Money Myths

Money Myths

What is Money Myths?

I have heard many times people saying don’t bring money into any relationship, it can affect your relationship and money can destroy or can ruin happiness in any relationship, but I disagree with this money myths. It’s not money who destroys any relationship, its hope, commitment, expectation, lying etc., which destroys a relationship. For example, if you lend some money to your friend and expect him to give it to you back on time (here you expect means you don’t tell him to give, because you are expecting that he’ll by himself understand and give), but if he doesn’t return you even he is capable to do so because he has an assumption that friends give and take, there is no need to return, then this miscommunication, expectation and assumption will make your relationship sour, not money, suppose someone lend you money and you make a commitment to another person, that on a particular day you will return to him, but that particular day passed still you haven’t returned him this lack of commitment will not only make your relationship sour but also gives reason to another person not to trust you again.

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If you would have return money to him on time, then this would make you look more trustworthy and next time your friend would have lent you money again if you would be in need that too without giving a single thought, because he would have trusted you because of earlier experience and he knew that you stand on your words, but if you look less committed and if you don’t stand on your words then next time getting money chances will for sure gets vanish.

People hope a lot, I have heard that entire world lives on hope, for me people only hope when they are not sure about anything, people hope situation gets better without they doing anything about it, people hope everything to go well, but things will not go well unless and until you don’t do anything for it, No one will come to you and make everything right for you, you by yourself need to handle situation and your way of handling situation will make things right, not hope,  hope will only keep you in dreams and never allow you to face reality, And to do something huge in life you need to face the reality and you need to learn to handle situations properly. People hope God will do things for them, No You have given a free will, hence it’s you who will do things for yourself.

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For example, Someone is in need, and ask you for money, hence instead of saying no directly, you give them a “Hope” You say that will tell them later or will assure them by end of the day or month, and as days pass you stop receiving their call, you will stop answering them you start ignoring them, this thing will not only make them feel broken, will not only break their hope, but this will affect their emotions negatively, they will never trust anybody in this world, Hope not only kills relationships, bonds but it makes person feel devastated, because breaking someone’s hope means playing with someone’s emotions and playing with someone’s emotions should be the biggest guilt a person can ever have.

Hence we people should stop blaming money for ruining any relationship, it’s commitment, expectation, lying, assumptions  lack communication and hope which kills relationship, Money is a necessity, and money gives power and respect, If you have money, you don’t need to ask for anyone’s help and you can help needy people and without expecting anything in return, Having money and having good kind heart is really very important in this world, because having money and not having good heart will not get you respect, it will give power but not respect, but having money and a kind heart will give everything to you and will also make your life satisfied happier and peaceful.

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Today will discuss two major money myths people have:

1. Money Myths – Kills Couples Romance

Most of the people believe that talking about money can kill couples romance and can make a couple feel irritated, but actually as per research talking about finances makes a relationship stronger; it brings understanding and makes a relationship more smooth and comfortable. But as I always say and it might be a 100th time I am saying the same thing but Anything extra can spoil the taste, hence regular talking about finances can be sometimes irritated, hence you need to know when talking and discussing money and finances can go well.

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2. Money Myths – You Can Take Your Loved Ones Money Without Permission

Family, relationships and strong friendship or childhood friendship is a kind of informal relationship, in such relationship we don’t always need to be perfect, we behave the way we wanted to, because we know these people will always going to be with us, they’ll be around us forever, They love us they will always support us no matter what, But thinking that taking their money without their permission will not bring any huge difference is the biggest myth you can ever believe.

We have family friends and relationships, they are the most important people but we should never forget they are individuals as well, everyone has their own lives and hence every person’s individuality should be respected. Taking your loved ones money is not a crime or a bad thing but without asking them without taking their permission can make a difference, because they expect from you certain things and you need to stand on their expectation, taking money will not affect them but not asking them before doing it will make you look less trustworthy and can make your relationship sour, it’s not about money, it’s about emotions, expectations and trust.

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Do share your views about myth related to money,

Thank you, do comment and share.

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  1. 1st of all, thanks & congratulations for the subject you choose.
    Now a days money is God for everyone so the things that describes in this is 100% correct.
    My frnd who needs money for his personal work, so he went to his best frnd who had sufficient money in there account bt 1st he refused to have bt after too much requesting he agreed to pay 50% of the amount he required.
    So in our mind nigative thinking take place for the frnds like this…
    Afterall It’s a human tendency…

    Thank you…

  2. I remembered the best dialogue in film 3Idiots
    ” Dhan hota sab k pass par deta koi nahi,
    Sab chhupa k rakhti”
    It’s 100% true….

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  4. Thank you for this knowledge
    Can you please write a summary of any book which gives knowledge about how to be consistent in our world

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