How To Read Effectively

How To Read Effectively

How To Read Effectively. I have shared many blogs regarding how important reading is. There’s no doubt that Reading is good for our mind, for our health and creativity. The more quality books we read the better it would be for us. Reading for many of us is a great source of joy, perspectives and ideas which help us to grow personally and professionally. We all know its benefits of reading but still many of us struggle to read more. We want to read a book but fail to do so and even if we manage to read more, we struggle to fully grasp it and fail to remember what we have read earlier.

I have countered many questions related to how to effectively read, learn and implement from self-help books. Hence for that reason, I have compiled 5 effective reading strategies which will not only help you on how to read effectively but also make you understand what you have read and also make reading enjoyable for you.

1) Choose wisely

Before you start reading a book there are certain questions you need to ask yourself first.

– What you already know
– What more you want to know
– Is what I am reading useful?
– Will I get what I want?

Thousands of books get published every year. It’s you who needs to know which one is meant for you. You need to read books which are really required by you. Asking such questions before reading will give you a foundation to build on and something which you are truly looking out of the book. Read a book with a certain objective in your mind.

2) Thinking process

Don’t take reading a task. Read to understand, to learn. Don’t read as if someone has kept you under a gunpoint. Read and understand what the author is actually trying to say and what actually you are learning from it. Whether it makes sense or not, does that thing truly helps you to grow? While reading takes some pauses to understand each and every part. Understand the meaning behind them. Through this, you will improve your thinking process.

3) Visualizing

While reading visualise each and every word sentence which you read if you come across any difficult part take a pause and visualize in your mind what you’ve read. Create a mental image of what you are reading. Give your imagination wings. If you face difficulty in imagination then you can learn how to improve imagination. This will help you remember not only what you read and understood, but how it looks as it is functioning.

4) Take notes

Never forget to take notes, Make your notes as brief as you can. Constantly review, add and revise as necessary while you continue to read. Use simple headings and sub-headings for your notes, so that whenever you want to revise, you can easily find them. Get some tips on how to start a daily writing habit. Use only those words in your notes which are easy for you to understand. If you find any difficult word while reading, don’t just move on without understanding it. Take a pause search a meaning and write it above that difficult word, so that when you read that same book again you don’t have to search it again and can understand it more properly.

5) Implementation

This is the part which most of the people miss. They read books take notes and just forget the most important part and that is implementing. Taking actions and implementing ideas is all that books try to convey. To be an effective reader you must learn to implement what you learned. In 8 Things Successful People Do Differently article I have shared how successful implement things.

You just can’t read and keep in mind, you suppose to do something, you lock that learning in your mind and that something is implementing the ideas you learn through the book. Don’t just read and make notes, come out of Theory, Do things in real.

This is the end of How To Read Effectively.
Thank You.

Do share more ideas on Effective reading, which must have helped you. So That it can help others.

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  1. Thanks seeken your videos and blogs really helped me. And I would like to request you please start podcast of book summaries. If you do so. I owe you.

  2. I am yoga instructor and fitness instructor I found difficult to choose between fitness book and self healing or business books.i like to read and listen your video but still find difficult to read fitness book.i like both.

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