Get Anyone to Do Anything Summary - Review

Get Anyone to Do Anything Summary & Review


Q. Who is the author of Get Anyone to Do Anything book
A.David J. Lieberman

Q. Who is the Publisher of Get Anyone to Do Anything book
A. St. Martin’s Press

Q. Release Date of Get Anyone to Do Anything book
A. April 1, 2010

Q. What is the size of Get Anyone to Do Anything book
A. 208 pages

About Author:

Before talking about the book “Get Anyone to Do Anything Summary” let’s first discuss the book’s author David J.Lieberman. He is an internationally Renowned, award-winning and pioneering leader in the fields of human behavior and interpersonal relationships. David has authored hundreds of articles, as well as eleven published books which have translated into 27 languages. His books have sold more than 3,000,000 copies worldwide. Lieberman is a world-renowned speaker, VIP COACH And media consultant and also a National Columnist.


In “Get Anyone to Do Anything Summary” author says that the core of each relationship and the core of getting people to do something for you, is getting them like you, through this book you can get anyone to find you attractive, get the instant advantage in any relationship, get anyone to take your advice, you can change the stubborn person mind, you can make anyone do anything for you, through this book you can learn to get anyone to do anything for you.

Let’s begin with Get Anyone to Do Anything Summary:

Law 1) Law of association

The law of association says that whatever people feel around you, will be passed on to you, the law of association is discussed in more detail throughout this book, but it has a very specific application here, author says, in short, by pairing yourself with pleasurable stimuli another will begin to associate you with this feelings, studies concluded that if you are planning your vacation then you would associate those favourable feelings with whoever was around you at that time, and you subsequently like the person more, author says that it works conversely too, for example, if you are facing a stomach ache then people who were around you during your bad mood becomes unconscious victim of the circumstances and you tend to like them less, hence author says that if you want other people to like you try talking to them in a  good mood or when they are excited about something, because feelings are anchored and associated with you, hence when you talk to someone in their or your good mood people will then come to have positive feelings towards you,

Author has shared some extra powerful points which can help you to understand whether the person is in the good mood or not

Author says sometimes it can be hard to understand people mood, whether they are in good mood or not, hence you can understand it through their body language, you can see whether their smile is genuine and wide, whether their smile covers their entire face or just lips, and also see their eye contact because eyes are the strong indicator of mood.

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Law 2) Repeat Exposure

Here author says that the more you interact with people, the more they will come to like you, however, it depends on your initial reaction and conversation, whether it was positive or negative.

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Law 3) Reciprocal affection

author says many research and studies have proved that we tend to like those people, who like us, when we humans come to know that someone thinks good for us, then unconsciously even our mind starts thinking good about them and we start liking them, hence if you want someone to like you then do let them know that you always think and wish good for them.

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Law 4) Similarities

 Author says that it is not true that opposite attracts, actually we like more those people who are similar to us and who have similar interest like us, author says that we may find someone interesting because of how different they are from us, but its the similarities and common things that generate mutual liking.

author says that LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE, when you meet with someone like you, then you will have common topics to discuss and talk on, you will talk on the topics which you both enjoy, author says the “COMRADES IN ARMS” Is also somewhat similar to similarity law, author says that people who go through same life-changing situations together tend to create a significant bond.

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Law 5) How you make her feel

Author says that how someone feels about is highly and greatly depends and determined by how you make them feel about themselves, author says that making other people feel great about themselves is what matters and it is what makes all the difference, you always feel great around people who are complementary and sincerely kind and warm, conversely it is so annoying to be with people who always talk negative who always crib and always find fault with everything and everyone, hence staying with complimentary and nice people really matters, hence if you want others to like you then be genuinely warn sincere and kind person, and always make other feel good or great about themselves.

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Law 6) Rapport

Author says that Rapport creates trust, it allows you to build a psychological bridge to someone, author says that conversation is likely to be more positive and comfortable when two people are in “SYNC” With each other, author says that the way we like someone who has similar interest like us, same way we tend to like someone unconsciously when they appear As we Do, Means when someones makes gestures the way we do or uses words or phrases as we do, then we for sure tend to like them, Rapport building makes someone like you and find you interesting.

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Law 7) Helping her out

Here author says we tend to dislike someone when we harm them intentionally or by accident, author says that when we harm someone by accident then our subconscious mind starts telling us that we harmed them because they deserve it otherwise we wouldn’t be so careless similarly author says that we tend to like someone when we do something good for someone, our subconscious mind starts telling us that we did good for them because they are good and we like them.

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Law 8) He’s only human

Here author says that when you see someone you admire doing something stupid and clumsy that thing will make you like them more, author says that when you show others that you don’t take yourself so seriously then this thing will make them more protective about you and make them feel more closer to you and want to be around you.

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Law 9) Positive attitude

Author earlier discussed about that we tend to like person who are similar to us, but like always, there’s always an exception, we don’t like someone who is moody, often pissed-off, pessimistic person, we all want, like and admire those people who are positive, have happy outlook and perspective on life, because rear is all what we want, hence we see such desirable spirit on others then such people look attractive to us and we tend to like them more.

hence if you want someone to like you then have a positive attitude.

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This is the end of “Get Anyone to Do Anything Summary”. Let us know if you want another part of the book.

This book contains many more sections and chapters hence if you like “Get Anyone to Do Anything Summary” and want to read a physical book then can get it through this link:

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