How to Read a Book Fast

How to Read a Book Fast – 15 Minutes Trick

How to Read a Book Fast:

1) Read quietly
2) Know your speed
3) Eyes exercise
4) Practice
5) Use guide

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How to Read a Book Fast: There are three stages of reading, the first stage, where people don’t know the benefits of reading hence they never try to read a single book. The second stage they start understanding the benefits of reading books, therefore, they give a start towards reading but still they don’t read it much because they find it boring and the third stage is where people start generating interest towards reading books, but their reading is so slow that it exhausts their mind, consume their lot of time and it irritates their eyes.

I have already made a blog for a first and second stage,  if you are in the first or second stage then you can read my earlier blogs in which I have shared the benefits of reading books on your mind and body and how you can make reading interesting and enjoyable.

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we do some kind of reading every day, every individual do some kind of reading every day, whether reading a blog or peruse files for work or browse your social media pages or school textbook or reading magazines or newspapers etc, reading is there in almost every work, but slogging through passages of text can be time-consuming, mentally frustrating and hard on your eyes, hence today I will share a few techniques for third stage people, in today’s blog I will cover the topic “How to read a book fast”.

People who like to read, they want to read more but due to their slow reading skills, they quit reading and get back to point from where they have started. People who quit reading because of their slow reading habit, they feel that reading faster and better is a very difficult skill which is hard to acquire but fortunately their thinking is just a myth, people can read faster and in a better way, they can master the skill of reading faster, they can form a habit of reading fast just by practicing a few techniques,

Techniques of “How to Read a Book Fast”

1) Read quietly

Subvocalising is the hardest and the most crucial habit, which stops us from reading faster, hence it needs to be torn down, what is subvocalizing? you must have noticed, that while reading anything our subconscious mind pronounce the words on the page, we don’t say the words aloud but our mind speaks them unconsciously when we speak the words aloud, it takes a certain amount of time to pronounce, however, we don’t need to speak it loud, simply we can just absorb the words, we also mimicked sentences and words, we don’t read them loudly but our lips mimicked them, this is also known as subvocalising.

In order to overcome this habit, replace it with another habit, for example, read words or anything without pronouncing it loudly and even without mimicking it, only absorb the words or sentences which you are reading.

Example: Read this entire blog in your mind just absorb it with your eyes don’t be loud don’t even mimic it, Read quietly.

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2) Know your speed

Before improving anything, you must know how good or bad you are in that particular thing for example: if you want to improve your dancing skill, then you must know your baseline, you must know how good or bad you are and how much hard work and practice you need to improve it, similarly, to improve your reading skill or to read faster, you must know your baseline, for example, how slow you read and how many words you read in 5 minutes, after knowing your baseline, move towards improvement, there are several tools which tell you about your baseline, it will share your baseline in practical terms like you read a certain amount of words per minute, hence use tools to understand your baseline and once you know your baseline then you can work for improvement for example if you read one page in 5 minutes, then improve it by reading two pages in 5 minutes, this way you learn to read fast.

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3) Eyes exercise

here you need to understand how much your eyes move while you read, your eyes show your focus, hence to keep your eyes focused you need to handle your eyes movements when you learn to handle your eyes movements, then reading will not affect the eyes, you need to practice certain techniques to create head motion, through eye movement practice you can create head motion which doesn’t affect your eyes, for example.

Exercise first: move your eyes from left to right, while also moving your head from left to right, as you move, be sure your eyes looking forward, your head should be moving while your eyes are still.

Explanation: when you keep your eyes fixed in one place, it will help to focus on a single word or phrase that you might want to slow down to read.

Exercise second: after looking left to right for few times, repeat the exercise but allow your eyes to move with the motion of your head, your eyes should still be centered not looking left to right.

Explanation: when you move your eyes with your head, it creates relaxed and fluid motion as you transition from line to line and page to page.

Exercise third: finally, keep your head straight and look with your eyes to the left and the right a few times, your head should be perfectly in place while you glance to the left and right in a horizontal line.

Explanation: when you move your eyes independently, it is the core of scanning from one side of the line to the next.

These techniques of your eyes and head will definitely help you to read a book fast.

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4) Practice

No one can become master in anything without practicing, you need to practice in order to read fast, to read faster you need to practice daily, you need to read daily, you need to set a time, you need to read important things, should avoid unnecessary words or stuffs, should only concentrate on books which gives knowledge and information, should avoid unnecessary words, sentences or pages.

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5) Use guide

You must have noticed that when we were kids, we had a habit of reading anything by keeping our finger on it, or we used to use a marker so that we don’t forget the important points, but unfortunately as we grew we forgot our good old habits, we must use a pen, pencil or a marker to mark certain points which are very important, so that we can save our time, we don’t need to struggle with every page while searching for that important point, use marker so that whenever you want to re-read that same page or sentence again, you can read it directly without wasting your time, hence use pen pencil or marker as your guide.

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This is the end of “How to Read a Book Fast”. These were some techniques to read fast, do share your techniques which you use to read fast.

Thank you.

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  1. Thanks a lot …this is wonderful its really helpful thanks a lot .I really appreciate ur work God bless u ..

  2. Thank u very much …this is wonderful its really helpful thanks a lot .I really appreciate ur work God bless u ..

  3. Seeken…you are really doing great job.. nowadays I Have started reading a few books..but somehow at the time of reading I was feeling inferiority..that the experts readers have some unique techniques…but you made it I can apply your tips while time of help me to provide confidence.
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