How To Handle Disappointment

How To Handle Disappointment And Refocus On Your Goals

How To Handle Disappointment: Disappointment occurs or arises in us when we held high expectation regarding something or on someone but things actually don’t work out the way we wanted it to be. This feeling of disappointment makes us feel low and defeated. Disappointment is quite an uncomfortable feeling. We have no idea how exactly we feel, like our we angry upset hurt or sad and many other feelings, but one thing we can say about disappointment is, it’s a negative feeling, whatever feeling generates through disappointment is negative and this negativity will not allow us to feel good.

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Today I will share some tips to overcome Disappointment.

How To Handle Disappointment Tip 1. Accept your feelings

The very first thing you need to do at the time of Disappointment is to acknowledge your feeling. What exactly you are feeling in that situation. if you are disappointed accept it and make it clear to yourself that yes you are disappointed and then ask yourself what made you feel so bad. Why are you feeling disappointed?

When you understand nicely about your reason for disappointment at that situation, that clarity will help you to have a better understanding of your thoughts emotions and expectations.

Your thoughts is the most important key, for example, If you have expected more than 70 percent but you haven’t got that much, how your thoughts will form that thing will eventually trigger your feeling of disappointment.

Hence you need to have some clarity about your thought process,

If you get less mark as expected, will you think of blaming yourself? Or will you blame others? Or circumstances or you will make excuses, how you will feel at the time when things didn’t go the way you expected?

Ones you understand you’re thought and emotions, overcoming that feeling of disappointment become easy.

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How To Handle Disappointment Tip 2. Don’t be afraid to let it out

At the time of disappointment allow yourself to feel what actually you are feeling,  and just get over it. Just go through that feeling think about it and just take your time until and unless you don’t feel good. Here I am not telling you to lock yourself for month weeks or years, but to have your own time at the time of disappointment and feel your emotion and get over it, and do remember do not cry for the same thing again and again. Ones you get over it, it’s done and you don’t have to look back.

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How To Handle Disappointment Tip 3. Remember its temporary

You need to understand that disappointment is temporary, you feel bad only till the time you have negative feeling about any situation, Like you tried doing something but it didn’t happen the way you wanted it to be, so feeling of disappointment occurs, but you need to learn from that disappointment and need to move forward, it’s ok if things don’t turn out the way you wanted and there must be many times, when things didn’t do well but it always thought you a new lesson and learning new things never fails you, so understand its temporary and you have the strength to move on and overcome it.

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How To Handle Disappointment Tip 4. Don’t believe your disappointment

Let it out and admitting is a different thing, letting your feelings and emotions out help you to overcome your disappointment, but admitting your disappointment decreases your confidence. Hence you should always understand that letting your feelings out is ok, but admitting your disappointment is not at all good, if you admit it means you focus on bad negative things, you focus on what you have lost and what you have failed to do or achieve and this admit or focus will not allow you to move forward and also decrease your confidence.

Hence if you think you are a kind of person who easily gets influenced by your disappointments then try to change your perspective on the situation and never admit your disappointment.

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How To Handle Disappointment Tip 5. Be optimistic

At the time of disappointment ask yourself good question positive question which distracts you and makes you feel good. Try to be focused on something good to avoid bad, instead of analyzing that situation or person in a bad way. Try to remember good things about particular person or situation. This helps you to avoid bad and remember good.

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How To Handle Disappointment Tip 6. Focus on Forward not Blame

What happened is past, you can’t do anything about it and its ok. If that past has given you disappointment what you need to do now, is to focus on the present and what you can do now for your future, instead of blaming someone or something and feeling bad or disappointed about it, just let it go and move on.

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How To Handle Disappointment Tip 7. Get new perspective and be your friend

The best part about letting it out, is that you have given yourself time, you have given yourself time to relax and understand yourself and your emotion more nicely and properly, Through letting out your brain and your disappointment feelings calm down, and this helps you to get better perspective, after giving yourself space to feel to understand, you give the other person or situation involved more room to breathe.

When your heart and brain becomes calm and relax after letting out your feelings, you by yourself start thinking better and more clear story about a particular situation or an individual.

Having a broader perspective about a particular situation other than your own view is really very helpful. Try to listen and understand other perspectives as well, but if you force yourself to listen and understand other perspectives without making yourself understand your actual feeling, then it will be artificial and it won’t work long.

Hence to understand different perspective first you need you understand your emotions well by giving yourself some space for some time and this space will make you feel good and gives your broader perspective.

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