Effects Of Procrastination

Effects Of Procrastination

What are the Effects of Procrastination?

Have you ever find yourself preparing a to-do-list but fail to complete a task as per that to-do-list. You find your to-do-list out of control and it triggers you mental and physical response, and not following your daily schedule makes you feel guilty stressed and also lowers your self-confidence. Reason for not completing your to-do-list is nothing but effects of procrastination. Your procrastination easily shifts your mood from I can do this to outright panic. Your lazy behavior makes you shift your work from today to some other day, and these things freeze your progress. It destroys your energy and enthusiasm and makes lowers your confidence.

The Procrastination Equation: How to Stop Putting Things Off and Start Getting Stuff Done

People easily procrastinate by putting todays work on tomorrow by making many excuses, and this procrastinations never allows you to manage your work properly,  If you delay your todays work for tomorrow by making many excuses and if you do it on a daily basis then this excuse will become your permanent habit and one’s habit gets formed especially bad habit, it becomes impossible to change it, if you feel that changing years of bad habit in just a second is possible then, unfortunately, you are living in the wrong world, because ones procrastination becomes your habit, then you’ll find yourself giving excuses for every small work, and this habit will for sure stop your progress and will never able to understand your own potential.

Hence before procrastination becomes your habit and before it starts destroying your success journey progress, start replacing your bad habit with good ones. You can’t remove your bad habit (procrastination) but you can for sure replace it with good habits. You must understand that procrastination can make easy work hard and hard work harder. For example, if you procrastinate your easy work today then it will for sure become harder when you reach the deadline. Hence always prepare your to-do-list priority wise and always complete it on time, because time flies and it never comes back, hence if you procrastinate today’s work on tomorrow then you need to shift your tomorrow work on day after tomorrow and this way your stress level will go up and will also create a lot of confusion in your mind, hence understand and don’t allow procrastination to make your easy work hard.

Let’s discuss some reasons why people easily procrastinate and what are the effects of procrastination:

1. Discipline problem

People easily procrastinate because they have lack of discipline quality in them, they don’t understand the value of discipline, people who are disciplined they always complete their work as per their priority but people with lack of discipline quality will make excuse and say “ I will complete or do this work after sometime.” And that time never comes and when it comes it becomes too late. Hence have discipline while following a to-do list.

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2. Having fear

People who easily procrastinate usually have fear in them, fear of failure, they feel that certain work can’t be done by them, it’s not their cup of tea and if they try and fail what will other say and think about them, and this fear of failure trigger them mentally and physically and don’t allow them to complete task properly.

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3. Mind full of other stuff

People who easily procrastinate usually don’t live in the moment, they don’t focus on one work their mind stays on other things as well, they do some other work and think about something else, and this two-sided attention makes our brain tired hence chances of procrastination increases, hence always focused on one thing.

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4. If find difficult easily excuse for next day

Most of the people do this, if they find any work or any project little difficult or if they find any project taking extra effort or time, they shift it to some other day, they say that it might take some extra efforts hence I should put it for some other day, and they keep on repeating this same excuse unless they don’t get the deadline and with deadline pressure also comes, hence always eat frog first, means complete your hardest and the most difficult task first.

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5. I like an adrenaline rush

I have heard many people saying that I like working under pressure, pressure motivates me and make me work faster and when they get pressure, they say I wish I would have at least done some work earlier, would have found easier now.

Some people waste most of their time or other not so useful work and when they start getting pressure they spend whole day and night working on that same project which they would have completed earlier very easily,  and because of last moment pressure they put their health on the line, they destroy not only their progress but their health too, hence understand the importance of working as per to-do-list and understand the procrastination is a bad habit and it only makes your easy work harder.

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These are the 5 reasons, why people easily procrastinate and what are the effects of procrastination.

How to stop procrastination:

Always set priorities.

Never give a second thought to your important work, because the moment you give second thought your brain will start taking that work lightly and will start feeling as if it’s not that important.

Limit your distraction, do deep work, set a timer, and in that time you just have to work and you can’t do anything apart then your work. For example, if you set 30 minutes timer then in that 30 minutes you just have to work and nothing else no social media no cell phone nothing.

Set small easy goal first, because if you set big goals and fail to complete it then this will lower your confidence, hence set small goals complete it, this will increase your confidence and make you feel that yes you can do it.

Always understand you have a lot of potentials, just because of procrastination don’t let go your potential.

This is the end of Effects Of Procrastination & how can you stop Procrastination. Thank you, do comment and share.

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