world needs people who are kind, humble and helpful. If you have empathy for others then yes you are lucky. Because having a soft heart in this cruel world is not a weakness but strength. And having such a great strength is what makes you lucky.

5) Living in the moment

It is very well said “The Past is behind, learn from it. Future is Ahead Prepare for it. The present is Here, Live it.”

Never hold on your past, never be very anxious about your future and never ruin your present. Because these present moments will never come back again, hence live it and make the best decisions.

6) Decision and not giving up

Always make good decisions, because we never understand the value of decisions unless it goes wrong. Hence be a good decision maker, but if you fail to make a right decision, then don’t crib on it for a very long time, just accept the fault, learn from it and move towards the solution. Just Remember Never Give up in your life, Because Not Giving Up attitude is what makes you Lucky.

7) Good habits

Having a good habit is one of the key factors of being lucky, yes good habits decide whether you are lucky or not, hence always form a good habit. Because your habit will decide your future and will become the biggest reason for “TODAY’S” happiness and peace, hence always form a good habit.

8) Mentality

Your mentality, your perspective towards life is what makes you lucky if you have a growth mindset, then you are lucky. If you see things in a larger perspective, then you are lucky. For example fixed mindset people believe that people are born lucky, however, growth mindset people believe that luck is created by us, people create their own luck. fixed mindset people usually avoid feedback, they live in prejudices however growth mindset people never fear from feedbacks and they are usually open-minded, they listen to others, don’t have pre-conceived notions.

9) Learning never ends

If you come under those people who believe that learning and gaining knowledge never stops, then you are lucky. If you come under those people who believe that after completing college, actual learning starts then you are lucky. If you believe that knowledge will always pay you back that too with interest then you are lucky because in this world many people run away from knowledge, books, and information because they find it boring. But if you are one of them who believes that learning is earning then you are lucky.

Note- Never trust half knowledge, because half knowledge is worse than ignorance. If you are a knowledge gainer and believes in actual facts and acts wisely by not getting into unnecessary arguments and YOU ALSO WANT TO FIGHT WITH IGNORANCE- Then Trust me you are a “lucky” person.

10) Passion

If you know yourself nicely and you know what you desire and what you want in your life, then you are the luckiest person living on earth. Because many people are unaware of what they want, what they like, what are their weaknesses and what are their strength. If you know your passion and work which makes you feel alive. Then yes you are definitely a very lucky person.

But here you don’t need to worry, because I know many people are unaware of their passion. Hence, therefore, I have created a “PASSION PRODUCT.” Which will for sure help you to know your passion. Hence in order to know the “LAUNCH DATE OF THE PRODUCT” Stay connected to us on our Social media pages-Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Instagram.

Thank You.

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  1. The ones that are married with a family were very extremely lucky, and the ones like us were very unlucky since we definitely were punished by God unfortunately. Go figure.

  2. Absolute shit! some people can do nothing with there life don’t try at anything just get get pissed & piss people off…. but they somehow get everything they need in life if not more! and win things! etc

  3. A positive attitude and no complaints when things go against you. The mind of a lucky person sees the world in a positive “picture “ and avoids the negativity of people’s reactions to their “bad luck”. It is a mindset of the fortunate among us, just the observations of a LUCKEY MAN.

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