Want To Read Books But Find It Boring?

Everyone knows that reading is important, Reading books helps you to improve yourself, expose you to new things, helps you to gain knowledge, helps you to grow in life, also increases your understanding level, it increases your connectivity, creativity, imagination and also helps brain to gives it peak performance, Not only this but there are many more benefits of reading books,

Many people know all these benefits of reading and they want to get this benefit as well, but due to lack of reading habit they fail to gain such benefits. They get bored while reading books or they don’t get time. So today I will share some other options through which reading can become easy and comfortable for you.

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Let’s begin

1. Learn from masters, mentors

If you want to gain knowledge in particular field, or want to read books in any particular field or subject, then this can be the good option, instead of reading a book on any particular subject or field, you can learn through mentors who had years of experience in that particular field.

For example, suppose you want to become a photographer, then reading books on photography can help, but if you find it hard or difficult to understand, or you are not getting time , then learning through someone who is in to that filed from many years and had a lot of experience in to photography can help you.

2. Watching videos

It depends on how you love to perceive knowledge, so if you are good in visual, then this option can work for you, if you want to gain knowledge about something particular you can search and watch it, but here through videos you will not get all the information, like through videos you can get basic information about something.

3. Audiobooks

People who want to gain knowledge, who want to understand each and everything in detail, who want to read books but have no time or get bored while reading, then audiobooks can be the best option. Here you can listen to the whole book and can understand each thing in detail.

Audiobooks can be really helpful at the time of traveling if I share my personal experience many times when I don’t get time because of traveling I prefer audiobooks.

The audiobooks are really very helpful for those who want to read books but due to lack of time they are not able to read, hence audio books has become very useful for such readers.

It gave hope to those people who are struggling to become a reader, with the help of audio books, even nonreaders can become readers.

Audiobooks have helped all readers as well as nonreaders, many authors do read audio books, audio books can be the best way to learn and gain knowledge if you are not so good in reading.

Benefits of Audiobooks

If you are a slow reader than listening to audiobooks can help you to read book faster

Through audiobooks, you can also understand the expressions of words, because of the reader’s voice.

When you listen to audiobooks you’ll able to understand how words are pronounced. It also helps you to improve your pronunciation.

Audiobooks can be carried even the time of traveling. You can listen to audiobooks at the time of doing work such as cleaning house, doing laundry or organizing things etc.

While listening audiobooks you listen to every minor detail, it makes you a better listener.

There are more such useful benefits of listening audiobooks.

If you want to read books and have no time or print reading make you feel bored then audiobooks can the best option for you.


So now here Audible comes into the picture and provide more than 7,000,00 Audiobooks. With Audible you will get a free subscription for the first month as well as 2 free audiobooks.

You can subscribe to Audible from here.

Please note that after the first month you have to provide a fee to continue with Audible.


However it depends on which way you love to gain or perceive knowledge, do you love to read, or want to see or like to listen, which way you understand and learn things more properly and nicely, however many love to perceive knowledge in all three ways, through reading, listening and watching.

However, all three ways are good. It depends on which way you like the most and which way helps you the most to gain knowledge, if you want to buy audio books then here is the link.

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