Myth of Weakness

The Myth of Weakness

The Myth of Weakness.

We live in the world where we can hear myths in every aspect of our lives. Sometimes we people don’t understand whether the stories shared to us by our society and by our friends and family is a myth or real, should we believe those stories and rules or it’s just a myth, as I always say everything in this world has two sides just like a coin, Everything has pros and cons. Myths can sometimes act beneficially and sometimes it can be dangerous, hence we people should know the difference between right and wrong, when we know what is right and what is wrong, then we people can take decisions and can make choices properly and accordingly.

For example, if you are aware of the story which says, that if black cat crosses your way then it means something bad will happen, then it’s on you, whether you take that story seriously and should take the other way to reach your destination, or should move on with that same route and reach your destination on time, It’s all about You and your mind. Hence it’s your choice; at what time what decision you must take to make your life better.

Today I will share some myths related to our emotions, there are many myths related to our emotions, we people don’t much talk about emotions because we had heard that people who share their emotions and feelings look weak and others always take advantage of their emotions and weaknesses, if you cry you are weak, if you share you look weak, no all this saying is nothing but just a myth, We humans are emotional creatures and we are made with emotions, so crying laughing is common, But always cribbing and regretting is not common, hence we must understand everything by all aspects, crying one time for some reasons is good, but crying every time for that same reason isn’t good, because it will not help you to move ahead, crying every  time is not about weakness, but crying cribbing regretting and being negative for same reason will not help you to improve and move on towards your journey.

Hence there is a huge difference between a myth of weakness, and not good for improvement. Today will share some myths or misconception related to certain emotions.

1. Guys don’t feel the pain

We all are humans, we all are made with the same soil, hence we all feel pain emotionally or physically, it’s just some show and some doesn’t, but it doesn’t mean guys boys man doesn’t feel the pain, we all are emotional creatures, we feel pain when something hurt us, and its natural to cry, hence next time when you see a man crying don’t say that man don’t cry, everyone in this world cry for some reasons, and its normal and natural, hence crying is not a weakness, instead crying is gaining strength.

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2. Doing mistake is wrong

No one in this world can day that they haven’t made any mistake in their lives, everyone who tries something new make mistake, and if you don’t make mistake means you are standing still and not moving forward , you are still in that comfort zone where you haven’t faced the reality, hence making mistake is not a crime, repeating same mistake again and again is not good and it’s a choice, hence never afraid to make mistake, because mistakes are the proof that you are trying, but always try new useful things which moves you towards improvement and betterment of your life.

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3. Asking help shows you weak

Asking help at time of need shows that you have courage you accept that something isn’t going right, and you need someone’s help and support so that you can come out from that bad time, asking helps shows that you have strength and you are brave enough to show the world that yes even you can feel depressed, but you have the courage to move out from that depression and stress, you have the courage to again stand and face the world, taking help of your loved ones, mentors or family is not a weakness but a courage and strength.

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4. Myth you can’t control emotions

This is true that we are emotional creatures, but we have the power to control our emotions, controlling emotions requires practice and ones you master that art you will for sure understand that yes controlling emotions is possible, for example, whenever you feel sad upset instead of listening bad music sad music, listen to energetic music, listen motivating and inspiring stories, read inspirational mentor books or else talk to your friend family, and instead of assuming bad things and continuously saying your mind that you are upset about something, tell yourself that you are ok all good and you have strength and everything is alright with you and within you, this fake it until you make it principle will for sure help you to change your reality.

If acting fake can change you for something good and better then there is nothing bad about it, but even here it’s your choice whether you want to fake for good reasons or bad reasons, as I always say choice is always yours, because we have free will, use it for good or bad it’s on you.

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5. Sharing emotions feelings is sign of weakness

Sharing your feelings and how you feel isn’t a sign of weakness instead it’s a sign of true strong bond, usually communication gap happens because people feel that if they share what they feel then people will laugh at them, will not understand, will show sympathy, but things aren’t like this having that one friend or special someone with whom you can share your bad things good things will make you feel good, will make you feel satisfied and will help you to move in the right direction,

Hence having that one special good friend or loved one isn’t bad or isn’t a weakness, you just need to be sure that someone special is trustworthy and loyal.

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