3 Rules For Success

3 Rules For Success: Everybody wants success and also in a supersonic speed. There is nothing wrong in it. and for achieving our desired success, we set somebody as our mentor. By following what mentor says, we neglect unnecessary hurdles that come in our way. Mentors make the journey of our success smooth and keep us motivated during it.

If you are running hard and smart but not reaching where you should be by now, you must rethink on the power of mentorship. It can vanish if you don’t follow these three simple tips.

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3 Rules For Success-1. Choose the right mentor

If you have chosen to go long way then before you start your success voyage, you should have the correct captain of the ship decided. Be very careful about whom you choose as your mentor.Your mentor should be having these many qualities for sure.

  • Creative
  • Productive
  • Experienced in the arena you want to excel
  • Alive
  • Polite
  • Socially appreciated
  • Man of Ethics

Everybody wants a person who earns a lot of money as their mentor but takes a moment of thinking. Not every rich person is successful in every aspect of their life. Remember the fact that you never just want money but peace and love too.

What if a person takes home millions of dollars but by being inhumane? What if a chairman of a leading brand goes home drunk and manipulates his wife? Will that person be your mentor? Certainly Not.

Choose the person as your mentor who is emotionally and mentally successful too. Life doesn’t come in separate bundles. It is a mixture of every aspect: you, your family, society, business and your soul. You should conquer every heart by your deeds.

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3 Rules For Success-2. Implement what your mentor says

You are undoubtedly allowed to take as much time as you want in choosing your mentor. But after choosing the perfect one, you need not doubt or over -think one very suggestion he or she gives.

Your mentor is obviously 5 or 15 years ahead of you. He must have thought something before advising you. Just implement it. Don’t waste time in doubts and dilemma. Even if the suggestion goes wrong, you will have a lesson to learn. The chances of your mentor being wrong are lesser than you being wrong. After all, you yourself have given him the command to rule the journey of your success.

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3 Rules For Success-3. Be a mentor yourself

It has always been ‘passing the torch’. Your success never stays unnoticed. You will also be a mentor for other people for sure. What I insist is act as a mentor to those who come to seek help from you. They can be your younger family members or people who work under you. Guide them. Share the knowledge what you have gained from your mentor and that knowledge will sink in even more.

Take lead in new tasks; don’t hesitate for even a moment.The world is always ready for someone who himself is ready to guide. There is nothing wrong in guiding people when they need guidance. People tend to underestimate themselves by saying that being a mentor is not my thing. It is just a crap which you should throw out of your mind.

Remember how thankful you are to your mentor for making your journey easy. The same feeling of gratitude people will feel whom you help through their journey.

“The best way a mentor can prepare another leader is to expose him or her too the great people.” –John C. Maxwell

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  1. Hi, My name is M. Farooq from Multan, Pakistan. First if would say that your videos really helps everyone in their daily lives, and you are doing great job. Thanks for your efforts. I have a question which is Can we have more then one mentors?

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    Assalam o Alaikum.. I’m Jigar Niazi from Afghanistan.. I’ve been watching your videos and reading and getting some information on here.. Thanks for sharing your Ideas….
    Please give us some Tips on ” Flash Cards “….?

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