10 Ways Quickly Ruin Your Life

How to quickly ruin your life? Why this article?

Because these types of anti-tutorials are kind of a way to bring these darker aspects of our psyche and our behaviors into the light rather than keeping them secret and not talking about them.

It’ll help you reflect on your negative tendencies to recognize how silly you are. It’ll help you recognize your negative thought patterns and behaviors.

1. Eliminate Your Goals

  1. Don’t orient yourself towards a north star, and don’t develop a vision for what your life could be like. Doing this will make it impossible to progress because without a goal, how do you know you’re progressing?
  2. Eliminate any desire to get yourself out of a suboptimal situation, subscribe to the idea that this is just the way life is, and this is all I can be. It’s not hopelessness; it’s self-acceptance.
  3. Use loving yourself as an excuse to spin your wheels and mentally deteriorate.
  4. Confuse self-love with self-neglect, and wander through life not knowing why you’re here.

2. Stay Inside

  1. Don’t expose yourself to the light, don’t be a person in the world, stay hidden, and operate in the shadows.
  2. Never subject yourself to the judgment of others, close yourself off from new information and new perspectives, and let algorithms create deep grooves of repeated behavior and topics.
  3. Catering only to your already limited interests until you’re viewing the same things and thinking the same thoughts for the rest of your life.
  4. Allow your mind to shrink and, with it, your world.

3. Avoid risk

  1. If something’s risky, don’t do it. You don’t wanna end up like that one guy who did that thing and lost everything; what was his name again?
  2. Assume that by avoiding risk, you avoid pain, believe that the people who made it big in life made obvious beneficial decisions with little perceivable downsides, and wait for that clear opportunity to come around for you.
  3. Never ask for a raise, tell a risky joke, or stand up for what you think is right.
  4. Never apply for a job unless you know you’ll get it.
  5. Never ask somebody out unless you know for sure that they’re interested.
  6. Don’t put your hand up because your question might be stupid.
  7. Always wait for the obvious play because it’ll present itself eventually, right?

4. Overthink

  1. Let every decision you make, no matter how minute, requires deep brooding, “think.” Assume that your logic is foolproof.
  2. Get lost in the cobwebs of your mind, divorced from external scrutiny.
  3. Develop your theories about everything, and never bounce these ideas off other people; bounce them off yourself.

5. Consume

  1. Always consume more than you produce.
  2. Keep your brain entertained, not by your creative endeavors, but by other people making stuff.
  3. Fill your mind, not with great art or education, but with content.
  4. Willingly subject yourself to the influence of those who encourage further consumption.
  5. Constantly stay up to date with reviews, rumors, and comparisons.
  6. Motivate yourself, not by fostering virtue, but by accumulating objects, pay your dues regularly to remain in this cycle, and if consumption becomes compulsive, even better, now you don’t have to think about it.

6. Criticism

  1. Don’t surround yourself with people who keep you in check, challenge your viewpoints, and offer differing perspectives.
  2. Spend time only with those who think how you think, and act how you act.
  3. Constantly judge those who live differently, and be quick to shut down any discussion of matters you’re convicted on, especially ones you’re emotional about.
  4. Let your ego blind you from any real growth, and go through life believing that you have the correct viewpoint on things, politics, religion, and relationships.
  5. Never learn what it feels like to have your belief system challenged because that’s uncomfortable.

7. Be Secretive

  1. Never expose your darker side to anyone for any reason, and don’t let anybody know about the bad things you’ve done or the things you struggle with.
  2. Let your addictions blossom in secret, where they continue to gain power.
  3. Develop a tendency to hold your thoughts, actions, and emotions close to your chest. Be proactive in maintaining a facade of perfection.
  4. Never let anyone suspect that you could have flaws, struggles, or any normal human weakness.
  5. Just focus on the act; the show must go on; let what you do in the shadows stay there, rotting you from the inside.

8. Avoid Conflict

  1. If something bothers you, don’t mention it. If someone wrongs you, tell them it’s okay; we’re good, bro.
  2. Never let your disapproval show on the surface.
  3. Let your resentment build slowly over time.
  4. Don’t correct mistakes as they happen; pretend not to see them or hear them. After all, talking about anything uncomfortable is not something you wanna do.
  5. You don’t want people to think you’re terrible; you’re friendly and easy to get along with; at least, that’s what you hope people say about you.
  6. Let brief disagreements remain unaddressed. Have an elephant in every room.
  7. Let the unsaid fester and grow to evolve gradually into an overwhelming resentment.
  8. Just try not to snap because that makes you look like the wrong person. It’s okay if you slowly start to hate everyone around you as long as they don’t hate you.

Play RuneScape and Be Pessimistic

  1. Always find a way to put a negative spin on things, like a demon on your shoulder convincing you that things are worse than they are.
  2. Complain compulsively that you have to go to work instead of that you get to, lament about all these things you have to do as if you’re a child being sent to bed.
  3. Get so used to complaining that you can no longer recognize when something good happens to you.
  4. Everything is terrible; everything sucks; cling zealously to narratives that weaken you rather than build you up.
  5. Believe that nothing you ever do will end up working because you’re playing a losing game, that no habit you try to implement will ever stick. After all, they never have before.
  6. Defeat yourself before you even start, be the demon on your shoulder, and reflect only on the negative aspects of yourself until they’re all you can see.
  7. Swaddle yourself in the despair of inaction, and convince yourself that that’s somehow less painful than action.
  8. So, if you’re generally pretty happy and want things to seem a little less bright, then you’re in luck because if you follow this advice, you’ll probably ruin the rest of your life.

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