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When you decide to lead something really huge for the first time in your life, then you need to really plan it out. When you are starting your own business or your dream project, you should be really preparing yourself as a great leader.

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Here I have 7 tips on how to be the great leader:

Great Leader Skill 1: Build a Support System

Each and every person should have a support system.Those persons who can support you morally, get you correct when you are wrong, motivate you when you need and the most important to whom you consider trustworthy enough to share your ideas can be your support system. The people you choose to be your support system must be having a sizable experience in being a leader himself or herself.Once or twice in a week, you should have a conversation with your ‘support system’ to guide you through your journey of success.

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Great Leader Skill 2: Be Accountable

When you have decided to be a leader then the very first quality you will need is ‘Accountability’. You have to understand the fact that if things are going great, your team should be rewarded but if not, you should be accountable for it. Never ever put the ‘basket of mistakes’ on someone else’s head.

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Great Leader Skill 3: Learn to Say ‘No’

It is difficult for you to start a new chapter in your life but it would be immensely difficult If you don’t learn to say ‘No’. New ventures will take more of your time and energy. If you don’t leave something from your bucket, how will you add more? It is okay if some social occasion is missed. It is okay if you cannot renew some of the business policies because of lack of time. Say ‘No’ politely and don’t carry an unnecessary burden on yourself.

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Great Leader Skill 4: Prioritize Your Life

Being a leader for the first time is really an exciting experience. You will like to play that role 24*7. But you should remember your ground when you start flying up and up. Prioritize your life and have a balance between your personal life and your role as a leader.

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Great Leader Skill 5: Loose to Conquer

Don’t feel ashamed of saying ‘sorry’ when you commit a mistake. Even if you don’t commit one but feel like saying sorry, just go for it. You can win by losing your ego. What is more important in your life, your success or your ego? Always have an attitude of solving problems and you will invite lesser problems.

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Great Leader Skill 6: Understand the Change

Being a leader and getting the success can turn you really nasty if you don’t take it well. You have to understand the change in yourself when you are in solitude. Don’t forget that the good qualities in you have got you this success. Never leave those qualities for the sack of success. People have seen the great leader in you and joined hands with you. If they will feel that you have got intoxicated with this success and have forgotten their roles in your success, they will start leaving you. What makes a leader is his team. Without a team, to whom will the leader leads.

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Great Leader Skill 7: Get Organized

Your team doesn’t hear you. They observe you.Your team will be as organized as you are. be organized in every way. Be it your diet, desk or dedication, be and stay organized.  Be the role model for your team so that they will always have someone as a touchstone’.

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