Why are relationships so complicated

Why are relationships so complicated?

Why are relationships so complicated? We all are same, But still every individual has different set of beliefs, every individual thinking process is different, every individual behavior nature attitude differs from each other, even in families, every member of the same family has different mentality mindset and behavior, when we people fall in love with someone who was a stranger and after knowing them after understanding each other we came to know that they are one whom we are looking for so long, they are the right and perfect person for us, Being in love is such an awesome feeling, being loved by someone is more than an awesome feeling, having family who always supports you is so blissful and having friends who always understands you is so wonderful and people who have all three things in their life they are so lucky and happy.

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But usually people complicate their simple life, Life is not about always being right, life is more than that, life is about understanding each other, life is about supporting people who are in need, life is about respecting your partner family friends, life is about appreciation, life is about learning and moving on, life is about forgiving, life is about peace happiness goals passion kindness and love, life is simple and we need to live our life at fullest.

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Even after having wonderful family friends and partner, people complicate their life by complicating their relationship with their loved ones, in this world the only thing which matters the most is our relationship with our loved ones, we people work hard we people want luxurious life and want happiness not only for ourselves but we want perfect life so that we can live that perfect life with our special loved ones, Nobody wants to live their life alone, everyone wants support love and care, but Because of certain things we complicate our relationships which eventually ruin our life.

Today will discuss Three things which can complicate our lives and relationships

Why are relationships so complicated?

1. Perception

What is perception? Perception means the way in which something is regarded, understood or interpreted, We all people are same, but still every individual has different perception, From where exactly our perception has come from, Our perceptions is a result of our environment growing up, our perception comes from our past beliefs and experiences,  we form perception on the basis of what had worked earlier and what didn’t and many times our perception kills the actual reality, Everybody has different level of understanding, hence two person can give two different meaning to the same thing and can form two different views for that same topic.

The biggest problem with the perception is that no body’s perception is based on the present situation or experience, every perception is based on history, past experiences and beliefs which has nothing to do with today’s reality.

And perception plays very important role in our communication, because we people talk communicate on basis of our views and perception, hence this can create a mess when two person has two different views for the same thing, hence every individual shoul;dn’t fight or argue about their perception, they should communicate to understand they should not communicate to reply or to argue, hence perception can differ but understanding can bring that perception to common ground, hence perception doesn’t means reality it means it is your own belief and it is based on your experiences it has nothing to do with reality, hence perception can be wrong, hence relationship love care kindness and humanity is above that, hence always understand and come to common ground, don’t argue on the basis of perception, Understand and move on, Life is about understanding love kindness and humanity relationship is about support care respect and love, it’s not about always being right.

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Why are relationships so complicated?

2. Expectation

We expect too much from people, Expectation always hurts, because everyone in this world is a human, and until and unless you don’t say people will not understand, Your partner is not a super hero, you need to accept the reality hence need to ask for things, You want something then have clear conversation, usually What happens partners don’t say instead they just expect the other person to understand without saying anything, Not saying and expecting things to go right always happens in movies, and we are living in the real world, and reality can be harsh sometimes but we need to accept it and need to handle reality like a brave person, We people live under movies influence where everything is so perfect, But reality is far different from those movies.

Expectations from life that everything will be going to be ok without your actions without plans is not possible, if you want your dreams to come true then you need to take actions you need to work hard, you need to move in order to achieve what you want from life, expecting and not doing anything will not bring things to your door, you need to move towards that dream, Nobody is this world gets food for free or at home, they work only then they able to survive, hence stop expecting life to give you everything without you doing anything for your dreams, similarly in relationship you need to communicate you need to share about your likes dislikes, only then other person will know you, expecting other person will understand without you telling them what actually you want will ruin your relationship, hence communicate understand and support each other always.

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Why are relationships so complicated?

3. Assumptions

We all know what assuming means, Assumptions are nothing but a thought or belief which we have in our mind and we have no proof for that thought and that thought has nothing to do with reality, Assumptions can be of two type direct and indirect. Direct where we have certain thought in our mind and we believe it’s right and  indirect means we hear some information from someone else, and both kinds of assumptions is really very sour for any kind of relationships and also for our life growth, because most of the time we assume things which aren’t right and that assumption will take us to the wrong way.

For example, every girl smile doesn’t mean they love you it can be a friendly smile, or anyone assuming that they can’t do something just because they don’t have enough qualification will do nothing but just stop them from their growth, hence instead of assuming have clear conversation and take action and then see the result, don’t just assume the outcome without trying anything, Take action and then see the outcome and accordingly be flexible about the methods which can take you to your perfect life.

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